Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dr. Mordechai Kedar Speaking in America

Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Mordechai Kedar is an Israeli lecturer in Arabic at Bar-Ilan University. He served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence, specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena.  Dr. Kedar is fluent in Arabic and is able to debate, Muslims in their own language.

Earlier this year I posted a debate between Dr. Kedar and an Al Jazeera Reporter, in which the Arab world was told in their own language that Jerusalem the Holiest Site for the Jewish people--long before Islam was even though of! The reporter could not fight the truth and immediately tried to change the subject. Dr. Kedar knows the Arab world, their history, their mindset, their lies. On the 30th of January 2011, Dr. Kedar was a guest speaker at the Door Fellowship. Please watch as he explains how Islam claims to be here to "replace" Judaism and Christianity, and many misconceptions that are currently flooding the media.

Note: You should forward Part 1 to the 3:45 point. The preceding minutes are intros only and very poor audio quality.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

A Story Worth Repeating

A vast number of Israeli Arabs would prefer remaining under Israeli rule. Why? Because even though Israel is not perfect they know they have far more rights, and better treatment than they will get from any Arab government. There are many stories that remain untold because of fear. Even when polls are taken, the Arabs fear to tell the truth. Some will only speak anonymously.

Here is one story that is worth repeating...

Middle East Peace? Here is the Truth...

I received this information from a rabbi that I have a deep respect for. He is not only a superb teacher, but a man who has traveled widely and witnessed far more than most people can imagine. I suggest that you visit the site for UCI and educate yourself, then watch the video below. 

Excerpts from the UCI Web Site:
Since 1991 Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI) has been advocating for a safe and secure Israel. Now, with Israel in the forefront, the survival of the USA and all of western civilization is hanging in the balance.  Through the years UCI has been privileged to report on many experts who are like-minded in standing for Israel's sovereignty and security. Today we are forwarding one of the best presentations we've ever seen. It presents a time line and urgency of events that are shaping a new Middle East and therefore a new international configuration. It is an easily understandable and graphically descriptive landmark teaching tool for this crucial time.

Israel and America are truly at a crossroads. It is imperative that American voters have a clear understanding of their alliance with Israel in the face of Iranian nukes and the so-called "Arab Spring." This video outlines the world crisis that we all must confront together.

It is important for people all over the world to watch this program and I ask that you take the time to  do so, and please, think carefully. There is a clear and present danger creeping up on us, and it threatens not just Israel and the Jewish people, but  every free thinking person and every democracy around the globe. We must not allow political correctness, and those who shout down truth, to force us to give up the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for. The time to speak up is now, while we still can...

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Monday, 30 May 2011

Islamic Antisemitism in Montreal

Even though PM Harper speaks out for Israel, the Canadian government in Canada is funding anti-semitic groups. Once again a flotilla is planning to make its way to Israel and the government in Canada is pouring out the dollars to support it. No matter that the border to Egypt has now been opened, no matter that there is no need for aid in Gaza. These ships and the people aboard them want to de-legitimize Israel at all costs.  Don't forget, the reason for the blockade in the first place is to prevent weapons from flowing into Gaza--weapons that are used to kill Israelis.

Please listen to this report, particularly the interview at the end which explains how a minority is importing its hatred to Canada. I hope Canadians will wake up and see the truth--soon!

And by the way, the head of the BDS movement, Omar Barghouti, is currently studying for a masters degree in philosophy at Tel Aviv University (which he refuses to talk about). Note that he was born in Qatar, grew up in Egypt and later moved to Ramallah as an adult. Born and raised Not in Palestine (like most of the so-called "Palestinians") he is calling for the world to boycott the very people who are providing him with his education.

Does anyone see the irony here? How long is the world going to be fooled? Or is it just plain old Jew-hatred that has taken hold? I would love to hear your comments...

Friday, 27 May 2011

PM Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks to US Congress...

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjmin Netanyahu spoke before the US Congress last week. He covers the whole gamut of topics that have been in the news these days. Judging by the applause, his audience agreed with what he was saying.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Blame the Jews~For Everything

When Pat Condell speaks out, he does not hold anything back. And yes, I know, he is an atheist! But, So What? Everyone is free to speak their mind. The fact is, there are few people in this world who are capable, comfortable or brave enough to speak the truth so honestly and succinctly. God Bless you Pat--whatever you do or don't believe in!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at AIPAC

When PM Benjamin Netanhahu spoke to AIPAC he did not need teleprompters. He quoted Jefferson and LIncoln and reminded everyone that their words were rooted in ideas first put forward by the Jewish people thousands of  years ago. In another wonderful quote he said:  The greatest threat to any living organism or nation is not to recognize danger in time. Israel knows the dangers, we have lived with it for thousands of years. 

