Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Ugly Truth (From Fatah)~Finally...

Now you know for sure that the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, or any Arab group Never Wanted, and Never Will Want Peace! This is their goal as described by Abbas Zaki,  a big-wig in the Fatah central committee. His attitude demonstrates the boldness that the Arab world had been fed by the multi-culti idiots. Coming to a neighborhood near you...

* Hat Tip to Tundra Tabloids

Palestinian Barbarians Murder Another Baby!

Asher & Yonatan Palmer
Asher Palmer~25 & Son Yonatan~10 Months

At the same time Abbas was publicly asking the U.N. to grant statehood to the PLO in Judea and Samaria, his citizens were murdering two young citizens of Israel. Their car was hit with a large stone, thrown  through the windshield by terrorists driving in an oncoming car.  
The terrorists then stopped, stole Asher’s gun from his motionless body, and shot his still breathing infant son.

I received the above nformation in an email from the One Family Fund today. For those who may not know, One Family Fund works to aid victims of terror. They provide therapy, financial assistance, legal assistance and more. Sadly there seems to be no end of victims.

Another widow, another family denied the joy of seeing their son and grandson grow old. Where are the Human Rights groups? Has the world become so vile and corrupt that it will reward murderers of infants?
Why is it that the world is so determined to wave the flag of terrorists? While the lying gas bag, Abbas, proudly announces his plans for a Judenrein state (and he wants ALL of Israel) it is Israel who is called apartheid. He screams of Israeli brutality as "his Palestinians" are murdering a ten month old baby in cold blood
How dare anyone even suggest that these murderous barbarians deserve anything! 

Monday, 26 September 2011

Israel Puts The Dead Sea Scrolls Online

The Great Isaiah Scroll
The Dead Sea Scrolls are one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the 20th century. Those who have visited the Shrine of the Book, in Jerusalem, come away in awe.

The outer building is designed to look like the top of the great scroll, and has streams of cooling water spraying continuously over it. Inside, it is cool, and the gold lights are very low~barely illuminating the fragile parchments as people slowly make their way around, speaking only in whispers (if at all) as they walk around the central "Isaiah Scroll" or study the various pieces on display. The displayed scroll is a copy, as the original is kept in a special climate controlled vault below ground.
Shrine of The Book

Now, thanks to The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and powered by Google technology people from around the world can  examine and search the scrolls without traveling to Jerusalem. It is now possible to go online and Examine the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The advantages to online viewing are many, as you can spend as much time as you want, examining, searching and if you are able--even translating the words from over 2,000 years ago. The Project Page provides full details~here is an excerpt:

The five Dead Sea Scrolls that have been digitized thus far include the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Community Rule Scroll, the Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll, the Temple Scroll, and the War Scroll, with search queries on Google.com sending users directly to the online scrolls. All five scrolls can be magnified so that users may examine texts in exacting detail. Details invisible to the naked eye are made visible through ultra-high resolution digital photography...
...In addition, the Great Isaiah Scroll may be searched by column, chapter, and verse, and is accompanied by an English translation tool and by an option for users to submit translations of verses in their own languages.

This is what Israel does best~discover, preserve, create and share with the world...

Bibi on Bill Clinton's Blame Game

Seriously, shouldn't there be a rule that ex-politicians should keep it zipped?

Middle East Problem~One Side Wants the Other Dead...

I don't really know who Dennis Prager is, but in this instance he has it right ...

We Should Work With Anyone Who is Opposed to the US

Someone needs to remind this fetid bag of wind that if America wanted to,  their lying carcasses would be wiped off the face of the earth in mere minutes. It is only because the US is who they are, that these leeches are constantly given chance after chance, time and again. The world needs to wake up...

Peaceful Celebrations? Are You Kidding Me?

Shame on Canada for Allowing Saudi Censorship!

About a week ago I posted an item HERE about Saudi Arabia threatening Canadian TV stations regarding an ad on Ethical Oil. The ad was paid for, and approved by the ethics committee, but after a Saudi threat issued through a high powered law firm, it was pulled. 

In this follow up report, Ezra Levant asks "who made the censorship decision~was it CTV or was it their parent company Bell Canada?"  

Ezra exposes Bell Canada's "heavy" business ties with Saudi Arabia and asks why this issue of censorship is still not being addressed by officials, or for that matter the Media!. He also asks~Who else is being censored?

