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Why the Arabs Were Defeated in 1967

Here is yet another view on why Israel won the 1967 war--more from the Arab point of view. Note that Russia and the USA, were both hungry for power in the middle-east and as we see, were not above starting a war if it gave them an advantage. To this day one has to ask if the world powers are doing nothing more than playing an elaborate board game.

The map shows Israel's "cease-fire" lines (green being Israel). Note the distances should Israel retreat to these borders. Now, as then the borders are not defensible, and Gaza, of course is held by Hamas who openly call for Israel's destruction.

In 1967, Israel had contacted the King of Jordan--and told him that this war was not with Jordan, and that if Jordan stayed out  of it, nothing would happen on that front. Unfortunately Jordan chose to respond by shelling Jerusalem. It is this which brought the Israel troops to the city  resulting in the re-taking of the old city and all the land of Judea and Samaria.

When Jordan controlled the area they had not done anything to make the land blossom, they just "held" it. When Israel took control they brought the barren, empty, soil to life. Suddenly  it became the Arab "ancestral home". Think about it--all of Israel was barren, ugly land that nobody wanted--until the Jews came and coaxed life from the soil. Now it is suddenly turned into ancestral, holy Arab lands? That land which the Jews have held holy for thousands of years, yet is not once mentioned in the koran...

What is the real truth? As this film  and the one prior to it show, you can find people from both sides to fit any scenario. Each side has their own version of who is right or wrong, but consider, the Arab world has been trying to obliterate the Jews for centuries. It is written in their koran, they teach it in schools and declare it on TV programs on a daily basis. Their children are raised on hate and taught they should die killing Jews. They do not need a reason to attack Israel--they have never let themselves think of anything else. Israel does not want war--we only want our small strip of land, so that the Jewish people can have a home where we can raise our children to love, laugh, go to school, in for some to learn Torah. We want to see our children and grandchildren prosper. This is not in line with the Arab desire for total dominance and elimination. Indeed  as Islam spreads around the world, and as many countries are now learning, there is no compromise with this mindset.

Israel is not an innocent child, rather it is the child, who, after being bullied since the beginning of time has decided to fight back--and when they win, the bully cries foul.

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