Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Truth About the Israel~Palestinian Conflict

If you consider yourself open-minded then you need to watch the below clip very carefully. The first video on this topic is HERE.

Are you are pro-Palestinian? Make sure you know Why!  Do not just read propaganda brochures or listen to TV reports prepared by biased (paid for) media, rather, learn the truth. 

Read the charters of the PA and Hamas (or any Arab state for that matter). Understand the facts~Make sure you know what they really stand for. 

Regardless of the number of speeches, marches or terror attacks, history remains what it is. Just like the Turks persistent denial of the Armenian genocide, the PA claims to "their ancient homeland" is merely history as they wish it was

It is fine to support what you believe in, but if what you believe in is based on lies, and will lead to the genocide of an entire people~~then you should be honest enough to say so...

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