Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Burka Band~No Burka !

An interesting post from Bare Naked Islam, tells how, 2002, a German music producer in Kabul, was teaching Afghans to play modern music. One young woman, Nargiz learned to play the drums. She then collaborated with two friends to write the song Burka Blue, which describes the way ones feels when wearing these disgusting bags. (my description) The girl band rehearsed behind closed doors to avoid discovery (women are not allowed to play music), and a group of German producers helped record the song which met with some success in Germany. Bear in mind, the horrible consequences if the identity of these girls was ever revealed.

Do read the entire article at Bare Naked Islam. How sad it is that a woman must be trussed up like a bag of garbage in the first place, but when you add to that, all the other indignities, it is a gross violation of human rights. Think about it as you go to buy the next Lady Gaga record, or tickets to a Britney Spears concert.

And now, because of BHO "reaching out" to the Muslim world and even negotiating with the Taliban, the lives of these women will become even more repressed. Shame on all the lefty, politically correct morons who somehow think that Islam is "cool". Wake Up!

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