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The Mysteries of The Free Masons

The search for information can lead to so many directions that it is easy to lose sight of your original quest. After the attack in Norway, the press was quick to blame Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists, Bloggers and yes, even the Jews.

It is hard to accept that a single person could create such death and devastation. Even harder to believe is that this madness was there, under the surface for a period of many, many, years.

In the ramblings of his manifesto are many claims. When I read that he fancied himself as a Templar Knight, I decided to post some information on the Origins of the Templars (who, along with the crusaders, committed the horrific pogroms and destruction of Jewish communities across Europe). Norway's mad man considered himself a "Templar Night", so he could hardly be  pro-Jewish.

Information on the Templars led to the Free Masons, and the belief that their origins arose from the desire of the Templars to have their society carry on.

It is interesting to note that the Catholic Church  was against the Free Masons. In 1738, Pope Clement XII issued the first of a series of "Papal Bulls" condemning the Free Masons. 

Secret rituals, symbolism, and myths surround the Free Masons as they do the Knights Templar. That they are related is believed in many areas and indeed there is evidence to support this view. Does anyone truly understand the origins and evolution of either group? I think that like all things, there is some truth, some myth and a lot of "we just don't know". 

The names of masonic members through the ages is more than impressive~from Benjamin Franklin to Mozart to George Washington and many famous presidents and powerful people world wide. 
The Free Masons, like the Templars are the things that legends are made of. It is said that the Free Masons were behind the origins of the United States, and indeed in 1793, the Free Masons, led by  none other than George Washington (who wore his full Masonic costume) led the rituals that laid the cornerstone for the United States Capital.

Conspiracy, Solomon's Temple, the Philosophers Stone and World Domination...What is the truth? I doubt anyone really knows, but the series below offers some interesting information. Part 2 deals primarily with the United States conspiracies~Enjoy...

Decoding The Past: Mysteries of the Free Masons~Part 1

Decoding The Past: Mysteries of the Free Masons~Part 2

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Miriam Woelke said...


Unfortunately, the Free Masons are also active in Israel. It says that Yitzchak Rabin was one of them, but rather inactive. Rabin was not into anything but watching TV shows and eating chocolate bars.

There are opinions that Netanyahu is a Free Mason but the question is always, whether you have to be in the club when you are an Israeli Prime Minister.

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