Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Taliban Brutally Execute Pakistani Police in Dir

The Taliban released a video showing their fighters cowardly execution of sixteen Pakistani tribal policemen after they were captured in a cross-border raid from Afghanistan in June. You can read the full story at The Associated Press. One of the insurgents accused the men of executing six children from Pakistan's Swat Valley by firing squad (Note~There is no confirmation of this but in that region anything is possible) "They are the enemies of the religion of Allah," the man is saying of the police officers.

And therein lies the key point "enemies of the religion of Allah"Watch and Learn~This is the religion of peace...this is what our troops are up against every day! This is what is migrating to our cities and towns because political correctness demands that we allow such people to impose their primitive "sharia" that spits on the freedoms and rights that have defined the western world. Watch to the end~this is what sharia breeds...

WARNING!!  This video is horrendous, cold-blooded, and very difficult to watch.

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