This is the ultimate in chutzpah! Shame on the CTV for bowing to the pressure of this oppressive regime, Shame on the government for failing to address this issue, and Shame on the Media for not decrying this gross attack on freedom of speech!

Please listen carefully to the report, and as suggested, contact the Prime Minister at:  PM@PM.GC.CA   and demand that he stop Saudi censorship on Canadian TV:

Understanding "UN Bias" Against Israel

Picture from CiF Watch
The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has made the democratic State of Israel the target of incessant condemnation while neglecting its mandate to challenge the oppressive regimes around the world.

The film clip below uncovers the factors behind the United Nations unreasonable bias against Israel. 

If you support the UN, you should be aware of all of the facts. Please take note of the following:

* 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs who enjoy full equality in all areas of life.

* Arab Israelis have more money, education, rights and freedom than Arabs living in any other  country in the Middle East.

* Arab Israeli women were the first Arab Women to receive the right to vote.

* The only country in the Middle-East where gays are not persecuted or killed is Israel

* Arab Israelis enjoy a higher GDP than their neighbors in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and all other Muslim nations, with the exception of the oil kingdoms.

* It is estimated that 30% of UNCHR’s (the UNHRC’s predecessor) country-specific resolutions were against Israel.

* In 2006-2007, the UN passed 22 resolutions against Israel, but neglected to form a single resolution regarding the ongoing Darfur genocide in Sudan.

* More than 17,000 deadly terrorist attacks have been committed by Muslim extremists since 9/11. How many has Israel committed? Zero.

* Over a thousand civilians have been killed in recent political uprisings and demonstrations in Libya, Egypt and Syria. How many were killed during Israel's protests? Zero.

* It is estimated that over 70% of the state specific condemnations made by the UNHRC over the last 30 years, have been against Israel.

* Mahmaud Achmedinijad, Key note speaker at the past Durban conventions, represents a country which tortures and murders its civilians, arrests those who speak against the government, and forbids the international media from entering the country.

* Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan recognized, in 2005, that the Commission’s (HRC) “credibility deficit” was “cast[ing] a shadow on the reputation of the United Nations system as a whole.”

* The HRC’s resolutions against Israel equal the combined total of country-specific resolutions adopted against all other countries in the world.

* The HRC Bars Israel from participating in a regional group, and from membership in the commission, making her the only country who cannot participate in the commission.

On 21 September 2011, there was a pro-Israel demonstration to hold the UNHRC accountable for its actions as the UN launched its Durban III Anti-Racism Review Conference. The event took place in Dag Hammershald Plaza, NYC. For further information go to the link below:
Website:    www.durban3nyc.com   |   Facebook: Boycott Durban III

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Palestinian Refugees are Denied Human Rights

Palestinians in Lebanon
Year after year we hear that the rights of Palestinian Refugees are being denied. Indeed this is true. An article posted some time ago by Arutz 7 describes what is a gross violation but who will do anything about it? Not the UN agencies responsible for these refugees. They garner a disproportionate amount of world funding. More than all the other countries combined!

Almost One Million Jews were expelled from Arab countries during the early part of the 1900's. They were not given refugee status but were absorbed by Israel and other countries such as America. They received No Compensation for the lost of Land, Businesses, Homes, Cash and Valuables taken from them by their Arab host countries or the UN agencies~Why??

A group calling themselves Free Middle East has started an information site. In 1948 between 450 and 800,000 Arabs left Israel at the request of their leaders (UN now claims 711,000). They were told that in a matter of days the Jews would be pushed into the sea and they would then "have it all" (Sounds Familiar~Doesn't it!) Well, they lost~and since then their numbers have grown to nearly five million!!

Israel has no refugee camps. Arab-Israelis hold full citizenship and have the same rights as every Israeli--maybe more. They are free to travel and live wherever they please in Israel~yet, if I take a wrong turn into an Arab residential area I could be lynched...

Do watch this video, then visit the site of Free Middle East to learn more. Isn't it about time the world took off the blinders? Isn't it time the Arab World is called to task? Are you not concerned that babies in Somalia and other African countries are really starving to death??

The Pipeline Whiners...er Protesters (Video Below)

Ad by Ethical Oil.Org
When the Alberta Oil Sands were first being exploited the effects on the environment were a disaster.

Time, money, and research is now turning this around~the land is being reclaimed, wildlife is returning, there are jobs for the residents, and more importantly, energy that does not rely on the whims of oppressive dictators.

