Thursday, 30 June 2011

Once Again~PM Netanyahu Will Answer Your Questions!

A short time ago I posted the clip of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu answering questions submitted from internet viewers worldwide. They were flooded with questions submitted and even more people watched for the answers.

I you didn't get your question answered last time, or if you have something you would like to have the PM respond to, now is your chance. Once again Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will accept  your questions. His replies will be posted on the internet. You can send your questions to:

This should be interesting as the PM is specifically asking for citizens of the Arabic-speaking world to post their questions. I hope they participate.

Hey Jews~The Gaza Flotilla Theme Song

Over and over again, we try to explain that the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip exists for one reason only--to stop weapons from being smuggled in to Hamas. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, who are a terror group--their charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews wherever they are.All of the people who are calling Gaza a "prison camp" need to learn a bit of truth. 

Meantime, Sandy Cash has put her own words to music in this parody...

The Flotilla is Not About Freedom!

Here is a very clear, easy to understand explanation of why the Freedom Flotilla has very little to do with freedom, aid, or humanitarian intentions.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Visitors Bring Gifts for the IDF

In March 2011, American families were able to tour several IDF bases in near Jerusalem. During the tour they delivered gift baskets and letters and were able to spend time with the soldiers.

The tour was part of a "Salute to the IDF" by United with Israel, a world wide organization whose website states their mission as:

...founded by Jewish families deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel. Through sharing biblical, historical and political perspectives, we seek to strengthen the deeply rooted connection between the People and the Land of Israel.

We are an independent Jewish organization, not affiliated with any other pro-Israel group. United with Israel welcomes supporters from around the globe into Israel's World Community. Our primary mission is to promote worldwide unity with Israel and to empower millions of individuals to take action on behalf of the People, Country and Land of Israel.

This is my "feel good" video of the day...Gd Bless and Protect the IDF!

What Is There to Celebrate?

With all the turmoil in the middle east, the PA is still planning to ask the UN to  unilaterally declare a Palestinian state--and of course they want Judea and Samaria along with Jerusalem as their capital. What Chutzpah!

There are those who know that this will not bring peace, rather it will be the encouragement that the Islamic states need to wage an attack on Israel. As each of the  Arab countries surrounding Israel has undergone widespread protests they call the Arab Spring, the Islamic extremists have finally been able to step in--to fill the power gap. They are calling for the destruction of Israel  which they believe will lead to the establishment of a World Caliphate. This will affect the entire free world.

Aish Ha Torah  created the clip below and has drawn up a petition calling for a veto to any such decision. You can read the petition and sign it at this link: CELEBRATE?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Norway and Rape

Recently a report was released from Oslo, Norway that All sexual assaults involving rape are committed by non-westerners. With their politically correct mindset they can't even say the word Islam or Muslim, but Pat Condell, as always, tells it like it is. 

This is truth--straight up. Do listen, and if you are a woman--Listen Twice!

Gazans Want the UN to Protect the Flotilla!

Just when you think you have seen it all! Now, the UN is being asked to "protect the flotilla" that is on the way to Gaza. When I listen to the moonbats in this report I wonder where they get their brainwashing from--it has worked very well. 

In the first place, there is virtually no "aid", one ship in fact has boasted that it is only bringing "love letters"--I am sure the "starving" people will rejoice. There are also reports that some ships are carrying "chemicals" and that "many Israeli soldiers are going to die". Wait--I thought this was a peaceful, aid flotilla? The entire operation is beyond words. 

Listen to the useful idiot speaking of how apprehensive he is of what the "Zionists" are going to do--forgetting that he is part of an illegal action against a democratic state! The IDF are Israeli Defense Forces, but these fools cannot even bring themselves to say the word Israel. He speaks of threats and dirty tricks. The IDF has stated that the ships will not be allowed to break a legal blockade and all aid will be transported to Gaza through legal land crossings after routine inspection--well, that is very threatening...

 It boggles the mind to hear people decrying Israel as apartheid when these same people would be beaten, jailed or perhaps even killed if they did not serve a purpose as a Hamas PR team. As for the women--they are beyond stupid and are an embarrassment to every woman who has ever fought for woman's equality. Without the press surrounding them they would soon learn how the muslims treat all women--especially those who are not fully covered. They need to speak with Lara Logan, or the women of the Peace Corps. By the way, Press TV is Iranian and operates from Gaza, where Hamas controls everything...Yes, these people are talking to the agents of the Iranian madman Achmadinnerjoke, who is playing with nuclear missiles.

I wonder if any of them have bothered to read the Hamas, PA, (or for that matter any Muslim country's) charter--that calls for the destruction of all the Jews and Islamic rule with Sharia law--for All the World! Do they think they will be the exception?

I say this again, those who take part in these flotillas are supporting terror and participating in genocide--against the only democratic country in the middle east.

Canadians and the "Sea Hitler" Gaza Boat

Has Canada's water supply been poisoned? There has to be a reason for this moronic behaviour. 

It is bad enough that there is no crisis in Gaza, and that Canadians are getting involved in the politics of another country--but now they expect the Canadian government to bail them out if they get in trouble? Seriously??

Listen to this report--and if you are Canadian, get ready to pull out your wallets...if you are not prepare to be sick when you see this.

Gaza-Bound Ships=Danger to Israeli Civilians

Here are a few facts--for anyone who is interested in the truth...

