Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Will Western Society Rise Up?

This German journalist claims there is no place in the free world for the ideology of Islam. Please listen to his argument. He is not talking "hate", rather, he points to the truth the world is determined to avoid, or ignore.

Islamic countries already make it clear that they will not mix with other cultures. They tell us in their media, their koran states it, and their actions confirm it. Non-Muslims do not live freely in any Islamic country~they are dhimmi (read "less than"). in fact, non-Muslims are not even allowed to step foot into many places, (ie) Mecca. 

It is a clear there is a clash of cultures. I seriously doubt that our culture, which values progress and freedom for all would step back into the dark ages.  Think About It...

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Honenu~Israel's Educational and Legal Rights Association

Today in Israel we are faced with constant attacks from our neighbors, and sadly, also from within. Under the guise of “human rights” there are those among us who work with our enemies to persecute soldiers and civilians using our own court system. Honenu is the only Israeli legal defense organization providing assistance to soldiers and civilians alike. Their legal team of experts ensure that human and civil rights are not infringed and due process is upheld.

Honenu was established in 2001 by Shmuel Meidad to teach the Torah principles of love, kindness and charity. Honenu actualizes these principles by offering legal support and moral encouragement to our loyal citizens, who at times due to the security situation are being persecuted by government authorities and a court system heavily influenced and pressured by anti-Israel “human rights” groups. These groups are heavily funded by the European Union and others.

The name Honenu was taken from a prayer and a plea that King David wrote to the Creator to bless us and redeem us~Tehillim 123...חננו ה’ חננו כי רב שבענו בוז

Monday, 29 August 2011

Europe Needs a Revolution

An interesting truth about Europe from Pat Condell...

Media Circus~Part 1

This is the first in a series of "Media Circus" titles that will hopefully open the eyes of those who rely upon the media for information. 

For many years the people at Honest Reporting have tried to bring biased media reporting to the attention of the public. 

 Do visit their site to learn how the media distorts truth! 

By the way, Honest Reporting is currently giving away a 2-disc DVD set of Monty Python's Life of Brian: The Immaculate Edition. Follow the link to   and leave your name and email in the sign up box after watching the film.

A Letter From Allen West In Israel

This past week  Israel received many visitors. One of them was newly elected congressman Allen West. When he was in Jerusalem’s David Citadel Hotel he could not remain anonymous like many other visitors. In an article by Israpundit, he quotes:

...West walks through the lobby almost like a rock star~not the world’s most famous rock star, but one that enough people have seen, and heard, to attract attention.

On returning to America, he wrote his constituents a letter highlighting his trip. You can read the entire letter HERE.
I like Allen West because he is the only politician who is not afraid to speak the truth and "call a spade a spade" or as my Dad used to say, "sometimes you just have to call it a dirty rotten shovel".

I have excerpted some parts of his letter for you (all emphasis mine) with Allen West's words in Italics, but I urge you to follow the LINK and read it all

How He Felt About Israel...
When you consider the shared values, culture, faith, and commitment to democratic principles, it is easy to understand why many believe America is not complete without Israel.

So, what did I feel while in Israel? I felt a sense of being home, especially on those mornings when I ran from our hotel to the Knesset and around the Old City walls of Jerusalem.

On His Visit to the Border with Lebanon...
Hezbollah Katusha's on Border
We visited the borders with Lebanon and learned of the 50,000 rockets and missiles now in the arsenal of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, all in violation of United Nations Mandate 1701. 

But hardly any of that made our American news. Instead, 24/7 coverage of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake and a Tropical Storm/Category 1 Hurricane Irene.

Now, do not get me wrong, these were important events. But what I witnessed was almost “over-coverage”, while sirens were going off daily in southern Israel. 

* Ed. Note: 
Whenever Jewish lives are lost it is either a non-issue or the victims are held to blame

Entering a "Settlement"
On Judea and Samaria...
Our delegation visited the so-called “settlements”
and all we found were neighborhoods and suburbs.   
 On Bethlehem...
...our group was not allowed to have our regular Jewish guides or bus drivers because Israeli citizens are not allowed in Bethlehem or the ancient city of Jericho where the Bible teaches us that Joshua blew down the wall with trumpets.   

My point is that the hypocrisy is revealing.    

Allen West~Walls of Jerusalem

On Israel's History in the Holy Land...

When we walked last week through a 2,000-year-old tunnel under the ancient City of David to the Western Wall, there can be no historical or archaeological argument to refute that there has always been a nation of Israel.

On the Arab Spring...
Arab Spring in Egypt
This so-called “Arab Spring” is less about a democratic movement, than it is about the early phase of the restoration of an Islamic Caliphate, the last being the Ottoman Empire.