He also makes clear that the capitol of Israel is the United City of Jerusalem...Amen Bibi.  Do listen to both parts.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu at AIPAC~Part 1

PM Benjamin Netanyahu at AIPAC~Part 2

Hecklers Try to Interrupt Netanyahu

Member of Code Pinko
PM Binjamin Netanyahu was interrupted during his speech to congress by (of course) code pinko.

I don't think his reply registered with that wacko because like all of her ilk they only know how to scream. Listening is not in their vocabulary.

By the way, according to Bare Naked Islam Blog, she is claiming she was beaten and is suffering neck injuries.  I wonder if she realizes that it is the security in the US Congress she is accusing! Of course we can be sure she and her fellow pinkos will find some way to blame Israel or Mossad.

This is Bibi's response...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

This is What Israel is Supposed to Give Land To...

Please take the time to listen to the viewpoint from Palestinian "businessman" and activist. Now ask yourself, would you turn over your land to these people? Bear in mind the resulting eight kilometer border that would be impossible to defend. All those "peace now" pro-palistinian groups are full of crap! They do not want peace--they are shouting for the same thing as this guy--the destruction of Israel.

And for the record, no matter how badly the Muslim world would like to change history,  the Jews were in the Holy Land thousands of years before there was an Islam.  

Iran: The West is Stealing Our Rain

...Meanwhile the UN, EU and USA have allowed this nut job to acquire nuclear weapons. Now what could possibly go wrong?

Muslim Invasion of Europe?

Europe is fast being over run with illegals. Sadly this is a double edged sword. On the one hand the illegals have no intention of integrating and becoming good citizens--they bring all their medieval baggage with them. On the other, the buffoons in the various parliaments (not to mention the money pit of the EU) are too politically correct to send these invaders packing.  When Europe is full North America will be next...

And just to make myself clear: I have no objections to immigrants from any country. My objection is towards those who reject the laws of democracy, try to stifle my free speech and force democratic countries to change their ways. As a Jew I don't eat pork, but I will support the right of anyone who wants to eat a bacon burger to do so. That is what freedom is about and that is not what these invaders want.

Monday, 23 May 2011

It's a Two Way Street

I have no idea who "Wild Bill" is but he does make some good points. Comments anybody??

A New Terror State~Just What the World Needs...

Obama's desire to destroy Israel is becoming clearer by the day. If Israel were foolish enough to agree to commit national suicide,  the world thinks there will be peace. That is a fool's dream. Islam is about domination~they will never stop. 

Nobody puts it better than Sultan Knish in his article Three Cheers for Terroristine. Please click through and read...

Obama's Underwater Fantasy

The latest speech from Obama threw Israel under the bus. A border that is only nine kilometers wide is an open invitation to terror attacks. We have been there before. And just where are more than half a million Jews supposed to move to?

Latma provides their version of Obama's answer...

PM Netahyahu Replies to Obama

Prior to his meeting with Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama gave a speech which literally threw Israel under the bus. After their meeting, Benjamin Netanyahu gives this response:

Re: Obama's call for Israel and Palestine to return to pre-1967 borders:
While Israel is willing to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines because these lines are indefensible...

Israel cannot negotiate with a Palestinian government that is backed by Hamas.

Netanyahu also said he believes they share an overall desire to work together toward a genuine peace, but he then said:  
"History will not give the Jewish people another chance."

Amen, Mr. Netanyahu. Here is the clip...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fatah Shows Its True Face in Arabic

While crying that Israel is the one who does not want peace in one language the PA shows their true side on Fatah PA-TV (27 February 2011). You can see for yourself what the real truth is. This is a prime example of how the PA routinely denies Israel any legitimacy and right to exist by referring to all of Israel as "Palestine," and referring to all Israeli locations as "Palestinian." Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian Authority leaders attend a song performance that presents Israeli cities and places as "Palestinian."

Palestinian Authority officials in the audience:
   - Mahmoud Abbas~Chairman of the Palestinian Authority
   - Sultan Abu Al-Einein~Fatah Central Committee
   - Hanan Ashrawi~PLO Executive Committee
   - Abbas Zaki~Fatah Central Committee
   - Al-Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim~President's office Sec. Gen.
   - Yasser Abd Rabbo~PLO Sec. Gen.