IDF Message in Arabic~This is a Flotilla of Hate

No surprise that the flotilla is anything but peaceful. Participants from America traveled to Greece for instructions on how to repel the IDF and prevent them from boarding. Sources have also said that at least one of the ships contained chemical weapons, most likely sulfur. IDF sources said that organizers of the flotilla had told followers that “many IDF soldiers would die” on the ship equipped with the weapons.

These people are bringing nothing but hate and the desire to legitimize Israel. The fact that they support terror is bad enough, but one has to ask, what is the matter with the rest of the world that nothing is being done to prevent this folly? It is obvious these people will do everything in their power to provoke and force the IDF to react. To stand by and do nothing is the same as being in agreement. Has hatred of Israel and the Jewish people reach such a level that those who call for our destruction have a world-wide fan club? Ship of Fools is much to kind...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

More Israeli Technology on Display

Israeli Display Zone
A number of "made in Israel" innovations are sweeping the Paris Air Show, which attracts more than 400,000 people from around the world. It seems that most are for defensive actions but one system is described as a remote-controlled concept for seizing territory in the heart of an urban area

You can read the story at Arutz 7. If you want information about the Israeli companies taking part or their product displays you will find details along with site maps, at the website created for the event by the Israel Ministry of Defense at this LINK.

If you are interested in the entire show, visit the web site of the  Paris Air Show Home.
I can't wait for all the boycott and divestment groups to start whining about their countries buying defense systems from Israel--in 3, 2, 1... 

The Truth About Jerusalem

Another band of activists are on the way to launch an attack against Israel's Legal Blockade on Gaza. They stand before the media waving Hamas flags and spouting phrases that convince me they have never checked their sources. 

The facts and mages in this clip are freely available if one makes an effort to do a bit of research. This is not a new theory--it is simple truth.  Please take the time to think about what you are supporting. To mistakenly follow evil can be corrected once the truth is known, and mistakes can be forgiven... If you are interested in the truth~watch to the end. 

* Hat Tip to Oy...My Valve!  Lots of good reading there~do visit his site.

A Message for the Latest Flotilla of Fools

Numerous ships are set to make another attempt to break a legal blockade--set in place to prevent the import of weapons into Gaza. The internet is full of claims from useful idiots vowing to "save" the poor people of Gaza from Israeli violations of their human rights. Sadly, American Jews are included in this flotilla of fools.

Before you set sail, you need to watch this message. Ask yourselves if you are really happy to be supporting terrorists, whose goal is genocide (its in their Charter). If you are really honest, you will take the time to ask more questions. 

Come to Israel as an honest tourist with an open mind--not as an activist on a PA propaganda convention. Walk the streets and visit the shuks along with Arabs, Jews, Christians and people from all over the world.

Take a trip to Sderot. Look around at the gaily painted "bomb shelters"--you will have 15 seconds to get inside one should your friends in Gaza fire a rocket--you can follow the children, they have been doing this all their lives. 

Make sure to spend a day with the Jewish families living in the towns of Judea and Samaria. They make great wines, home made organic cheeses and many other good things. They are nice people who will gladly show you the beauty and history of the land. 

A trip to the Old City of Jerusalem is a must. Walk through the ancient, narrow streets to the Kotel, the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Now you can also walk under the walls of the Old City via the archeological digs outside the Dung Gate. Learn a bit about the true history surrounding Israel and the Jewish people. Remember, we were here more than three thousand years before Islam was invented, and even before the Christians came along. can continue with your plan to violate a legal arms blockade to spend time with the guys in this clip--Your choice... 

The Farhud & Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

Seventy years ago, an event occurred whose repercussions are still being felt in the Middle East today. The Nazi pogrom  known as The Farhud or "Iraq's Kristallnacht", cemented the Arab-Nazi alliance while marking the dissolution of the ancient Jewish community.  
Source: Lyn Julius (journalist and co-founder of Harif, Association of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa)

Most people forget, or don't even know that at the same time the horror of the European Holocaust was gaining momentum, Jews who had lived in Arab countries for over 2,000 years, were also involved in a parallel  holocaust. The same methods were used, because the Nazi policies adopted by Arab countries blended well with the inbred hatred for Jews that was, and is, held by the Muslim world to this day. 
Mein Kampf in Arabic

I remember during a lunch with friends, one of them emotionally saying she was sick to death of listening to the "Ashkenazim" horror stories. The discussion that followed was an education. As an Iraqi Jew whose family roots went back over a thousand years, she and her few surviving family members were driven from their homeland with only the clothes on their backs. They ended up in a refugee camp in Israel. The struggle to rebuild their lives was compounded by the fact that their persecution, loss of life and expulsion was "barely acknowledged". It was no secret that Jews were expelled from Arab countries, but that day we realized that the pogroms, murders, torture, expulsion and suffering of Jews in the Middle East was never recognized for what is was--a "Holocaust".

View of Old City from South West
Since the birth of  Israel, the Arab population (many who came as migrants looking for work) together with our "neighbours", have waged repeated wars and attacks in an effort to drive the Jews into the sea. Approximately 500,000 left Israel on the instructions of their Arab leaders--with the promise it would only be a few days, weeks at most--and the Jews would be gone forever.  

They Lost. Thus began an unprecedented "ever-expanding" refugee issue. Herded into camps with squalid conditions and virtually no human rights at all--the "refugees" remain to this day, in the Arab countries to which they fled, prisoners of their own hatred.