Despite all the efforts, and the successful reclamation of once defiled land, the pictures of oil-soaked birds and wildlife have created a lasting impression~while the work being done to correct the damage goes unnoticed in the court of public opinion.

Saudi Arabia~Leaders in the Arab World
The Alberta Oil Sands are serous rivals to  the oil of Saudi Arabia, one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

Canadians and Americans share the world's longest border, and have similar in cultures, values and respect for  freedom and democracy. Two of the largest countries in the world have an opportunity to unite in the production of cheaper, conflict free oil~why would they want to be held hostage?

As the need for energy rises, it is imperative that we know the facts and choose wisely. Remember, just because one side screams louder does not mean they are right!

Reclaimed Land
One very good site called Ethical Oil is a good place to start~you can learn the facts about the "Tar Sands"~Do take the time to be informed.

Ronald Bailey is an award-winning science correspondent for Reason magazine. He filed two reports when he visited the Tar Sands. You can (and should) read them both here:

One must ask, Why would the US  (or anybody), want to depend on “conflict oil” imported from countries run by unsavory regimes like those of Venezuela, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia?

Tar Sands Mining Pit in Operation
The Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and other environmentalists  have stated (correctly) that mining oil sands means ripping up some boreal forest. In Canada, the boreal forest covers 2.2 million square miles, about 60 percent of the size of the entire United States. Oil sands production has covered about 410 square miles of forest. For comparison, the Chicago metropolitan area covers about 10,000 square miles.

Don't forget, producing oil sands crude in Canada already includes the costs of reclaiming the land and a whole panoply of other environmental regulations.

I lived in Northern Alberta for some time and am well aware of the damage done to the environment in the first years of operation.  In fact I was completely against the whole thing.

Former Mining Pit
But, Alberta is learning from its mistakes and oil companies are cleaning up their act. Environmentalists are right to bring attention to infringements, but wrong to demand a complete halt to production.

With the correct approach, the Alberta Oil Sands could free North America from the pressure of dictatorial regimes and provide energy, jobs and growth to its citizens now, and well into the future. Consider that the oil we are currently buying at absurd prices is not all that "clean" by any means! With "home grown" energy there is the choice to make it clean and ethical.
Native Worker

Reports indicate that the pipeline is “shovel ready” and construction would involve hiring as many as 10,000 Americans immediately with up  to 34,000 by 2014.

Energy Minister Liepert commented, that in June, Alberta (population 3.7 million) created 22,000 new jobs compared to just 18,000 for the entire United States! Future predictions are for the creation of as many as 600,000 jobs and a $775 billion boost to the US gross national product by 2035~all as a result of importing Canadian oil.

And yet~it would seem that the powers-that-be prefer to be slaves to Middle-East Dictatorships rather than do business with their neighbors. You just can't make this stuff up...

Ethical Oil Commercial

Reclaiming the Land From Oil Sands

Oh My~The Hypocrisy...

Last month I posted about the (two) Million Dollar+ Canuck Bus(s) that Mr. Hopey Changey bought for his tour of  middle America.

Apparently BHO does not like riding around in a bus (well, 2 buses) fitted out for a rock star. It is being reported that mr. Big "Flew" his Canuck bus to each destination, then he "Flew" in on Air Force1, was driven to his bus so he could ride around for a mile or two.

Canuck Bus 1~Ready and Waiting...
Are there any accountants out there who care to estimate what the cost (in addition to the 2.2 million for the buses) of that might be ?

So, lets try to sum up this situation...

He flies into an airport~hops onto a waiting Million Dollar Canuck Bus and "Tours" for an hour or two. Then back to the airport to fly off to the next Bus Stop, where he meets his Other Million Dollar Canuck Bus...

This from someone who is telling people they need to "tighten their belts" and "cut back" on their expenses? 
Wait...He takes a Limo from AF1 to Canuck Bus 1?
And one more question~where may I ask are all the Environmentalists who scream about carbon footprints and the dangers of global warming?

I'm not just talking about the gas it must take to run the buses (I seriously doubt any of us could afford to "fill-er-up"), rather, it is the cost of the "separate" flights for the two buses and the pRes...and we aren't even counting the additions for the gang that follows him around...All Paid For by the Generosity of the US Taxpayer...Boing, Boing, Boing goes the Hypocrisy Meter.