We are witnessing secular Muslim leaders being deposed in very volatile and unstable nations. This growing Islamic Totalitarianism manifested in militant Islam has had a modus operand of capitalizing on unstable political situations (Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia).
Muslim States=Green and  Israel=Red (Can You Find Israel?)
Now we see these same types of instances occurring in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, and the rose-colored glasses of some seek to portray this as a great awakening of liberty.

...History does not support this in the Middle East.

In the midst of it all is Israel, that tiny defiant bastion of freedom, liberty, and democracy in an evolving storm. One only needs to survey a map of the Middle East, and the immediate peripheral states to see the very threatening situation.  

This is why any intonation of reverting to pre-1967 lines for Israel is not just ludicrous, but insane, and clearly evidences a lack of strategic security intelligence.  

Slowly Israel is being surrounded on all sides: Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, an unstable Egypt and Syria, and a theocratic regime in Iran led by a 21st century "Madman." 

As well, Israel must contend with an internal infiltration. How many Americans would tolerate having some 50-100 rockets and missiles launched across its border? Then why should we expect Israel to tolerate the same?  

The objective could not be any clearer to a seasoned military strategist: isolate and eliminate the modern day Jewish state of Israel. And what is most appalling, western civilization is watching it happen, again. 

 His Impression of the Palestinian Authority...
Official Photo~All Israel As the PA State
During our trip, we met with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad. He spoke of freedom and dignity--but what of recognition and respect of Israel? 

Let me be clear, I do not see a credible peace partner in the Palestinian Authority. While we were in Israel, the PA never denounced the most recent heinous terrorist attack. 

There is no unity between Fatah and Hamas and therefore, no two-state solution exists. At best it would have to be a three-state solution; Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. The proposed United Nations unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state is nothing more than a sham, coming from an international organization which has little to no credibility, as evidenced with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) mission. 

 Allen West's Final Words...

Muslim Brotherhood
In closing, let us realize that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a college fraternity but an organization with a well-developed strategic plan
Let us no longer operate in the realm of irrational emotionalism, but rather study and come to learn true geopolitics based upon history and fact.

There is an inextricable bond between America and Israel, and we must stop denying it or feeling ashamed about it.

And I am so grateful to now have firsthand experience running up both Knesset Hill as well as Capitol Hill, both very present beacons of liberty, freedom, and democracy amidst a sea of despots, dictators, autocrats, and theocrats.

God bless Israel, and God bless America!
Steadfast and Loyal...Allen

One cannot help but admire this man who insists on standing up for what is right. Does he make mistakes? I am sure he does~as we all do~but I am willing to bet that he is the type to acknowledge the errors and try to correct them. Gd Bless You, Allen West!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Banned in America??

For any Americans who read this, I am curious to know if this is fact or fiction. The song below is from a Las Vegas, Diamond Rio concert, where it apparently received an immediate, resounding standing ovation, and continues to do so every time it is performed! So far so good...

The story is, that major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered "politically incorrect". Consequently, the song has never been released to the public.

Apparently your president, BHO  is saying that it is not fit for release because it offends some. So my question to you is: Is this song offensive? I'm not American, or Christian and I find nothing offensive about it. What do you think?

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam

Now, Please Watch this skit from the Red Skelton Show (14 January 1969)~
Especially the End, Which is Even More Relevant Now...

Think About it...

Today, 28 August 2011, is Gilad Shalit's birthday. On 25 June 2006 he was kidnapped (on Israeli land) by Hammas terrorists. His parents have not had "proof of life" since October 2009, but there has been countless threats and humiliations, including videos and news reports, cartoons, plays and graffiti depicting a suffering Gilad and his family.

Where are the Human Rights movements~Peace Now~JStreet?

Hamas Pychological Cruelty to Shalit Family

The World is Still Beautiful...

Il Volo (The Flight)
I read about the riots in the UK and saw the pictures of young people smashing windows and stealing everything they could get their hands on. In the USA the youth are staging flash mobs to raid stores, and even to beat people~for no other reason than because they were "there". What is this world is coming to?

Then, out of the blue I received this video. Baruch Hashem there are still teens who actually have goals in life other than stealing, beating helpless people up, and demanding that they be given everything they want (without working for it) because in some twisted way they feel it is their "right".

These three boys met in  2009, on the Italian RA TVI music competition Ti lascio una canzone, held in Sanremo, where they were selected to perform O Sole Mio as a trio. After the competition, they continued to perform together eventually choosing to go by the name Il Volo (The Flight).  