During the 1950's, Israel dismantled the Arab camps within its borders. The people became Arab-Israeli citizens with full rights. They have more freedom, rights and benefits than they would ever get in any Arab country. If those residing in Arab state camps were given the same rights as Israeli-Arabs have, there would be no need for UNRWA. But this is not what the Arab states want. The "refugees" are little more than pawns~an excuse to wage an ongoing war against Israel~a step to their final goal~the elimination of the Jewish people. Read the charter of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas--they are very clear on this.

German Colony~Jerusalem
The population continues to grow, along with their demands for money, land (they want all of Israel) and their "right of return". One only needs to study the history and pictures of what was then British Mandate Palestine (before Israel declared independence) to realize that the Arab memories and demands have absolutely no relationship to reality. Meanwhile, the world continues to pump more dollars into their private UN caretaker agency (UNRWA)  than is given to all of the other refugees  in every country worldwide--with no end in sight. 

Close to one million Jews have been cleansed from Arab countries in the Middle-East. They made their way (with virtually nothing but the clothes on their backs) to Israel and other western countries where they have reestablished their lives. The world and (to our great shame) Israel did not really recognize them. There were more Jewish Refugees cleansed from the Middle-East than Arabs who "voluntarily" left Israel under instructions from their leaders.

My search for information, led me to the Blog Point of No Return. This site is an amazing source for the Middle East's Forgotten Jewish Refugees. You will find articles,  pictures, videos, personal stories, sources, links, and much more. Please do visit their site!

The Farhud~Part 1

The Farhud~Part 2

The Farhud~Part 3

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Muslims In Israel~Waving the Israeli Flag?

Sorry I can't remember where I found this, but it is very curious indeed. Starting around 1:26 you see what appears to be Israeli Arabs waving the Israeli flag (you can hear allahu akbars in the background). Some are wrapped in the flag. There are also calls of Bisrat H'shem! (Very Israeli)

To me it looks like typical sports fans having a great time rooting for their team (politics aside) but I don't speak Arabic. 

Are there any Arabic speakers out there who can provide a bit more info on this clip?

Barbie vs Greenpeace

On the one hand I did buy "Barbie" for the kids--loved the dream house, pools, cars, etc, but always thought the "doll" was what men wished women could be--impossibly long legs, barely visible waist and huge bajongas--not to mention the peroxide hair. She was unattainable perfection.

That being said, I doubt it is only Barbie who is responsible for the deforestation problems. All packaging should be reconsidered and minimized, but I also doubt that will happen any time soon.

The story is published in YNet and gives the details behind the clip. Serious story, but the clip is good for a smile at least...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Obsession~The True and Present Danger of Radical Islam

Poster by Polital Vel Craft
The World is being threatened but remains in Denial! Despite attacks around the globe they insist it is only Israel that the surrounding Arab countries hate. Those who continuously blame acts of terror (by Islam) on the building of houses in Israel are fooling themselves.

The violence and threats have spread to Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, Russia, South America...Everywhere you find a group of Muslims you will find a clash with modern civilization.

We can no longer ignore it! The hate of radical Islam for all non-muslims (and even other Muslims) is creeping into every corner of the free world. When Islamists decide they want concessions or feel offended (and they are always offended) they threaten (and carry out) violent acts. There is no discussion, no negotiation, no give and take in Islam~there is Only Islam.

The UN is controlled by Islam, top leaders around the world are selling out their own countries to Isalm~do they really believe that money and acting as useful idiots will spare then in the end? Now, we are on the verge of having our last freedoms taken from us.

Below is the Full Version of Obsession~The Movie, depicting the dangers of Radical Islam to us all. I urge you to take the time to watch and think. Then watch it again and do some research. Connect the Dots! Take off the Blinders! Go to their site to purchase the DVD for yourself, then share it with your friends and family. It is almost too late...

Amir Benayoun~Music With a Message

In a news brief from Arutz 7, I read that Israeli singer Amir Benayoun had released an album in Arabic and the Syrian opposition forces were playing it--a lot--in particular a song titled Zini. Some news articles claim he wrote Zini (also the name of the album) specifically for the Syrian opposition. The songs are based on the book of Kohelet. Local stores in Israel don't seem to be stocking Zini, but you can order it directly from his company,  Nevel Asor (Israel) number 08 610 5559. The company is not open on Shabbat or Jewish Holidays (Good for Them!)

Amir, whose father was born in the Jewish community of Algeria, is a popular musician who does not shy away from controversy.  He came under fire from the self-hating left when he released the song We Are Brothers (translation follows video) which contains harsh lyrics against Israelis/Jews who viciously attack the country.

In April 2011, Amir wrote Dust Yourself Off, and recorded it with the children’s choir of Itamar  for the Shloshim~observance of 30 days~since five members of the Fogel family were murdered by terrorists in their home on 11 March 2011. I still cry for these precious souls while the world continues to hail their barbaric slaughter as "justified".

His music is a rich blend of the middle-east and very easy to listen to. Below are the three songs mentioned above, for your enjoyment. You can also listen to many more of his tunes online.

