Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Honenu~Israel's Educational and Legal Rights Association

Today in Israel we are faced with constant attacks from our neighbors, and sadly, also from within. Under the guise of “human rights” there are those among us who work with our enemies to persecute soldiers and civilians using our own court system. Honenu is the only Israeli legal defense organization providing assistance to soldiers and civilians alike. Their legal team of experts ensure that human and civil rights are not infringed and due process is upheld.

Honenu was established in 2001 by Shmuel Meidad to teach the Torah principles of love, kindness and charity. Honenu actualizes these principles by offering legal support and moral encouragement to our loyal citizens, who at times due to the security situation are being persecuted by government authorities and a court system heavily influenced and pressured by anti-Israel “human rights” groups. These groups are heavily funded by the European Union and others.

The name Honenu was taken from a prayer and a plea that King David wrote to the Creator to bless us and redeem us~Tehillim 123...חננו ה’ חננו כי רב שבענו בוז

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