Monday, 15 August 2011

Just a Little Reminder...

To all the people out there who are calling for Israel to give up land to a "Palestinian" state here is a reminder of what the PA really wants. Anyone who still believes forcing Israel to give in to the PA will bring peace better start paying attention to what is being said to the Arab world. You may think you are acting to bring about peace, but  you are nothing more than "useful idiots".

This video and translation of Nabil Shaath's comments (see below video for transcript) are from MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) who monitor Arabic speaking TV and broadcasts round the clock. Time and time again MEMRI provides these truths~is anybody paying attention?

The French Initiative reshaped the issue of the "Jewish State", a formula that is also unacceptable to us--two states for two peoples. They can describe Israel as a state for two peoples, but we will be a state for one people.

The story of two states for two peoples means that there will be a Jewish people over there and a Palestinian people here. We will never accept this...

We will not sacrifice the 1.5 million Palestinians with Israeli citizenship and we will never agree to a clause preventing the Palestinian refugees from returning to their country.

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