Obviously these kids have talent (unbelievable talent!). My point is, their choice was to work hard, and do something good with what G-d gave them. Good for them!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Give Peace A Chance~The Truth About the Middle-East

The discovery of the formerly classified minutes from the San Remo peace conference of April, 1920 sheds new light on the prospect for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. This long hidden document explains the legal rights of the Jews as well as the Palestinians. By returning to the negotiating table and respecting historical facts and international law, there can be real peace between Israel and the Palestinians. For More Information Follow the Link to  Give Peace A Chance...

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Only Israel

The world is only too eager to point out Israel's flaws~and just as eager to ignore the horrors in the rest of the middle east. Look at what is being condemned...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Shameful UN and Double-Standards~Durban III

Like Durban I and II, the upcoming Durban III is nothing more than a Racist, Anti-Racism conference. Watch the film below, then go to Durban Watch for information on the Counter Conference being held on 22 September 2011:
The Perils of Global Intolerance: The United Nations and Durban III

 Learn the facts, then ask: Why does the world continue to fund this travesty?

Game On~A Bollywood Gamer's Anthem

I've never seen The Guild, I'm not a Gamer and not into Bollywood...I just felt like something that was a bit of fun...Enjoy!

Mr. Hopey Changey & His Million Dollar Canuck Bus...

This is just too good to pass up. The US pRes is on a road tour~Riding in a Prevost VIP H3-45~the company's top of the line model used by major traveling rock bands. And, wait for it, the bus (one of two sold to the government at taxpayer expense) is  a Canuck (made in Quebec) luxury model~Worth a cool 1.1 million dollars!.

The tour is supposedly to boost jobs in the US (??), and maybe also to remind the American Taxpayers to Buy American...LOL

Muslim Prayers In San Diego Public School

If Jewish kids asked for time to perform their afternoon prayers, or learn Torah (which they do "Outside of School Hours"), it would be vetoed. And just how long would a Jewish kid wearing a kippa last in one of these schools? To say nothing of the ban on Christmas trees, and every other non-Muslim holiday or symbol, usually because Muslims are offended. No prayers of any other religion are allowed (remember when kids used to recite the Lord's prayer in the morning?) even the National Anthem is banned, in some areas, but Muslim Prayers? Oh yes~that is just fine. The stink of hypocrisy lies heavy in the air...I am sick of the double standard...And for the record, I am offended...

Black From Islam: African American Muslim Defectors

I read about a new documentary, by a young, talented writer, artist and filmmaker named Layla Merritt, on Atlas Shrugs. The trailer below features Jalila, an attorney and dancer, who grew up in the militant community, the Nation of Islam, and is intriguing to say the least. Layla has already received interest from a premier distributor of education films in ethnic studies. Sadly she has also received threats, even though her film is not an attack on Islam, but  an examination of the beginnings of Islam in the African American community, from a female perspective.

Although there is great interest in this groundbreaking film, funding is still needed. To learn more about the subjects and participants in the project and what is required to bring it to completion, follow THIS LINK. You can also help Layla by clicking the Donate Button at the bottom of the article on Atlas Shrugs.

Two of Layla's interview subjects grew up in the secretive Islamic group Jamaat al-Fuqra (in American cities). It is said that the group, whose origins are in Pakistan, has a network of forty-five (or more) paramilitary training camps in the US and Canada. Jamaat al-Fuqra is suspected of complicity in the barbaric beheading of Daniel Pearl, a young reporter for the Wall Street Journal, on 01 February 2001.

Do go to Atlas Shrugs and read the entire article~and be sure watch for the release of this film. * The description is excerpted from Atlas Shrugs:

Black From Islam, a film by Layla Merritt, is a one-hour, educational documentary. It features interviews with three ex-Muslim women, two experts, and an informational reference. During the heat of Black Nationalism in the 1970's, African Americans converted in droves to Islam. Black From Islam identifies the historical routes African Americans have taken to Islam in America, rejecting the slavery-linked dogma of Christianity. It closely examines the cultural differences of how Americans live as Muslims in America, through the experiences of three American women. Communities such as the Muslims Of the Americas (MOA) are highly reclusive. They live as large families on private compounds or buildings. They practice polygamy and home-school their children; they arrange their daughters marriages. This way of life, virtually foreign to most American teens, is a reality for some American girls who grow up Muslim. Black From Islam takes an intimate look at non-secular, Muslim-American communities through the triumphs and tragedies of the women who left them.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Geert Wilders Warns America...

Regardless of threats on his life, law suits and condemnation, Geert Wilders will not be silenced. Here in two parts is his Warning to America, but Europe would be well advised to pay attention as well...He Speaks the Truth!

