Sunday, 28 August 2011

The World is Still Beautiful...

Il Volo (The Flight)
I read about the riots in the UK and saw the pictures of young people smashing windows and stealing everything they could get their hands on. In the USA the youth are staging flash mobs to raid stores, and even to beat people~for no other reason than because they were "there". What is this world is coming to?

Then, out of the blue I received this video. Baruch Hashem there are still teens who actually have goals in life other than stealing, beating helpless people up, and demanding that they be given everything they want (without working for it) because in some twisted way they feel it is their "right".

These three boys met in  2009, on the Italian RA TVI music competition Ti lascio una canzone, held in Sanremo, where they were selected to perform O Sole Mio as a trio. After the competition, they continued to perform together eventually choosing to go by the name Il Volo (The Flight).  

Obviously these kids have talent (unbelievable talent!). My point is, their choice was to work hard, and do something good with what G-d gave them. Good for them!

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