We Are Brothers (Hebrew) Translation Below

I preserve your identity, I protect your children 
I put my life on the line for you and you spit in my face
After they failed to kill me from the outside you come and kill me from inside
I haven’t seen my mother in a month neither my son nor my house nor my wife
I always charge forward with my back to you [but] you sharpen the knife
more than anything, this thought burns my soul and you, 
how come you still don’t understand

I am your brother, you are an enemy you hate me 
I love [you] when I weep you laugh behind my back you are killing me,
why, you are my brother

I am the future you are the past and the present is broken between us
I go hungry for you you gorge yourself and over-imbibe
when my throat is dry you drink liquor my lips are always sealed for your safety
but you deliver me to the foreigner [ie. gentiles, Goldstone, NIF, Anat Kamm]

I am your brother, you act like an enemy Why? You’re my brother

[Narrator reads a prayer~used in Prayers for the IDF]:
He who blessed our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
May He bless the fighters of the Israel Defense Forces
Who stand guard over our land and the cities of our God
From Lebanon to the desert of Egypt
And from the Great Sea [Mediterranean] unto the approach of the Aravah
On the land, in the air, and on the sea
For it is the Lord your God who goes with you To battle your enemies for you to save you
Now let us say: Amen

Dust Yourself Off~Itamar Murders

Zini (Arabic)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rolling Thunder~The Lone Marine

Time for something to make you feel good. I've said before that I always support the men and women who serve their countries, but once in a while I see something that just makes me say "WOW!"  This man most certainly fits the category...

* Hat Tip to Weasel Zippers

Want to Question an IDF Combat Soldier?

Some time ago I read an article about an initiative called Friend-a-Soldier. Their mission is to reach out to those populations which are most hostile to Israel and the IDF, whether it be on college campuses or on the Arab street. 

The interactive website allows anyone to meet, talk to and befriend an Israeli combat soldier. Simply choose a soldier, think of a question--any question--and ask away! You will receive a transparent, personal response in your e-mail inbox from the soldier you’ve chosen."

Going through the site I found it to be honest. They are not promoting a party line, and the answers did indeed reflect the opinions of the individual and are given in their own, unscripted words--it was refreshing to see.

This is a great opportunity to go to the source and ask direct questions and get straight answers. Please do visit the site, Friend-a-Soldier--read the collection of questions and answers, and ask some  questions, of your own. If you want to help these young people with their site there is a link where you can Get Involved by filling out a form indicating your area of interest, you can also help with their efforts to promote dialogue by telling your friends, or simply make a donation by selecting  the How You Can Help button.

Before you criticize or accuse the IDF of crimes based on mainstream media, photo-shopped horror pictures, or the word of "others", why not make the decision to ask an Israeli Combat Soldier and find out for yourself--you may be surprised... 

I love my country and the IDF, but I do not claim that they never make mistakes. Like every place in the world there will always be a few who are the opposite of perfect. While it is sad when bad deeds are exposed,  I believe that every effort is made to enforce the law and maintain a humane and honorable military force. 

These kids who go from high school to the battle-field, shoulder a huge responsibility--without the benefits that armed forces in North America and Europe receive. I love and admire them. I carry a card in my wallet with a prayer for the IDF on it, and whenever I see a helicopter overhead or pass through an area where they are standing watch, I stop and ask  Hashem for their safety and protection. When I go through checks and have my bags examined I feel thankful that they are there--watching over us.

I do believe that it is by interactive dialogue, like this site is trying to promote, that we may one day find a way to live in peace with our neighbours. 

Video from Friend-a-Soldier

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Why is CUPW Funding a Boat to Gaza?

Photo Credit:   Blazing Cat Fur
Among the next ships heading to challenge the legitimacy of Israel will be one that is funded by taxpayers and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). Is it not just a bit ironic that they are getting ready for (another)  postal strike but have time to support terror?

The statements below were posted with the video and prompted some questions... 

* The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says mail bound for Gaza will be delivered by their members aboard the Canadian boat for Gaza...WAIT--WHAT? Seriously, they are going to hand deliver mail to the Hamas terrorists in  Gaza?? Are they getting travel pay and overtime for this?

* CUPW is one of many Canadian groups that have endorsed or are supporting an attempt to have a Canadian boat run the Israeli blockade of Gaza...So, does this mean that Canada supports breaking a "legal blockade" to support a terror organization?

* "It's part of our campaign of boycott, divestment and sanction against the Israeli State to respect international law," said CUPW president Denis Lemelin...
(a) The blockade on Gaza is a "legal" blockade, established to prevent weapons (used to kill Israelis) going into Gaza. (b) There is no food shortage--the Rafah crossing to Egypt is open, plus Israel continues to ship tons of supplies to Gaza daily (including during Cast Lead)  even though Hamas continues its crusade to wipe Israel off the map ! and finally, (c) Considering "a" and "b"--just what is Lemelin talking about?

* CUPW passed resolutions supporting the campaign, including one designating Israel an "apartheid state" in 2008...By what right do they designate a free democratic country (the only one in the entire Middle-East) as apartheid? Do they know that Arab Israelis have equal rights in Israel while Jews have been ethnically cleansed from All Arab Countries?? Have they noticed that non-Muslims basically do not exist (at least not as human beings) in Arab countries? Ever seen a non-Muslim allowed into Mecca--how about while wearing a kippah or carrying a bible? *In Israel all faiths operate freely...

These are the very lies and misinformation fed to the media by the Arab world in their attempt to de-legitimize and destroy Israel and the Jewish people. The ignorance displayed by those who organize "flotillas" is beyond comprehension. They do not even see that in every Arab country there has been a systematic cleansing of all non-Muslims.  