Seems to me, that it is indeed Time for Change...

Six Words~That's All it Takes...

The Simon Wiesenthal Center's simple but compelling "Six Words" campaign drives home the point that Israel must be recognized as a Jewish State and that Arab nations must accept the legitimacy of a Jewish neighbor. Every diplomat, head of state, member of the media and opinion maker must see this ad which will be airing on television through the duration of the General Assembly.

Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks to the United Nations

The Book of Good Life

While "Palestinian" children are raised with hatred, and to wish for death, Jewish children are taught to value not only their own lives, but the lives of others. 

On Rosh Hashanah, “all inhabitants of the world pass before G-d like a flock of sheep, and it is decreed in the heavenly court~who shall live, and who shall die~who shall be impoverished, and who shall be enriched; who shall fall and who shall rise.” During this last week before the New Year, Ashkenazim say Selichot prayers in preparation for the judgment, while Sephardim have begun weeks earlier. We are taught that  during our prayers, we should not "ask for ourselves", rather, we should pray together as a community and "ask for others"

My prayers for Rosh Hashanah is that people everywhere try to put their differences aside and learn to accept each other, whether religious, traditional or atheist, as we are all one to the Creator. To all my friends I send my prayers that you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a Sweet, Healthy, Happy  New Year.

"L'Shana Tova Tekatev v'Techatem"

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Lion From Harrods

With all the hate currently in the air, one needs to step back and embrace the beauty of our world. I love animals, and I love animal stories. This is an old story that will never be out of date and it is worth the time to watch. Enjoy...

A Lion Called Christian~Part 1

A Lion Called Christian~Part 2

A Lion Called Christian~Part 3

A Lion Called Christian~Part 4

A Lion Called Christian~Part 5

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Do You Support the Barbarians Who Did This?

I would like to be able to ignore the UN and its happenings this week as we are preparing for Rosh Hashanah. It is hard. The "Peaceful Palistinians" are the opposite of what they claim to be. 

The world can ignore their history. People can turn their backs on the continuous glorification of those who murder Jews. Those who donate hard earned tax dollars for the "poor" don't want to hear that the funds pay salaries to terrorists languishing in Israeli jails (and their families)~the more Jews killed the higher the salary.

When Mahmoud Abbas claims he wants to obey the rules of the UN, why does he continue to name streets and squares after murderers? How can he claim to want to stop terror when babies are murdered in their sleep? 

How can they ask for recognition when Gilad Shalit is not even allowed a visit by the Red Cross, yet Murderers of Jews receive family visits on a regular basis?

All these things the world turns a blind eye to, while calling us~Israel~apartheid, inhuman. Yes, turn your backs, don't look--It's easier to believe the lies.

The above picture is of a 20-month old girl injured today by "Peaceful Palistinians" who only want a state, don't you know. Look Closely~Do you support this?

This could be anybodies baby girl~sitting in a car seat in the back of a car. She was an easy target~she can't fight back.

All the talk, fake posturing, and crying about their eternal suffering is part of the bigger plan, the ultimate goal...to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. Read their Charter! Listen to their TV stations and read their Media! If you are going to support the goal then face the truth!

I can't stop the hatred, but I will not cover up the lies. Look Closely at this baby. This is done by people who, since 1948 have hated the Jewish people so deeply that they refuse to live next to us in peace. That is the truth.

This poor baby is only one of a trail of victims that are sure to follow...Feel proud yet?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Free Speech in Canada is Threatened by Saudi Arabia!

Canadian broadcasting is being censored and threatened by Saudi Arabia~this really stinks!

This is the Ad that Saudi Arabia is Trying to Block! 
Please share it with as many people as possible...

The Palestine Lie~

Mahmoud Abbas does Not want peace~he thinks that he can destroy Israel...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mahmud Abbas Speaks...

While Israel has grown into a thriving country, contributing to the world in countless fields, the PA slaughters babies in their sleep, while sucking the world's teat, for funds to pay terrorists for murdering Jews. To the world at large~What more proof do you need that the PA does not want peace? Hear the words from the vile mouth of the head terrorist himself...

Culture Shock = Muslim Sexual Attacks

Another Muslim Immigrant gets a break because the "immodest dress" of Australian women was a "culture shock" that forced him to sexually attack six women and a thirteen year old girl. No mention if the victims are also suffering~but I guess that doesn't count in the court of the judge who made this decision.