I post this because with the current rate of "censorship" coming to the internet there may be a day when we will no longer be allowed to speak openly.

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam

Geert Wilders~Part 1

Geert Wilders~Part 2

Busload of Hamas Families "Hi-Jacked"~By Israelis...

From Video Released 2009
What? Why is the media not reporting this? Earlier  this month, Friends and Supporters of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit staged a "hi-jacking" of a busload of Gazans returning from visiting Hamas prisoners. The video is on Youtube (see below).

The reason? They are protesting the kidnapping of  Gilad Shalit on 25 June 2006, by Hamas terrorists, on a raid inside Israel. During the attack two soldiers were killed and three others wounded.  Since that day, Gilad has been held without contact, most likely in an underground bunker~not even seeing the light of day! To date, the only communications between Shalit and the outside world has been three letters, an audio tape, and on 02 October 2009, a DVD that Israel received in return for releasing 20 female Palestinian prisoners. Since then there has been "no sign of life".

The event was six weeks in planning and was executed peacefully and perfectly. After a couple of hours the police arrived and the bus continued on its way~there were no arrests.  Although the protesters only spoke to them the Hamas passengers they were "very afraid"~because they knew full well that if the situation had been reversed and Hamas had kidnapped an Israeli bus there would not be one Israeli left alive...
Facebook Pic Posted by Hamas from Israeli Jail
Meanwhile, Hamas murderers in Israeli prisons lay around getting fat watching Colour TV, holding interviews, posting pictures of their easy life on facebook via cell-phones, even earning Masters Degrees, and much more~including Regular Visits With Their Families! Hamas will not even allow the Red Cross to send a package to Gilad or confirm he is alive. Yet the world wants Israel to free thousands of terrorist murders?? 

To all the people in countries whose combined donations send billions of dollars to the "PA" you should know that from your money, murderers and terrorists in Israeli jails receive hefty stipends every month, as do their families~in fact, the more Israelis killed~the higher the stipend they receive~from the money you send!  Why do you keep sending them money?

Graffiti Mocking Shalit (from 2006 to 2040)
 When the Free Gaza people came to town, Gilad's father asked them to accept a single letter with the request that it be given to his son. A request they categorically refused~scum that they are!

These people and their ilk rushed to embrace the mother of the boy who decapitated a three month old baby, but to take a single letter to an Israeli, held in sub-human conditions, for year, is considered--what?--too political???

Hamas and the PA continue to humiliate the Shalit family by releasing numerous videos mocking the kidnapped soldier, and his parents, as well as numerous walls of graffiti depicting the young man growing old in his prison--and the world remains silent. Isn't it time we stood up and said "enough"? Why does the west continue to fund the PA when they refuse to follow even the basic laws of prisoner treatment and human rights? Think about it--the next time it could be someone close to you who is targeted...

The Hi-Jacking

For Those Who Think They Don't Have Enough...

Picture by Miriam Woelke (Shearim)
Apart from Israel being bombarded by murderous rockets and terror attacks we are seeing protests in Tel Aviv and across the country. 

Those who are protesting for a more even taxation in Israel and better wages are right on the money--their complaints  are legitimate and I support them 100%. What I am against is the hi-jacking of the protest by self serving groups. The protesters, from a cross section of society  are bringing many issues with them. The left, (as usual) is trying to impose their political views--to the point of protesting with a red socialist banner even while fellow citizens were being murdered in the south. To them, Jewish blood is only important if it is their own. If you check into the details you will find that the tents, food, communications are all funded by these groups.

I am also against those who feel they should be given a stipend and an apartment in the central of Tel Aviv so they can go clubbing on Friday nights. They feel "entitled", even though they have yet to contribute anything!.  As someone who has had to work hard and has paid taxes my entire life, I beg to differ--but that is another story!

For all those who feel entitled, here is a story for you. The TV version of this boy's life was edited a bit, but the real story is not too much different. He did not lay around on a sofa demanding an apartment so he could go clubbing.  He had a hard, lousy beginning in life, that many may not have even survived, but somehow he managed to stay focused on his dream and worked to achieve his goals. Do watch to the very end--there is a lesson for all of us here...

Korea's Got Talent Sung-Bong Choi

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Update on the Victims of Israel's Latest Terror Attack

Shortly after posting on the terror attacks near Eilat I received an email from One Family Fund. This organization provides direct financial, legal, and emotional assistance to victims of terrorism.

For your information I am posting the letter as I received it.