And to the great shame of Israel:
   - Ahmed Tibi~Israeli Arab Member of Knesset (traitor)

* Thanks to the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), for the list of officials and translation of the song (Transcript below the video)

We commit and promise to stand behind you, oh Mahmoud Abbas, until Judgment Day. I am returning to you, the purest land, oh land of the free. No matter how long the nights of exile, I am returning to you, oh land. From Rafah to Rosh Hanikra (northern Israel) our coast, and Beit Shean (Israeli city). Above your soil, oh my land, is a picture of Garden of Eden. From Rafah to Rosh Hanikra our coast, and Beit Shean. Above your soil, oh my land, is a picture of Garden of Eden. From Rafah to Rosh Hanikra, north and south, are the picture's borders. From Haifa (Israeli city) and Tantura to the [Jordan] valley (ie~All of Israel). I am returning to you, the purest land, oh land of the free...PA TV (Fatah), Feb. 27, 2011

Israel's Critical Security Needs

This is not a new clip, but with the recent "invasion" and calls to march on Israel I think everyone needs to watch this very carefully. If you lived in Israel and the countries surrounding you were calling for you destruction...how eager would you be to give away any hope of self defense?

Jewish History in Less Than Four Minutes

This is interesting and should bring a smile to your face. It is amazing how thousands of years can be summarized so neatly...

Jerusalem: The Media Myth of Two Cities

Honest Reporting investigates the issue of the Media Myth of Two Cities of Jerusalem, including interviews with Jewish refugees from 1948.

How the media report on Jerusalem has a tremendous impact on public policy. The Palestinian Authority is claiming that Jerusalem--including the Old City--will be "restored" to Arab control as capital of their new state.

The media stubbornly clings to the notion that there are two separate cities of Jerusalem, East and West, and that the eastern half, including the Western Wall in the Old City, lacks Jewish legitimacy. This is a direct lie put forth by the Arab world in its attempt to de-legitimize Israel and their claim to the land.

A 92 Year Old "Palestinian" Woman Remembers...

This very telling video can be found with a great story on Arutz 7, HERE. A 92-year-old Arab woman, originally from Hevron, glowingly tells Hamas-Gaza TV how the Arabs of Hevron, (including her father) had, without provocation, massacred the peaceful Jewish neighbors they had lived beside for years in 1929. Women, children, the elderly were butchered, killed, maimed.

This took place almost 20 years before the 1948 War of Independence. There was no State of Israel then, no IDF, no "occupation" etc. So the question must be asked...Why?

Different Presidents~Different Reactions

I am a great fan of the men and women in uniform and I find their reactions here  fascinating. This was posted on Bare Naked Islam Blog, along with a very interesting story HERE. Do go and read the difference in the two speeches. Anyone out there have any comments about this? Just curious...

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wild Animals Treated At Unique Israeli Hospital

No particular reason for posting this--just a need to see something non-violent for a change. There are untold numbers of people like this all over Israel who quietly go about their days doing what they can to help, whether it be people or animals. I love my country...

Amazing Dance Troupe~HaKol Petuach~Part 10

After the chaos of Creation, the "Rhythm" of the world takes hold.

It is a simple beat, but for the kids who were chosen to perform in the rhythm section, it  was a great accomplishment!

In this clip you can not hear it, but the audience had joined in, and their enthusiastic clapping almost drowned out the performers. All who attended came away changed, filled with "happy"--these kids are contagious!

Ben Gurion's Independence Speech

I just found this on Radarsite along with the following facts:

In May of 1948 the IDF consisted of 100,000 trained troops, 10,000 assorted rifles, 2 million rounds of ammunition, 3 canon left behind by Napoleon (Bonaparte that is.) and a couple of Piper Cubs.  Israelis faced 5 well trained, well equipped armies in the region.  The Jordan Legion only was so formidable to be considered UNBEATABLE with American weapons, Arab troops, and British officers. The pundits of the time gave the Jews 10 days at most...

Well, that just goes to show ya what those pundits know!

With all the hoopla about Nakba, remember that the Arabs left Israel because their leaders assured them that Israel would be wiped out within days. Meanwhile, Jewish communities dating back  over 3,000 years were ethnically cleansed from every country in the Middle-East. They were attacked, stripped of their citizenship and possessions and forced to flee for their lives.  No UN funding or human rights activists crying when approximately 1 Million Jews were chased from their ancestral homes across the Middle-East--That my friends is the real Nakba! Learn more and see pictures, videos and stories from survivors at Point of No Return Blog. Educate yourself with the truth...

* The translation is below the video:

On the 29th November, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a Jewish State in Eretz-Israel; the General Assembly required the inhabitants of Eretz-Israel to take such steps as were necessary on their part for the implementation of that resolution. This recognition by the United Nations of the right of the Jewish people to establish their State is irrevocable...