Just one more reason why political correctness is going to drag us all into the dark ages...

The Burka Band~No Burka !

An interesting post from Bare Naked Islam, tells how, 2002, a German music producer in Kabul, was teaching Afghans to play modern music. One young woman, Nargiz learned to play the drums. She then collaborated with two friends to write the song Burka Blue, which describes the way ones feels when wearing these disgusting bags. (my description) The girl band rehearsed behind closed doors to avoid discovery (women are not allowed to play music), and a group of German producers helped record the song which met with some success in Germany. Bear in mind, the horrible consequences if the identity of these girls was ever revealed.

Do read the entire article at Bare Naked Islam. How sad it is that a woman must be trussed up like a bag of garbage in the first place, but when you add to that, all the other indignities, it is a gross violation of human rights. Think about it as you go to buy the next Lady Gaga record, or tickets to a Britney Spears concert.

And now, because of BHO "reaching out" to the Muslim world and even negotiating with the Taliban, the lives of these women will become even more repressed. Shame on all the lefty, politically correct morons who somehow think that Islam is "cool". Wake Up!

New Black Panthers~Gird Your Loins--This Is War...

Seems to me that it is not the white population of America that is racist. This is the sad result of multi-culturalism, and the rise of a "me" generation. One must wonder just what would make this guy happy...I shudder to think...

Friday, 16 September 2011

Daddy What's A Sex Worker?

If your child is six years old in Toronto, they will be able to answer that question. The clip below looks at the list of "holidays" marked in the school calendar of the Toronto District School Board. It should be noted that this is the city that allows a school cafeteria to be turned into a mosque every week~but where there is a ban on saying "Christmas" trees.

Please go to Blazing Cat Fur and read the full story including the TDSB curriculum.

Apparently, children cannot be exempted from this curriculum, but, as Blazing Cat Fur says...I Sure Hope The TDSB Is Teaching LGBTQ Awareness At The Valley Park Mosqueteria. Something worth pondering~Let's take a look at the Islamic View on homosexuality:

To Be Gay in Iran
What is Islam's position on homosexuality?

Summary Answer:

Islamic law teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death... 
(in countries like Iran that means being strung up from a crane)

So, where does that leave parents~ordinary tax payers who do not want their children to learn such things in school??

Seriously, you just can't make this stuff up...

Canada Funds Hate Through UNWRA Contributions

The UN is contributing to a war against Israel~we know that. People in the west, however, should take a close look at exactly what their dollars are used for...

How Are Parents Expected to Discipline Children?

Stupidity has jut reached a new level. Canada~what in the world is happening!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Anti-Zionism or Anti-Semitism? Or Just Plain Old Hatred...

Israel Must Respond to the PA Declaration

The Palestinian Authority has continuously refused all peace offers placed before it since (and prior to) the Oslo Accords, while claiming it is Israel who is the villain. In a nutshell they want it all. 

One only has to look at the content of their TV and media, or their school books for that matter~They raise their children to hate and murder.
Their leaders from Abbas, right down the line declare loud and often that:

1) No Jews will be allowed on "PA" land;
2) Jerusalem (all of it) is their capitol; and
3) Jews have no historical claim to Israel

Their PR spin doctors around the world are trying to change history. They have never wanted peace with Israel. They have always wanted it ALL! Everything they do is a movement to the complete elimination of the Jewish people. Genocide!

The time has come for action. MK Danny Danon has the solution. Israel must formally annex the areas of Judea and Samaria under its control. There is no other way.

The Great Boat Lift of 9/11~An Untold Story

"If it floated and it could get there~it got there"

The Great Boat Lift of 9/11? This little-known act, by ordinary people, became the largest sea rescue in history, larger even than Dunkirk (WWII), when 339,000 British and French soldiers were rescued over a period of  nine days.

...on 9/11, almost 500,000 people were rescued by boat  from Manhattan, in less than nine hours...

"The thing that was the best~everyone helped everyone". 

For my American friends, Never Forget, it is actions like this that have, and always will, make you great. To people of the free nations of the world~here is your example. To the enemies of us all~This is the Spirit of Freedom~and This is Why You Will Never Win...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Truth About the Israel~Palestinian Conflict

If you consider yourself open-minded then you need to watch the below clip very carefully. The first video on this topic is HERE.

