Tuesday, 28 June 2011

IDF Message in Arabic~This is a Flotilla of Hate

No surprise that the flotilla is anything but peaceful. Participants from America traveled to Greece for instructions on how to repel the IDF and prevent them from boarding. Sources have also said that at least one of the ships contained chemical weapons, most likely sulfur. IDF sources said that organizers of the flotilla had told followers that “many IDF soldiers would die” on the ship equipped with the weapons.

These people are bringing nothing but hate and the desire to legitimize Israel. The fact that they support terror is bad enough, but one has to ask, what is the matter with the rest of the world that nothing is being done to prevent this folly? It is obvious these people will do everything in their power to provoke and force the IDF to react. To stand by and do nothing is the same as being in agreement. Has hatred of Israel and the Jewish people reach such a level that those who call for our destruction have a world-wide fan club? Ship of Fools is much to kind...

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Jill said...

I think we are beginning to quickly realize that the Freedom Flotilla II's intentions are not to provide aid to Gaza, and Israel has every right to protect themselves. I would like to invite you to check out Prevent the IHH Flotilla Towards GazaGet Started http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prevent-the-IHH-Flotilla-Towards-Gaza/117646254988615

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