Monday, 15 August 2011

Sderot Under Attack Rocks On...

This is really a story about a movie called Rock in the Red Zone. I did not start out writing about the movie--in fact I did not even know about it when I started this rather long post.

While going through my large bin of unfinished articles, I came across a clip about the Arab Spring that included a moron-ologue from a known hater of Israel. (See end of this post) He claims that Israel has Never--Ever been in danger (because he documented it in his three volumes~and of course we should believe him) As I was trying to think of a word with more than four letters to describe this guy, I recalled my last trip to Sderot, a beautiful town that has been under attack from Hamas rockets for the past ten years. Bomb shelters that are integrated into playgrounds, bus stops that double as bomb shelters, and in fact, the knowledge that the entire area has to take into consideration that they have 15 seconds to get into a bomb shelter.  To get an idea of what this means have a look at this:

My search led me to a site called Sderot Movie. In a place that has seen more than 10,000 rockets fired, one of the many bomb shelters has been converted to a music studio and is turning out bands with albums at an amazing rate. There is a recent article about the movie in Arutz 7 where you can listen to a radio interview with the producer. It is interesting to note that she is having great difficulty in getting the movie shown. The project was initially an outlet for the kids, but has turned into something amazing. This is the beauty of Israel, while our neighbors attack and fire rockets, we turn them into roses, or music or whatever else the imagination lends itself to.   

It is interesting to see that indeed the Muslim Brotherhood is stepping up to the mark as the dictators fall. At 2:13 in the video below, the known Israel hater, Alan Hart whines that he has already documented that the Israeli state of Israel has never been in danger--ever! He claims to be a writer yet is ignorant of the wars that have been waged against Israel since we became a country. The continuous calls from the Muslim world to destroy us, the suicide bombers, murder of children and on and on. I would like to house him in Sderot for awhile. See if he thinks that  the rockets and missiles are no danger (never-ever). From where I sit (in Israel) his biased statements are just another disguise for hatred. By the way, this is the man who thinks that it was Mossad that brought the twin towers down with a controlled ground explosion--and the planes were actually fitted with transponders to allow Mossad to guide them into the towers. And people actually listen to this moron!

Every country around us is calling for our destruction--the PA do not want "part" of Israel. They want it ALL while at the same time declaring that not a single Jew will live on "Palestinian" land. As for Hamas, they are more honest than most, yet people still ignore the threats to Israel.  Why?

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