Are you are pro-Palestinian? Make sure you know Why!  Do not just read propaganda brochures or listen to TV reports prepared by biased (paid for) media, rather, learn the truth. 

Read the charters of the PA and Hamas (or any Arab state for that matter). Understand the facts~Make sure you know what they really stand for. 

Regardless of the number of speeches, marches or terror attacks, history remains what it is. Just like the Turks persistent denial of the Armenian genocide, the PA claims to "their ancient homeland" is merely history as they wish it was

It is fine to support what you believe in, but if what you believe in is based on lies, and will lead to the genocide of an entire people~~then you should be honest enough to say so...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Rosh Hashanah Rocks

Aish HaTorah reaches out to to all Jews, especially young people, for example...

Friend Request Pending

This is cute...

* Hat Tip to Elder of Ziyon

The Naudet Brothers~9/11 Documentary

Two brothers, Jules Clément and Thomas Gédéon Naudet were making a documentary on New York firefighters. They decided to follow a rookie "probie" firefighter Antonio "Tony" Benetatos, in the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) academy training, then into a firehouse. 

At the firehouse, all they needed was to film a "real" fire, but each day was quiet. On the morning of September 11th, what started out to be just another day took a sudden change for the worse. This is what they saw, with actual footage of the firefighters inside the towers, and then outside, as the second tower fell. 

With the towers gone, the firefighters began the long process of digging, searching, hoping to find survivors. What horrors they saw, we can never imagine. In the words of  one firefighter, "I just realized, how evil...evil can be"...

This was evil, make no mistake about it~and the Evil of Islam still screams for an end to the western world of freedom and democracy~they would have us revert to the dark ages.  

We must insure they do not succeed. We Must Never Forget!

This film was made for the 5th Anniversary after the attacks. * Hat Tip to Atlas Shrugs

Sunday, 11 September 2011


"Bud" was never my favorite beer, but this is interesting~Gd Bless America today and always...

I Do Remember...

I Do remember where I was. There are no words, so I defer to The President who was there. Gd Bless and Protect America from those who would harm her...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dip Your Apple...

Rosh Hashanah is fast approaching! 

Most of us are dusting off our Machzors and planning our seders, with an eye for the best, crispy apples to dip into sweet, sweet bowls of honey.

To help get you in the mood here is a little warm up by the Ein Prat Fountainheads...Enjoy!   

* Hat Tip Elder of Ziyon

Have We Gone MAD?!

I really don't know anything about Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger, only that he is gaining a reputation as the Swiss Geert Wilders

His gained notoriety when he orchestrated the successful Swiss Minaret Ban, but he has also been subject to threats and hatred that seems to dog anybody who dares speak out against Islam

Regardless of his politics, whether they be radical or not, the fact is, he is only telling the truth. Sadly our  current world of politically correct, multi-culti bubble people cannot or will not face the facts, and it is increasingly becoming the role of the "radicals" to sound the alarm. 

Nobody can say "all" muslims are a threat, however, those who deny that  Islam poses an increasing infringements on our freedom of speech, and democratic society, are being useful idiots at the best, and at the worst they are co-conspirators in the attack on our civilization. Do listen...

The Danger of a "Politically Correct" Security Policy

Some interesting points...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Then as Now~Now as Then

I found this advert on Lemon Lime Moon. Amazing~how many stars do you recognize?

So, Where in the Palestinian Peace Plan is Israel?

*Thanks to Elder of Ziyon

UAF~ Celebrating Violence Against Women

George Galloway~UAF Darling
I am not taking sides for or against the EDL, however, I most certainly would not have anything to do with these disgusting thugs from the UAF, who are a complete waste of skin. They, along with their favorite hate-monger, George Galloway need to be shipped off to the Islamic countries they love so much.

Listen carefully to what these degenerates are saying.  In the second clip you need to watch the slow motion at the end closely~but you can see these brave men kicking a woman down on the ground. At the beginning of the second clip  (:05) the PA kaffiya tells me what UAF really stands for~and that  most certainly is not good for England or any free democratic country!

I don't care who the woman was, nobody should be brutally attacked like this in the middle of the day--in London!! More to the point, why should any street in London be off limits to anybody?  If the UK is a free country why on earth do they have No Go Zones? Why weren't those that attacked the bus arrested immediately?

