Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Do You Support the Barbarians Who Did This?

I would like to be able to ignore the UN and its happenings this week as we are preparing for Rosh Hashanah. It is hard. The "Peaceful Palistinians" are the opposite of what they claim to be. 

The world can ignore their history. People can turn their backs on the continuous glorification of those who murder Jews. Those who donate hard earned tax dollars for the "poor" don't want to hear that the funds pay salaries to terrorists languishing in Israeli jails (and their families)~the more Jews killed the higher the salary.

When Mahmoud Abbas claims he wants to obey the rules of the UN, why does he continue to name streets and squares after murderers? How can he claim to want to stop terror when babies are murdered in their sleep? 

How can they ask for recognition when Gilad Shalit is not even allowed a visit by the Red Cross, yet Murderers of Jews receive family visits on a regular basis?

All these things the world turns a blind eye to, while calling us~Israel~apartheid, inhuman. Yes, turn your backs, don't look--It's easier to believe the lies.

The above picture is of a 20-month old girl injured today by "Peaceful Palistinians" who only want a state, don't you know. Look Closely~Do you support this?

This could be anybodies baby girl~sitting in a car seat in the back of a car. She was an easy target~she can't fight back.

All the talk, fake posturing, and crying about their eternal suffering is part of the bigger plan, the ultimate destroy Israel and the Jewish people. Read their Charter! Listen to their TV stations and read their Media! If you are going to support the goal then face the truth!

I can't stop the hatred, but I will not cover up the lies. Look Closely at this baby. This is done by people who, since 1948 have hated the Jewish people so deeply that they refuse to live next to us in peace. That is the truth.

This poor baby is only one of a trail of victims that are sure to follow...Feel proud yet?

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