Monday, 22 August 2011

For Those Who Think They Don't Have Enough...

Picture by Miriam Woelke (Shearim)
Apart from Israel being bombarded by murderous rockets and terror attacks we are seeing protests in Tel Aviv and across the country. 

Those who are protesting for a more even taxation in Israel and better wages are right on the money--their complaints  are legitimate and I support them 100%. What I am against is the hi-jacking of the protest by self serving groups. The protesters, from a cross section of society  are bringing many issues with them. The left, (as usual) is trying to impose their political views--to the point of protesting with a red socialist banner even while fellow citizens were being murdered in the south. To them, Jewish blood is only important if it is their own. If you check into the details you will find that the tents, food, communications are all funded by these groups.

I am also against those who feel they should be given a stipend and an apartment in the central of Tel Aviv so they can go clubbing on Friday nights. They feel "entitled", even though they have yet to contribute anything!.  As someone who has had to work hard and has paid taxes my entire life, I beg to differ--but that is another story!

For all those who feel entitled, here is a story for you. The TV version of this boy's life was edited a bit, but the real story is not too much different. He did not lay around on a sofa demanding an apartment so he could go clubbing.  He had a hard, lousy beginning in life, that many may not have even survived, but somehow he managed to stay focused on his dream and worked to achieve his goals. Do watch to the very end--there is a lesson for all of us here...

Korea's Got Talent Sung-Bong Choi

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Miriam Woelke said...


The Rothschild demonstration is dead, as I just wrote !!!

Empty tents, tons of garbage left behind and the municipality will have to send a caterpillar in order to clean up the mess left behind.

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