Quadruple Terror Attack Near Eilat
Terrorists launched a co-ordinated 4-stage attack north of Eilat this afternoon (August 18). Shortly after 12:00 noon, three terrorists ambushed an Egged bus traveling from Beer Sheva about 20 km (12 miles) north of Eilat, spraying the bus with gunfire and injuring about a dozen of its passengers.

As rescue forces were responding to the first attack, a roadside bomb was detonated alongside an IDF patrol 20 km (12 miles) north of the scene of the first attack.  At least two soldiers were killed and several were critically injured in that attack.

At about 12:40, a mortar shell was fired at a private vehicle along the Egyptian border north of the second attack.  The shell exploded by the side of the road, and no one was injured.

In the fourth stage of the attack, another terrorist cell ambushed a bus and a private vehicle not far from the scene of the first attack.  They sprayed both vehicles with gunfire and launched an anti-tank rocket at the bus.  The rocket hit the car instead, murdering all of its occupants.

At the time of this writing, (4:50 pm Israel time), reports from the scene say that 7 people have been murdered and at least 30 have been injured.  The wounded have been evacuated to Yoseftal hospital in Eilat and Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva.

Information on the exact number and condition of the victims is still not precise as more updates are being provided to the media and to OneFamily. OneFamily staff are in touch with the security services, rescue personnel and hospital staff, and will be meeting with each of the victims and their families to determine their immediate needs.  We will keep you up to date on developments as they become known via email alerts and via the OneFamily website at:

Terrorists Ambush Another Israeli Bus! (For Peace?)

It is shocking, but at the same time not surprising~In the past hours there have been  multiple attacks (again) on Israel by "terrorists".  

Unconfirmed reports say five Israelis, were reportedly killed and at least 26 wounded in a series of coordinated terror attacks against Israeli vehicles traveling Highway 12 from Beersheba to Eilat, near the Egyptian border

The first attack (around 12:00 noon), took place near the Ein Netafim junction. An Egged bus, number 392, was ambushed.  A car carrying the terrorists passed the bus then stopped and opened fire as the bus passed. There were IDF soldiers on board who returned fire. The driver was able to continue driving and reported that there was fire coming from the car and from inside the Egyptian Border. Some citizens reported their cars were fired upon from Egypt, but what looked like Egyptian soldiers.

In the second attack, an RPG rocket was fired on a private vehicle killing four members of the same family. There are also claims that a second bus was hit, resulting in a much higher number of wounded.  Unconfirmed claims say the bus was destroyed and indications are that the missile originated from the Egyptian side of the border.

Around 1:00 pm, multiple roadside bombs and rocket fire were used against IDF forces in the area of the Israel Egypt border fence. Since the fall of the Mubarak government, security concerns have been raised as infiltrators from Hamas have more freedom of movement, and this attack appears to be a confirmation.
There was a fourth incident where IDF soldiers engaged the terrorists. Three terrorists are reported to have been killed. The entire area is closed and it will not doubt take some time to sort the events out.
There is still a lot of confusion and I am sure that the reports of the attacks have overlapped and will need clarification, but the fact is, we are once again under attack

To all the people world wide demanding Israel give up more land (for peace):
We are surrounded by barbarians who:

* daily call for the destruction of Israel,
* write this in their constitutions, 
* declare publicly that they want it all, 
* declare "No Jews" will ever be
   allowed on their land,  and
* like today, launch murderous attacks
  on innocent  civilians

With this in mind, I Ask You...

                                         * Do you support Israeli boycotts? 
                                         * Do you support the Gaza flotillas? 
                                         * Do you support the "Free Palestine" groups? 

If You Do~You Are A Terrorist~the Blood of These Innocents is on Your Hands!!! 

...Proud of Yourself Yet???

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Israel's Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Meets Glenn Beck

The clip below is from the meeting between Israel's Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger and Glenn Beck

They discussed the Restoring Courage event due to take place in Jerusalem on 24 August, 2011. 

There is a great deal of controversy about this event. On the one hand, Israelis are happy for any (and all) support that is offered. On the other hand, there is the question of "at what price?" 

All faiths are welcome in Israel, but sadly, Christians are not happy to just visit the sites holy to them, or see the country. They insist on missionizing. Their targets are the very young, the very old and the downtrodden. There is no excuse for stealing souls~no matter how justified one feels. It is this blind determination to convert Jews that creates mistrust.

I've been given a seat for this event, so hopefully I will be have some pictures and observations  to post after the fact. It should be interesting...

Monday, 15 August 2011

A Failure of Leadership...

There are really no words. I pray that the good people of America will find a new leader~one who is proud to be an American~who will pull the country back from the abyss...

Heads Up America~Traitor in Your Midst!