Canada Post Union Workers, by  their very actions are supporting ethnic cleansing, brutal repression of all freedoms and the annihilation of an entire people. They are supporting Hamas--a designated terror group--that calls for the destruction of Israel and the Jews; enforced Sharia Law, celebrates the slaughter of babies by handing out sweets, and once again (this year), they are sending their children to "summer camps" to learn how to kill (Jews). Follow the links.

What is happening to Canada? Do you not care that you are sanctioning and thus becoming a part of  attempted genocide?

If you are concerned about where your tax dollars are going, write to the Prime Minister. Here are two email contacts for PM Harper (Thanks to Bare Naked Islam's Blog):              and            

The hateful idiot President of the Ontario Federation of Labour is perpetrating lies and trying to turn terrorists into victims. He has never been to Gaza! Rather he is shilling the phony PR being fed to the world at large. Please take time to read this article by Elder of Ziyon, which provides proof that political tourists are getting  a full dose of brainwashing in Gaza~you will see where the mindless rhetoric comes from. I would love to take these people on a real tour to meet the true victims of terror in Israel!

In the mind of Sid Ryan, thousands of missiles fired day after day, year after year at Israeli towns, and the routine slaughter of Israeli babies means nothing. Even when Michael Coren--who has actually been to Gaza--tries to educate him, Ryan refuses to listen. In fact, Palestinians (thanks to the American tax payer) are some of the fattest people on the Earth!

Shame on Unions for putting scum like this in leadership roles--shame on anyone who supports him. If you think that removing Israel and the Jewish people from the earth will solve all the world's problems, better think again...

Smarmy Sid Ryan~Gazans Kept Marginally Above Starvation Level...

Palestinian Eskimos & Israel's Vanishing Species

Here is the latest (comical) take on the local news from Latma!

Canadian Boat to Gaza~Ship of Fools

There is so much to say about the latest Ship of Fools to depart from Canada, but that is for another post..Sometimes hatred and ignorance like that displayed by those who are in this "flotilla" is best countered with laughter. Enjoy...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Matisyahu~One Day

Matisyahu is well known both in Israel and abroad. Coming into Jerusalem there have been posters for his concert so I decided to post this tune--just because...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: Liar

In a clip captured from Arab TV and translated by MEMRI, PA Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas demonstrates his gift for spinning lies. His claim that from 1993 to 2010 he had never hear the words "Jewish State" is beyond dishonest~it is downright stupid. This is the working of the Arab mind--I doubt they would acknowledge the truth if it rose up and bit them on the ass.

Again and again the lies are spewed out--how dumb does one have to be to insist that Israel has a peace partner here? Abbas insists that he will never recognize a Jewish State, yet he  has stated (on more than one occasion) that he will never allow one Jew to step foot on "Palestinian" Land. When will the world wake up and realize they are being taken for a ride?

Peaceful Palestinians?

I found this on Elder of Ziyon shortly after Shabbat ended. This is apparently taken from a web cam at the Kotel. You can see at about nine seconds in the people against the wall start running. 

Yes, we really need to give the PA control of Jerusalem--that will insure "everyone" has the right to come and pray...

Mavi Marmara Incident~Pictures of Armed Activists

A number of sites have picked up the photos that were apparently found on the cameras of  the "Peace Activists" on board the Mavi Marmara. No big surprise that they were armed.

It is interesting that yet another "Aid Mission" to Gaza is on its way. No matter that there is no crises, and no starvation (Gazans rank amongst the most obese in the world). The last ship contained IHH Members who vowed to become martyrs. 

At the time of the incident many videos were immediately released. In one that showed the soldiers as they were rappelling from the helicopter  you can hear a soldier screaming in Hebrew, "they are using live fire."

Indeed the investigation showed that the 2nd soldier who came down from the helicopter was shot in the stomach. The IDF had argued that one of their commandos was shot with a 9mm bullet--a type that is NOT used by the IDF. 

Despite all the evidence of a violent "flotilla" from their loading in Turkey, to the end, the world is still accusing Israel of brutality amongst every other foul crime.

The release of the photos, showing the "Peace Activists" carrying weapons will come as no surprise. Although they claimed "none were found" one has to consider that they were at sea, and it would be no big feat to toss the weapons overboard.

At the bottom of this post I have included a clip (in English) that lays out the time line of the Mavi Mamara incident.

You can read much more and also see the pictures enlarged at these sites

1] Honest Reporting~
     09 June 2011
2] Arutz Sheva
3] Jihad Watch and also
     the Start of the Flotilla
4]  IMRA~Posted Incriminating Pictures from Hebrew paper Yediot Acharonot

There are too many sites reporting on this to mention them all, so do a Google search and have a look.

I posted articles relating to the flotilla here:

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Islamic Anti-Semitism in Canada...

One of the groups behind the latest "Canadian Gaza Boat", is called Alternatives and they can not be called an organization who is worried about feeding starving children. On their website they declare the following:

We are together for three main reasons:
      * To coordinate our struggle at the local and international levels
      * To increase debate over alternatives to the status quo
      * To assure our long-term political and financial viability

So can anyone explain why they are funded by approximately 5 Million Canadian Tax Dollars?? They are not a group who feeds the hungry--they are a political organization--so why are Tax Dollars supporting them to send a boat to break a Legal Blockade and give aid to a known Terrorist Group (Hamas), whose goal is the destruction of the only democracy in the Middle-East?