The text posted with the videos reads as follows:  The woman had her jaw broken by the UAFs, but is now back from the hospital. She had been dragged out from a back-door and beaten to the ground~ALL prior coaches went another route-police are seeking witnesses. (Yes, yes, I am sure they are)  On second thought, I would definitely feel safer among the EDL...

* Hat Tip to Daphne Anson

Watch the Slow Motion at the End...

An Elephant Never Forgets~Seriously!

We've all seen elephants in zoos and of course, in circus performances, but have you ever thought about what happens after the performance? In 2000 a film was released called "The Urban Elephant", the story of two such elephants who met in the circus, were separated, then reunited twenty-two years later. Both had suffered, both were crippled. 

Yes, Shirley had good care and love from Solomon (Gd Bless him), but that was not enough~she needed the company of her own kind...

Do take the time to watch to the end~I guarantee it will be well worth it...and make sure to have a box of tissues handy!

Shirley the Elephant~Part 1

Shirley the Elephant~Part 2

Who is He? Seriously, Does Anyone Really Know??

How can one be elected to the highest office of a country considered to be the best in the world~and yet, nobody knows anything about him? Listen and think about it...

The Proms~Censored by (Biased) BBC?

Zubin Mehta and Israel Philharmonic~Dignity
I heard BBC news (on the radio) announce that they had to  "stop the broadcast" of the Proms~more precisely, it was the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

BBC's website reported:
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) had earlier called on people to boycott the concert and urged the BBC to cancel it.

How nice of you, al-beeby, to cooperate with them! A group of hate-mongers interrupt a concert (acting like a bunch of brainless ruffians) and BBC caters to them by cutting off the  broadcast...exactly what they wanted!

In searching for more information, I was fortunate to find Richard Millet's blog. Do go to his site to read the story--He was there, and gives a full report! The film clips below are from his site. You can see from them the exact level of disturbance.

This is not just free speech. It is "hatred" and it is directed at Israel. I for one, am fed up with liberal media labeling hate-mongers as "Peaceful, Pro-Palestinian Activists".

 They are Israel / Jew haters, plain and simple and they spread hate and libel without conscience. They don't care that the some of the very "Palestinians" they are so "pro" for, have had to flee to Israel to seek safety from their own people! What is so sickening is that they somehow feel "justified" and "important" to be using the very same tactics as in WWII,  first by demonizing an entire people, and in the end calling for what amounts to no less than their genocide.

Example of Peaceful Pro-Palestinians

I could write volumes refuting the filth and lies, but those who hate have no interest in truth. And before you call me biased, I freely admit that Israel has problems, and yes, there are some soldiers who disgrace the name of the IDF~what country does not have a few bad apples? The difference between Israel and the Arab world is that we hold our people accountable. Only in Israel can our enemies come to our own courts to seek and receive justice.

But I am wasting my breath, because whenever morons are faced with truth they scream and yell and push and flap their vile signs until truth is drowned out . 

Isn't it about time that people woke up to the lies that are being thrown around? Israel, the Only free democratic country in the middle-east is being demonized by the very countries who have the most abominable, violent record of inhumane treatment towards their own people (as well as others)...and still, the world remains silent! WHY?

On the bright side, the good people who paid money to see the Proms, did not appreciate the disturbance, and as you will see in the last clip, they were very appreciative of Zubin Mehta and the wonderful Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

First Interruption

Second Interruption

And One More Time...

Final Applause~From Proms Audience

Sunday, 4 September 2011

"Silent Exodus" from Pierre Rehov

The nom de guerre, Pierre Rehov belongs to one of the great filmmakers of our time. Do visit his site, and support his very vital work.

In 1948 nearly one million Jews lived in Arab lands.  But In barely twenty years, they had become forgotten fugitives, expelled from their native lands, forgotten by history their fate as victims hidden under a cloak of silence. 

A people whom legend has always described as "wandering", these Jews from Arab lands had lived there for thousands of years, and accepted their fate, through good times and bad.

The beginning of their exodus in 1948, also saw the birth of the State of Israel. The Jews, however, did not receive refugee status. They had just rediscovered the land of their birthright. And whether they came from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq or from Yemen, or that they had lost everything, even their relatives and their cemeteries, they were ready to rebuild their lives in the West. For the majority that was n Israel, where they tried to forget their past, without ever asking for compensation or the right of return, or even wishing that their story be told...

Friday, 2 September 2011

Ontario Government (Approves) Jew Hate Fest...