I can't believe this idiotic woman (my apologies to all idiots). She needs to be shipped to Iran. Maybe a few months in a burka, some FGM and a beating every day will make her realize how lucky she is to be an American citizen!!

*Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam

Sderot Under Attack Rocks On...

This is really a story about a movie called Rock in the Red Zone. I did not start out writing about the movie--in fact I did not even know about it when I started this rather long post.

While going through my large bin of unfinished articles, I came across a clip about the Arab Spring that included a moron-ologue from a known hater of Israel. (See end of this post) He claims that Israel has Never--Ever been in danger (because he documented it in his three volumes~and of course we should believe him) As I was trying to think of a word with more than four letters to describe this guy, I recalled my last trip to Sderot, a beautiful town that has been under attack from Hamas rockets for the past ten years. Bomb shelters that are integrated into playgrounds, bus stops that double as bomb shelters, and in fact, the knowledge that the entire area has to take into consideration that they have 15 seconds to get into a bomb shelter.  To get an idea of what this means have a look at this:

My search led me to a site called Sderot Movie. In a place that has seen more than 10,000 rockets fired, one of the many bomb shelters has been converted to a music studio and is turning out bands with albums at an amazing rate. There is a recent article about the movie in Arutz 7 where you can listen to a radio interview with the producer. It is interesting to note that she is having great difficulty in getting the movie shown. The project was initially an outlet for the kids, but has turned into something amazing. This is the beauty of Israel, while our neighbors attack and fire rockets, we turn them into roses, or music or whatever else the imagination lends itself to.   

It is interesting to see that indeed the Muslim Brotherhood is stepping up to the mark as the dictators fall. At 2:13 in the video below, the known Israel hater, Alan Hart whines that he has already documented that the Israeli state of Israel has never been in danger--ever! He claims to be a writer yet is ignorant of the wars that have been waged against Israel since we became a country. The continuous calls from the Muslim world to destroy us, the suicide bombers, murder of children and on and on. I would like to house him in Sderot for awhile. See if he thinks that  the rockets and missiles are no danger (never-ever). From where I sit (in Israel) his biased statements are just another disguise for hatred. By the way, this is the man who thinks that it was Mossad that brought the twin towers down with a controlled ground explosion--and the planes were actually fitted with transponders to allow Mossad to guide them into the towers. And people actually listen to this moron!

Every country around us is calling for our destruction--the PA do not want "part" of Israel. They want it ALL while at the same time declaring that not a single Jew will live on "Palestinian" land. As for Hamas, they are more honest than most, yet people still ignore the threats to Israel.  Why?

Tel Aviv Housing Protest~The Radical Left in Disguise

For some time now there has been a "tent city" in the most prosperous area of Tel Aviv. For anyone who lives in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem for that matter, the issue of a lack of housing, and unusually high rents is a serious one, and I agree that is must be addressed. But is this all that is going on?

I strongly recommend you carefully read the excellent article on the blog of Sultan Knish, entitled A Leftist Farce Plays in Tel Aviv

To begin with, we must ignore those who have  demands that make me smile--like the student who says that he could not possibly live in Lod, outside central Tel Aviv, because he did not have a car to go clubbing on Friday nights. OK, being able to go night-clubbing may be a priority to some, but it is not the responsibility of the government to provide this, nor is it a reason to protest! And seriously, central Tel Aviv has some of the most expensive real estate anywhere! Not a place for low income or students! Most people in the low to middle income ranges will not be able to afford the costs. Location dictates price...

Much more serious is the fact that these protests are being hijacked by the far left in an attempt to sow discord and bring the government down. Yes, that is what I said, and anyone who takes the time to listen carefully will see what is happening. There is a good summary report at the online site of Arutz 7, that gives names and details, as well as other sites.

Picture by Miriam Woelke (Shearim)

There are many things these protesters do not  address, like the tens of thousands of illegals living in south Tel Aviv in flats near the bus station~This is an area that was originally designated for affordable housing to be built for students, yet these same people in the tent city demand that we keep the illegals~who for the most part are criminals and in many cases, Muslims (whose goal is to destroy us, remember). One cannot even walk  through that area anymore~it is a true No Go Zone. For pictures and information about the illegals situation in Tel Aviv, go to Shearim.

Meanwhile, the protesters oppose any action by law enforcement to remove Arab and Bedouin squatters from land they have illegally occupied in the Galilee and the Negev. The thousands of illegal Arab houses being built "everywhere" are not talked about--unless one is taken down--then the whole world blows up~even if it is built illegally on land where the ownership is clearly established under law. That is because in the eyes of the useful idiots, Jews should not be allowed any rights at all. Of course, they also oppose letting Jews live in Judea and Samaria. My question is~Just where do they expect  us to live? Where do they expect to live? Who do they plan on evicting from central Tel Aviv to make way for cheap housing?