The last "flotilla" was a farce. When the contents of the "aid" was displayed it consisted of damaged, old equipment and out of date medicines. The people in Gaza did not even want it because they get much better supplies from Israel. In addition, pictures now show that there were in fact members of the Mavi Marmara who were armed--but anyone with a brain knew that it had nothing to do with peace and everything to do with hatred of Israel.  I will try to have the pictures and story up in a few days.

This story is in a number of places, but I am giving the link to the story at Bare Naked Islam's Blog because they also have links to many more videos and information. 

They have also provided email addresses for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I do urge all who are concerned about their tax money going to terrorists to go to Bare Naked Islam's Blog and read the reports then send an email to the PM asking why the government is funding such groups.

To Email the Prime Minister:

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Shavuot~Traditions and A Song~Staying Up All Night

Tonight is Erev Shavuot. Some 3300 years ago, G-d gave the Torah to the Jewish people at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and every year on Shavuot we renew our acceptance of G-d's Gift. Shavuot  means weeks, and it marks the end of the counting period (7 weeks) between Pesach and Shavuot. 

There a number of traditions and customs that we observe.  As this day is called the Harvest Festival people decorate their homes and synagogues with fruits, flowers and greens. Our sages say that even though Mt. Sinai was in the desert, when the Torah was given it sprang into bloom with flowers. As on all Yom Tov days, we do our preparations before the candle lighting at sundown.

There are two meals because of the two-loaf offering that was brought to the Temple for Shavuot. The tradition to eat dairy reminds us that upon receiving the Torah (including the kosher laws) the Jewish people could not cook meat in their pots, because they had not been kashered. The dairy meal is served first, then after a small break  we sit down to the  holiday meat meal. During the night of study there are usually trays of tasty  pastries and treats to munch on for energy in the wee hours.

It is the tradition for Jews to stay awake  all night  to study the Torah. This is to compensate for the sin of those Jews who fell asleep at Mount Sinai on the night before G-d gave the Torah to the Jewish People. All over Israel people will be up throughout the night, learning in their homes, synagogues and anyplace where it is possible to gather. The Book of Ruth is recited as part of the study for Shavuot night. 

In Jerusalem there are many classes throughout the city and one can easily walk to several locations over the course of the night and enjoy a variety of learning. 

For those of us blessed to be in Jerusalem, it is customary to head to the Kotel for Shacharit prayers as the sun rises. What an amazing experience it is to traverse the narrow streets of the Old City, side by side with thousands of Jews, to the Kotel! 

In the spirit of all night study I found a song for Shavuot from Arutz 7. It is a fun tune  done by Rebbetzin TAP & Friends. Chag Someyach!

From The River To The Sea~Palestine

Have you ever wondered why there are still millions of Palestinians who, 63 years after the birth of Israel are languishing as refugees in poverty? Why are there still refugee camps within the Arab countries? Israel dismantled its camps in the 1950's and gave full citizenship to what are now Israeli Arabs, while in contrast the refugees in the surrounding Arab countries have been kept in limbo since 1948--stateless and without papers. In this disturbing film, by acclaimed director Pierre Rehov, you will follow along as he explores the issue with firsthand footage of the refugee camps and and in depth analysis by world experts as well as interviews with the Arab refugees themselves.

Revealed are the lies, corruption, propaganda and false hopes. Originally there were about  480,000 who left in 1948 on the advice of their Arab leaders, however, they now say that  number was 805,000 (sometimes higher). This original band of refugees has grown to whopping 6 million plus, living in refugee camps today, according to UNRWA (United Nations Relief & Works Agency) for Palestinian refugees. There is no mention of the almost one million Jews who were run out of Arab countries at the same time.

UNRWA is the only agency dedicated to helping refugees from a specific region or conflict. It has more than 22,000 employees in Gaza alone! UNRWA has 1 staff for every 10 Palestinian refugees, while UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) for the rest of the world has 1 staff for every 4,000 refugees! It is to the benefit of UNRWA to perpetuate the appalling situation of the Palestinian Arabs. Of the more than 400 million dollars per year given to UNRWA about 50% goes to UNRWA employees! It is thought that even more funds flow into their coffers that are not accounted for.

In the early 1970's, Israel  tried to settle refugees in decent houses built in a Gaza neighborhood by the Israeli civil administration. The PLO and others ran a campaign to prevent the refugees from moving into these houses. From 1971--and for almost ten years--the UN  General Assembly condemned Israel every year for it's attempts to rehabilitate  Palestinian refugees. 

The facts are not pleasant! Please take the time to watch each of the four segments of this film. Go to Pierre Rehov's website and learn more. Listen to what the Arabs themselves are saying. Ask yourself, are you willing to be complicit in the genocide of an entire people in the hopes that this will finally satisfy the Arab world? That is what they are demanding...

From the River to the Sea~Part 1

From the River to the Sea~Part 2

From the River to the Sea~Part 3

From the River to the Sea~Part 4

Jerusalem Day Flag Dance~2011

In case any of you didn't make it to Jerusalem, here is some footage of the Jerusalem Day Flag Dance. This year the traditional route of the parade was changed because of the "light rail". I personally find it disgusting because the tram is not even in use until August! All they have are a couple of cars going up and down once in a while. They could have easily stopped "empty" cars for a couple of hours, but no, they would not. Shame on the city officials for this.