This right is the natural right of the Jewish people to be masters of their own fate, like all other nations, in their own sovereign State.

Thus members and representatives of the Jews of Palestine and of the Zionist movement upon the end of the British Mandate, by virtue of 'natural and historic right' and based on the United Nations resolution…Hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel to be known as the State of Israel.

* Happy Birthday to my beautiful country Israel (and Thanks Radarsite!)

France Censors News~Muslims Might Get Hurt Feelngs

When the French Channel tried to do a story on a Koranic school at the Chateau de Ville-handIn Grisy-Suisnes run by the tablighi movement they not only get a verbal assault, but a vicious beating as well--right at the gates. Do watch to the end of the clip to see just how the religion of peace reacts when asked questions--once again they show what barbarians they are!

This is not an unusual situation. Time and again Islam reacts violently to just about everything and everybody. What are they afraid people will learn--the truth?

And yes, this report was forbidden to be aired in order not to "hurt" the Muslims feelings...You really can't make this stuff up!  

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam

Monday, 16 May 2011

Amazing Dance Troupe~HaKol Petuach~Part 9

One of the highlights of the evening--the creation of the animal world. My favorite? Watch near the end and see if you can spot it...

This Norwegian MP Has Had Enough~Would You Live Here?

This is one gutsy guy! The issue is not which party he represents, rather it is the fact that he represents the truth! The question is, will they listen? How long will Norwegians stand by while this outrage goes on?

More to the point--how much will the rest of the world tolerate before finally waking up to the reality of what political correctness has brought down upon us? Hopefully good people will start thinking soon--before it is too late.

* A transcript is below the video (emphasis mine)
...credit is given to cecilie http://www.chinadroll.com/

Dear National Congress, The Labour Party has turned Oslo into an ethnically divided city. In the Grorud Valley the indigenous population is moving out and non-Western immigrants are moving in. Norwegians feel ostracised in their own neighbourhoods--children don't feel at ease in kindergartens, schools and leisure activities. 

No politicians should decide where people should live, but the reason behind thousands of people deciding to move away Is not something we politicians can just ignore. In the Grorud Valley blonde girls are harrassed into dying their hair dark. Children are threatened with beatings if their lunch box contains salami. Boys of immigrant backgrounds threaten to beat Norwegian boys if they are not given extended playing time in football. Bags of sweets handed out at special occasions in kindergartens, are rifled through in search of gelatin. Such bags are marked with pictures of pigs, as a warning. 

On Evenings and weekends cars are set on fire, windows smashed in at schools. This is not something Made up by a "mono-cultural" member of parliament like me--it is part of everyday life in the multi-cultural Grorud Valley in Oslo

One of the people who decided to move away is Patrick Åserud. Patrick works in a kindergarten at Grorud, like his wife. Both resourceful people. But they can no longer stand the Labour Party's demographic experiments. As Patrick told me: An ethnic and cultural self-annihilation is taking place, and worst of all, we are allowing it to happen. British historian Toynbee said "Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder" And that is exactly what is happening. 

The modern Western civilisation based on: science, secularity, democracy, equal worth, equality, pluralism and freedom is gradually giving way to forces representing the opposite. The changes are applauded by the cultural relativists of the political elite, and academia and journalists, recruited from a one-sided radical environment. We in the FRP (Norwegian Hard Right) have been accused of being extremist. Dear Congress defending our values of liberty without compromise is not extremist. What is extremist, is at all times caving in to special demands which undermine our own culture and the values our country is built on. And it is both radical and extremist to carry out immigration policies which in a matter of decades will make the indigenous population a minority in its own capital. One of George Orwell's many quotations says "The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth--In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"  

And dear National Congress: I will continue to be a revolutionary!
Wow! Can we find some more good men willing to speak the truth?

It Was Indeed a Terror Attack

This video was posted to Arutz 7 from the scene of yesterday's terror attack in Tel Aviv--and Yes People--it was a terror attack, so please don't send comments debating the issue. A man is dead an seventeen others injured.

Here are a few of the statements:
I stood at the bus stop and saw a speeding truck that caused cars to fly left and right, it took down a railing and hit cars, until it reached the junction and saw the Egged bus which headed towards it. It turned and stopped right in front of the bus. It hit the bus and then both of them went under the bridge and stopped.

I stood here and I saw a truck dragging a white car and not letting it go. Then the truck started going in a zigzag. I didn’t even understand that it was an Arab. I started screaming and calling the police. All of this happened right before my eyes. I saw parts flying and I was in total shock. I was completely shaking.