These same people seem to be able to "live" in the center of town~Do they Not Work? This is where the financial backers come in. Ever wonder where the tents, food, communications centers and iphones come from? How is it that people claiming they can't afford rent  can take a cab from central Tel Aviv to the president's residence in Jerusalem? There is "hard left" money behind much of the protests. Their goal is to promote a political view. You can read more and see current pictures at Shearim Blog.

Make no mistake~housing is a serious problem in Israel. The rates are far to high for the measly wages one earns in this country. Like any big city, the central, popular areas always demand the highest rents. Calls to bring down the government, and replacing it with...what...a far left, communist cartel?~is not the answer.

Why Do We Continue to Funnel Billions of $$ to the UN??

Listen to this report--then ask the question~Why are we funneling billions of dollars to the UN? Surely it is time to close down this corrupt shop!

Canada Hears the Truth

Tarek Fatah is a Muslim. He speaks from experience. He speaks the truth. This is not only a wake up call for Canadians, but for all people in the free western world.

*Note: There is a brief commercial before the video starts

Watch live streaming video from ideacity at

Just a Little Reminder...

To all the people out there who are calling for Israel to give up land to a "Palestinian" state here is a reminder of what the PA really wants. Anyone who still believes forcing Israel to give in to the PA will bring peace better start paying attention to what is being said to the Arab world. You may think you are acting to bring about peace, but  you are nothing more than "useful idiots".

This video and translation of Nabil Shaath's comments (see below video for transcript) are from MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) who monitor Arabic speaking TV and broadcasts round the clock. Time and time again MEMRI provides these truths~is anybody paying attention?

The French Initiative reshaped the issue of the "Jewish State", a formula that is also unacceptable to us--two states for two peoples. They can describe Israel as a state for two peoples, but we will be a state for one people.

The story of two states for two peoples means that there will be a Jewish people over there and a Palestinian people here. We will never accept this...

We will not sacrifice the 1.5 million Palestinians with Israeli citizenship and we will never agree to a clause preventing the Palestinian refugees from returning to their country.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Mysteries of The Free Masons

The search for information can lead to so many directions that it is easy to lose sight of your original quest. After the attack in Norway, the press was quick to blame Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists, Bloggers and yes, even the Jews.

It is hard to accept that a single person could create such death and devastation. Even harder to believe is that this madness was there, under the surface for a period of many, many, years.

In the ramblings of his manifesto are many claims. When I read that he fancied himself as a Templar Knight, I decided to post some information on the Origins of the Templars (who, along with the crusaders, committed the horrific pogroms and destruction of Jewish communities across Europe). Norway's mad man considered himself a "Templar Night", so he could hardly be  pro-Jewish.

Information on the Templars led to the Free Masons, and the belief that their origins arose from the desire of the Templars to have their society carry on.

It is interesting to note that the Catholic Church  was against the Free Masons. In 1738, Pope Clement XII issued the first of a series of "Papal Bulls" condemning the Free Masons. 

Secret rituals, symbolism, and myths surround the Free Masons as they do the Knights Templar. That they are related is believed in many areas and indeed there is evidence to support this view. Does anyone truly understand the origins and evolution of either group? I think that like all things, there is some truth, some myth and a lot of "we just don't know". 

The names of masonic members through the ages is more than impressive~from Benjamin Franklin to Mozart to George Washington and many famous presidents and powerful people world wide. 
The Free Masons, like the Templars are the things that legends are made of. It is said that the Free Masons were behind the origins of the United States, and indeed in 1793, the Free Masons, led by  none other than George Washington (who wore his full Masonic costume) led the rituals that laid the cornerstone for the United States Capital.

Conspiracy, Solomon's Temple, the Philosophers Stone and World Domination...What is the truth? I doubt anyone really knows, but the series below offers some interesting information. Part 2 deals primarily with the United States conspiracies~Enjoy...

Decoding The Past: Mysteries of the Free Masons~Part 1

Decoding The Past: Mysteries of the Free Masons~Part 2

Friday, 12 August 2011

London's Burning~Look Out!

So much has been written about the riots in Britain it is hard to bring an original viewpoint to this whole disaster, that apparently started because a thug pointed his gun at police~and they shot him. Umm, exactly what else do you think they could have done~perhaps, show a stiff upper lip and just let him shoot them~or run away maybe? As it is, the result is what we have been inundated with for the past days~Too horrible for words. 

Pat Condell, however, goes right to the crux of the matter. Wake up people, this is what a politically correct, welfare state breeds...