Of course the leftists tried to put a damper on things as they parade entered the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, but they could not dampen the spirits of the students who broke into a chorus of Am Israel Chai! The end point is of course the Kotel where dancing and singing goes on for hours to celebrate the love for Jerusalem, our beautiful undivided capitol...

Recruiting and Brainwashing a Terrorist

The information given on this clip says it all. I have reprinted it in full. For all of you who support Hamas and the Gaza terror organizations, watch carefully--and be afraid--very afraid. This is what will be coming to a neighborhood near you...

These images were filmed in Gaza in 2008 by Pierre Rehov's crew. They are authentic and captured at high risk. It is the first time someone was able to film the actual recruiting and brainwashing of a candidate to suicide terrorism by an Imam. 
Please, join if you want to see more, and make it viral.

The Myth of Palestine

According to Palestinians, they were expelled from Israel by the Jewish armies in 1948. A large amount of existing documentation, and many testimonies from Arab leaders and historians prove that, actually, they fled the zone of conflict because of Arab propaganda, and spreading rumors of (fake) massacres--one of which was Deir Yassin which became a legend. Decades later there would be Jenin and Gaza, and on and on. In typical pallywood format the Arab PR machine works hard to change history. It is so much easier to believe a lie than search for the truth.  

Monday, 6 June 2011


Unless you are into "heavy metal", the name, Marty Friedman will not ring any bells. He is well known for his guitar skills and has played with bands such as Megadeth and Cacophony. In 1999 he relocated to Japan where his career as a musician, producer and media personality has been very successful.

So why am I telling you this? 

It is a preface to the video Arutz 7 posted of his performance (his third in Israel)  in Tel Aviv on the 31st of May. 

His stylized version of Hatikva was a real crowd pleaser--and you don't have to be a heavy metal fan to enjoy it. 

Just goes to show you, Israelis will always sing along to their National Anthem and this crowd was no exception. Not bad at all...

Peace Corps Volunteers: Rape & Murder~A Shameful Story

How Far Indeed!
Some time ago there was a report that over one thousand Peace Corps volunteers had been raped in the countries they served in. Some of the women finally spoke out, and ABC has reported in detail on their story, including the murder of one young woman.

The family of 24-year old Peace Corps volunteer, Kate Puzey, says agency personnel set her up to be murdered by revealing her role in the dismissal of an employee she accused of sexually abusing children at a school in the African country of Benin. She was found with her throat slit.

There is so much more. Please go to the ABC site, watch the videos and read the stories. If you are American, please don't send your daughters to the Peace Corps!

Read the news--places like Africa, Bangladesh, Haiti and the Middle-East are a clear danger to  All Women. Even the activists that rush to the aid of the poor Palestinians are finding that they are not exempt from abuse. And what are they told? Like in the Peace Corps--keep quiet or it will hurt the cause. Any country that is predominantly Muslim is a terrible risk for ALL Women!

This is a crime against women and it is disgusting that any organization would turn their backs on such actions. By covering for these barbarians it encourages more of the same. Isn't is time that the people of the free world stop giving money to countries who condone the rape and abuse those who come to help them?

Why Would Anyone Kill Kate?~Part 1

Why Would Anyone Kill Kate?~Part 2

The cover up of rapes has been going on for years. In this report some of the women were brave enough to speak up.

Peace Corps Volunteers Tell Their Story of Rape

Listen to the stories, they tell of cover-up and a concentrated effort to put the blame on the girls.Why would anyone tell a girl who had been raped to make a list of what she had done wrong? This next clip is the story of a woman, now a Harvard Professor who was raped  over twenty years ago and "blamed" by the Peace Corps. No sympathy--no help.

Peace Corps Tells Rape Victim~Get an Abortion or Quit

The One-State Solution: Give the Middle East to Isreal

I started following Pyjamas TV when Joe the Plummer paid a visit to Sderot. I have seen a number of Klaven on the Culture clips--but this one is just too good not to share! 

This could catch on--it actually makes sense. I wonder if his idea will be put before the UN?  I can  already hear the gnashing of teeth! You have to admit, he makes a good argument!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Why the Arabs Were Defeated in 1967

Here is yet another view on why Israel won the 1967 war--more from the Arab point of view. Note that Russia and the USA, were both hungry for power in the middle-east and as we see, were not above starting a war if it gave them an advantage. To this day one has to ask if the world powers are doing nothing more than playing an elaborate board game.

The map shows Israel's "cease-fire" lines (green being Israel). Note the distances should Israel retreat to these borders. Now, as then the borders are not defensible, and Gaza, of course is held by Hamas who openly call for Israel's destruction.

In 1967, Israel had contacted the King of Jordan--and told him that this war was not with Jordan, and that if Jordan stayed out  of it, nothing would happen on that front. Unfortunately Jordan chose to respond by shelling Jerusalem. It is this which brought the Israel troops to the city  resulting in the re-taking of the old city and all the land of Judea and Samaria.

When Jordan controlled the area they had not done anything to make the land blossom, they just "held" it. When Israel took control they brought the barren, empty, soil to life. Suddenly  it became the Arab "ancestral home". Think about it--all of Israel was barren, ugly land that nobody wanted--until the Jews came and coaxed life from the soil. Now it is suddenly turned into ancestral, holy Arab lands? That land which the Jews have held holy for thousands of years, yet is not once mentioned in the koran...

