Thursday, 11 August 2011

White House Cleanses Israel from Its Website~What Next?

This outrage is just one in a long list of insults that Obama has spat towards Israel. I don't care if he is the pResident, he is a shame and a disgrace to the human race. Read the full story at Bare Naked Islam and be sure to have a vomit bag handy. 

Not only has this man forbidden Americans born in Jerusalem, Israel to list Jerusalem, Israel as their place of birth, he has now signed a document (03 June 2011) stating that "he" has determined that it is necessary, in order to protect the national security interests of the United States, to extend the bill (which basically states) that Jerusalem is Not the Capitol of Israel. There  is currently and American Embassy in Jerusalem that  apparently caters only to Palestinian Arabs! This Embassy will not have anything to do with  Americans in Jerusalem. This was confirmed earlier this summer when a friend (a resident of Jerusalem) was traveling back to America, and could not even obtain a single bit of information from the Jerusalem Embassy. She was told that she must go to Tel Aviv...WHY??

Of the 792,000 people living in Jerusalem "Israel", many are Americans and many have given birth to their children in hospitals located in Jerusalem, "Israel". But they are not allowed to have this imprinted on their documents. Chutzpah!
Do read the whole story, and the bill signed by obummer. Also included is an explanation of the Jerusalem Embassy Act.

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Granny Jan said...

Thanks for posting my video. I was hoping it would be seen in Israel.
It's been probably my most successful video (I usually do satires) and the one that is dearest to my heart.

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