Israel Hater Sid Ryan at Rally
Updated...I am used to hearing hate-speech, but for Canada this is a New Low. Please watch the clips below.

I will not post the film from the "hate-fest" because frankly, it is just too ugly. You can see it and more at Blazing Cat Fur. Note that  the police asked Blazing Cat Fur  to stop filming the hate fest~they were not concerned about Hezbollah Flags flying and shouts of Alla hu Akbar!

I was not surprised to see Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour, or representatives from the United Church  (including  Minister Brian McIntosh) mugging for the cameras in their eagerness to bad mouth Israel. Although I notice that in the Michael Coren clip below, Steve MacDonald keeps insisting that United Church is not involved...he needs to read their resolutions and look at the footage of the rally again. The United Church is as anti-Israel as Hezbollah.

Many great Canadian bloggers have posted full details and pictures of this disgusting event. If you want more information you can find great pictures at Sassy Wire, and list of some of the participants and their affiliations from Kaffir Kanuck,

Canada~Your politicians and police are selling you out to Islam! Seriously...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

A Video From Gaza's Border~Bring Gilad Shalit Home!

On the 28th of August 2011, David and Daniel traveled to Kerem Shalom on the Gaza Border to film an event held to mark Gilad Shalit's 25th birthday.

It has been 1,890 days (more than five years) since he has received even the tiniest communication or sign from his family~and it has been more than two years since his family has received any sign of life from Gilad.

Just ten days ago, the supporters of Gilad Shalit staged a peaceful Hi-jacking of a bus of Gazans returning from a visit to Hamas terrorists prisoners in an Israel jail.

Trucks of Goods Crossing into Gaza
Standing at the border crossing one sees the trucks arriving from within Israel to provide the citizens of Gaza with food and basic commodities, children's games and electrical goods and more. On this day there were truck loads of cement as well.

Gilad Shalit does not enjoy even the basic conditions demanded for any captive, in accordance with the Geneva Convention. He receives no visits, letters and no contact whatsoever with the outside world.

Hamas Prisoners in Israeli Jail

Gilad Shalit is held captive in inhuman conditions, while his family lives without any knowledge of his physical or emotional state. In stark contrast the State of Israel allows Palestinian/Hamas prisoners to receive visitors, letters, study for degrees and many other benefits. The picture to the left was posted from an Israeli jail by Hamas terror prisoners~to  their Facebook Page!. Need I say more?

 The purpose of this protest is to ask for reciprocation between the cruel treatment of Gilad Shalit and the privileges that are enjoyed by Palestinian / Hamas terrorists prisoners in Israeli jails.

*It Should Be Noted:
Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by terrorists who infiltrated into Israel, killed two soldiers and wounded four others. Gilad was Not a criminal, whereas the prisoners held in Israeli jails have been convicted of terror attacks and murder of Israeli citizens.

Statement to the Citizens of Gaza:  (Hebrew and English follow video)
As citizens of Israel we strive to live in peace with you. Even at this time when the region is far from quiet, we are hopeful that, one day, peace will arrive and we will be able to live side by side with you, as good neighbors, in mutual respect that will lead to mutual prosperity in our region.

We call on you, the residents of Gaza, to do the right, and human thing, and to work to correct this terrible injustice and to help return Gilad Shalit to his parents.

Bring Galid Shalit Home !

Letter To People of Gaza in Arabic and Hebrew

Mavi Marmara Did Violate International Law

Humanitarian Aid on Mavi Marmara
A lawsuit against Israel Re: the Mavi Marmara incident was dropped by Kuwait because "the ship had violated the international law by entering the Israeli territorial waters without permission."

It is only a tiny item in the Arab Times (you need to go to the very bottom of the article), but it is there, in black and white.

Now if only the rest of the world would open their eyes and try to see beyond the hate...

KUWAIT CITY: The Ministry of Justice intends to shelve the case which has been filed by MP Dr Waleed Al-Tabtabaei and others against the Israeli government for humiliating and assaulting them while they were aboard the Turkish flotilla which was carrying humanitarian assistance to the people of the Gaza Strip in Palestine, reports Al-Dar daily.

It has been reported the ministry was preparing to file a lawsuit in international courts but was advised by lawyers not to go ahead with the suit because Israel could win the case and Kuwait would end up paying billions of dollars in compensation because the ship had violated the international law by entering the Israeli territorial waters without permission. 

* Hat Tip to Tundra Tabloids

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