What is the real truth? As this film  and the one prior to it show, you can find people from both sides to fit any scenario. Each side has their own version of who is right or wrong, but consider, the Arab world has been trying to obliterate the Jews for centuries. It is written in their koran, they teach it in schools and declare it on TV programs on a daily basis. Their children are raised on hate and taught they should die killing Jews. They do not need a reason to attack Israel--they have never let themselves think of anything else. Israel does not want war--we only want our small strip of land, so that the Jewish people can have a home where we can raise our children to love, laugh, go to school, in for some to learn Torah. We want to see our children and grandchildren prosper. This is not in line with the Arab desire for total dominance and elimination. Indeed  as Islam spreads around the world, and as many countries are now learning, there is no compromise with this mindset.

Israel is not an innocent child, rather it is the child, who, after being bullied since the beginning of time has decided to fight back--and when they win, the bully cries foul.

Why the Arabs Were Defeated in 1967~Part 1

Why the Arabs Were Defeated in 1967~Part 2

Why the Arabs Were Defeated in 1967~Part 3

Why the Arabs Were Defeated in 1967~Part 4

Why the Arabs Were Defeated in 1967~Part 5

Palestinian Prehistory from Latma...

Latma points out the "truth" with satire...enjoy the history lesson.

The Black Hole ?

This is rather interesting! Kind of like a "crime does not pay advert"...

Thanks to Shearim who wonders "is it too late for doing teshuva?"

Arab-Israeli War of 1967

There are many videos about the Israeli-Arab wars. This is the first of two series that I selected to post. Each contains views from both sides. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between. One thing for sure, there will never be peace unless the uncontrollable hatred is dealt with. To take a line from a quote by Golda Meir, before there will be peace, the Arab world must learn to love their children more than they hate the Jews--and so it is until today.

Years prior to 1967 Israel knew that they would be faced with an attack~most likely from more than one border. Knowing that they would be out-manned and out-gunned they had to rely upon their intelligence, rigid training and inventive minds. Such things as insuring sufficient water for their troops in the desert were enough to tip the scales.  In fact, many of the Egyptian troops died during their retreat as they had to trek through the desert without water!

Even though Israel did not have the equivalent in modern tank power they took what they could get--WWII Sherman tanks--and modified them. They used intelligence to find a way through the sand "around" the Egyptian troops. And they trained, and trained and trained some more.

There are many stories, many reasons, many opinions. That fact is, Israel has been under attack from day one. They knew another assault was coming and in this instance, they were prepared.

1967 Six Day War~Part 1 of 6

1967 Six Day War~Part 2 of 6

1967 Six Day War~Part 3 of 6

1967 Six Day War~Part 4 of 6

1967 Six Day War~Part 5 of 6

1967 Six Day War~Part 6 of 6

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu Speaking for Israel in 1978

Bibi Then & Now
In 1978, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, was 28 years old, an MIT Grad, and Economic Consultant. He took part in a debate for the US TV show The Advocates. The topic was whether there should be a Palesinian state created in the area of the West Bank and Gaza.

From 1948 to 1967, when Gaza was controlled by Egypt and the West Bank by Jordan--there were no calls to end the "occupation", or for national sovereignty for the Palestinians! In fact, Netanyahu reminds the audience that at that time, even though King Hussein of Jordan and Yasser Arafat hated each other, the one thing they both agreed upon was that Jordan was a Palestinian State. The majority of its citizens were then, and are to this very day--Palestinians! They had little to no civil rights then, and in fact Jordan is currently revoking their citizenship in an effort to deny them any rights at all. 

Even back in 1978, Netanyahu tells the audience outright, that such a state would have but one goal only and that is to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Indeed, back then, Israel was fighting terror on a daily basis--Not much has changed!

He is debated (questioned?) by Fouad Ajami, a Lebanese-born American (now a professor at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). It is interesting to note that Ajami's Shiite family came to Arnoun (Lebanon) from Tabriz (Iran), in the 1850s. In Arabic, the word "Ajami" means "non-Arab"; or "Persian"--Not Palestinian! Thirty-three years ago the Arab world was demanding that Israel sacrifice itself to the "Palestinians" who, in their own charter, state that they are part of the Arab world. Please listen closely to the questions and answers. There is nothing like going back in time and Learning from the Past!
The origins of the name Netanyahu uses here began with grandfather, Nathan Mileikowsky. At that time, it was a common practice for Zionist activists to adopt a Hebrew name, and he used to sign articles with the name Netanyahu.  His son, Benzion (Bibi's father) eventually adopted this as the family name. In keeping with the practice of writing under a nom de plume (pen name), Benzion Netanyahu sometimes wrote under the name "Nitay". When Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu was living in the United States, he needed a name Americans could easily pronounce so he chose "Ben Nitay".

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Egyptian Refuses to Shake Hands (With Israeli)

Muslim hatred for Jews breaks all bounds--even those of the (non-political) sports world. That this Egyptian is a sore loser goes without saying, but then, they always have been, especially where Israel is involved! This is the reality in the Middle-East. Muslims are raised with hatred and death. They live it from the day they are born and it is not going away any time soon. 

Be truthful with yourself--what would the world outcry be if the Israeli had pulled this shameful stunt?? UN Sanctions would be flying...

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