Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Great Boat Lift of 9/11~An Untold Story

"If it floated and it could get there~it got there"

The Great Boat Lift of 9/11? This little-known act, by ordinary people, became the largest sea rescue in history, larger even than Dunkirk (WWII), when 339,000 British and French soldiers were rescued over a period of  nine days.

...on 9/11, almost 500,000 people were rescued by boat  from Manhattan, in less than nine hours...

"The thing that was the best~everyone helped everyone". 

For my American friends, Never Forget, it is actions like this that have, and always will, make you great. To people of the free nations of the world~here is your example. To the enemies of us all~This is the Spirit of Freedom~and This is Why You Will Never Win...

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