*And yes, I know~he is an atheist~he uses strong language~and he will most certainly rub your left side the wrong way...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Churchill Tells Ibn Saud to "Suck it Up"~Well, Kind of...

I found this interesting quote on Tundra Tabloids site. A quick check, revealed it is indeed credited to Winston Churchill, who was almost always shown with a cigar in his hand or between his teeth. 

It is said that during lunch with Arab leader Ibn Saud, when he heard the king's religion forbade smoking and alcohol, he replied...

I must point out that my rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after, and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them...

If only the leaders of today had the fortitude of Churchill, who, for all his flaws remains one of the great names of our times. 

Instead we see an array of mealy mouthed, self-serving, boot-lickers pandering to the despots of the world. They send billions of dollars and arms to third world rulers who immediately pocket the money and turn the weapons against their own people. The only hard line world politicians take are against their own citizens...and of course, is always Israel. 

White House Cleanses Israel from Its Website~What Next?

This outrage is just one in a long list of insults that Obama has spat towards Israel. I don't care if he is the pResident, he is a shame and a disgrace to the human race. Read the full story at Bare Naked Islam and be sure to have a vomit bag handy. 

Not only has this man forbidden Americans born in Jerusalem, Israel to list Jerusalem, Israel as their place of birth, he has now signed a document (03 June 2011) stating that "he" has determined that it is necessary, in order to protect the national security interests of the United States, to extend the bill (which basically states) that Jerusalem is Not the Capitol of Israel. There  is currently and American Embassy in Jerusalem that  apparently caters only to Palestinian Arabs! This Embassy will not have anything to do with  Americans in Jerusalem. This was confirmed earlier this summer when a friend (a resident of Jerusalem) was traveling back to America, and could not even obtain a single bit of information from the Jerusalem Embassy. She was told that she must go to Tel Aviv...WHY??

Of the 792,000 people living in Jerusalem "Israel", many are Americans and many have given birth to their children in hospitals located in Jerusalem, "Israel". But they are not allowed to have this imprinted on their documents. Chutzpah!
Do read the whole story, and the bill signed by obummer. Also included is an explanation of the Jerusalem Embassy Act.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Matisyahu's Secret Show In Jerusalem

I came across this video by accident. The  comment says it was filmed the night before Yom Kippur in 2008 and that it was "in a bar" in Jerusalem~But they don't say which bar.

Does anyone know which bar this is?

Although I live in Jerusalem I'm not familiar with the bars~and yes, for those who are wondering, Jerusalem does have bars. Many of them, at least in the area where I live, have live music.

We are not Tel Aviv by any means, but Jerusalem does have night life...

UK~You Are Entering A Sharia Controlled Zone

In the London areas of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham, posters are being pasted on bus stops and street lamps.

They warn there is no gambling, no music or concerts, no porn or prostitution, no drugs or smoking and no alcohol in those areas.  Tower Hamlets has also had “gay-free zone” warnings pasted on its walls and women are threatened by Islamists if they were not wearing headscarves.

These are Sharia-controlled Zones where Islamic rules are enforced. These messages are going up in both Muslim and non-Muslim-majority areas and are expected to appear country-wide.

This is the work of Andy Choudary, leader of the banned radical Islamist group Islam4UK~and his gang of bearded thugs. They claim their goal is to bring about an Islamic Emirate, ruled of course by the laws of Sharia. Choudary heads the banned radical Islamist group Islam4UK and vocally advocates for a Sharia-ruled Great Britain.

Choudary, called the 9/11 terrorists “magnificent martyrs”, said the 2005 London subway bombings had been only “a matter of time”, and called for the execution of Pope Benedict, saying he had insulted Islam. When an interviewer on British TV suggested he should move to a country that already had Sharia law, Choudary blew up and said: “Who told you…that Great Britain belonged to you. The country belongs to Allah! If I were to move to the jungle, I would also not live there like the animals.” 

Choudary is doing publicly what the rest of the Muslims are trying to do via stealth and lies. While he holds dangerous, radical views, he is mostly viewed as a loud mouthed buffoon...Which brings me to the video below. As usual, Pat Condell gives us a unique view of Andy Choudary and his antics.

Kfir~Think Camouflaged!

The youngest Infantry Corps brigade in the Israel Defense Forces, the Kfir (Young Lions) are known as the camouflaged brigade. 

According to the IDF, a “Camouflaged” soldier is “a fiery combat soldier, who doesn’t give up, and who follows his commanders.” They are specialists in high profile counter-terror operations, arrests of terrorists, patrols, manning checkpoints and regular security activities. You can read the full story at Arutz 7.

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