Drivers started getting out of their cars. They came up to him and he started picking up parts from the ground and throwing at them--Finally they realized it was a terror attack...

Listen to the interviews--this is not some poor kid who was tired, or not a very good driver. Time to call is what it is...pure hatred and the lust to kill Jews that is bred into these people from the day they are born.

Amazing Dance Troupe~HaKol Petuach~Part 8

...And God said let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life.  And fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven...

The girls were so excited to have their feathery wings to "fly" across the stage. Delightful!

One of the most wonderful things about the evening was that everybody volunteered their time and resources. From the filming to create the backdrops, to the voice of "God" as well as a few songs by the singer Adam, to the artist who created the paintings "live", even the purchase of canvas and paints--given freely and joyfully. All came together eagerly to help these beautiful children with their performance. The love and giving of these children is so open and free. As Mayor Nir Barkat said in his opening remarks, this group truly shows that in Jerusalem , Everything is Possible!

Amazing Dance Troupe~HaKol Petuach~Part 7

The girls were joined on stage by Adam, formerly one of Israel's favorite singers, to do a song (and dance) about the night. The girls were so delighted to be on stage with Adam.

And God saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the fourth day...

Amazing Dance Troupe~HaKol Petuach~Part 6

Here is another segment of the performance at the Jerusalem Theater on 04 April 2011.  Yes, sometimes the timing is off, but these enthusiastic kids do not quit--they just go back and start over!

This clip shows some of the amazing backdrop features that were shown to the audience while the girls were changing costumes.

And God created two lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night, and He also created the stars...

Sick of It All!

I have the honour to know a few young film students in Israel. They are talented and very creative.  I marvel at the themes they come up with for their productions--truly they are concerned with our world and the direction it is taking. The film below is produced by  an extremely gifted young man and depicts our world and how we are influenced by what we our shown--on TV and tin the media...and as the title says, he is Sick of It All

Warning!! There are graphic scenes and things that some people may find objectionable. Some scenes may not be suitable for children. I should note, however, that these are the things that we are all exposed to on a daily basis...

Please do take the time to watch the entire clip, and ponder on what influences you in your decision making. Look at what is flashed on your TV screen on a daily basis. Does it sway your purchases--your behaviour? Young people in Israel constantly ask "Why does everyone hate us?" Many who hate are influenced by what they "see" and not what really is, as those who do visit and learn about our country find out. Watch and consider...Who tells you what to think?

The Secret Files of the Inquisition

The Inquisition was used to enforce Catholic Orthodoxy around the world for hundreds of years. The meticulously kept records of the Inquisitors were locked away for centuries. Finally in 1998 the Vatican opened the archive of the Holy Office of the Inquisition on a limited basis. Based on these previously unreleased secret documents, The Secret Files of the Inquisition reveals the true story of the Catholic Church’s  ruthless, attempts to remain the world’s only religion.  

After watching the following series one has to wonder what was Not released!

This four part series  is a description of a time in history when fanaticism brought horrors upon all people and dragged the world into a dark age that would remain for centuries. One sees how those in power, when that power is threatened, move to eliminate any who disagree with their opinions.
Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it
                                                                                       ...George Santayana

In our times, are we now destined to repeat the mistakes of the past? May we merit to learn from the past and avoid their atrocities.

The Secret Files of the Inquisition~Episode 1~Root Out Heretics
Although the Church of Rome proclaimed itself the only true religion, heresy took hold, causing the pope to declare holy war, even against other Christian followers. Inquisitors were sent to exterminate the heretics by hunting down, then condemning them to burn at the stake. In 1308 the entire village of Montaillou was taken prisoner by the Inquisition. No one was safe.

Jacques Fournier who conducted the final inquisition, eventually became a Cardinal and seven years after that he became Pope Benedict XII. It is interesting to note that Joseph Ratzinger, the current Pope Benedict XVI, in November 1981, became Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, previously known as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition (from which come the names Roman Inquisition or Holy Inquisition).
Part 1 of 4

Secret Files of the Inquisition: Episode 2~Tears of Spain
In Iberia (not yet known as Spain) Christians, Muslims and Jews lived in tolerance for centuries until 1468. A young King (Ferdinand) and Queen (Isabella) proclaimed themselves Catholic Monarchs and instituted their own Inquisition. Thousands perished in a ritual called the act of faith. When the head inquisitor was assassinated In Zaragossa a wave of reprisals began. Perhaps those who suffered the most were the Conversos, Jews who had been forced to convert to Christianity. They were accused of secretly sabotaging the Christian faith but the truth was that many had became jealous of their success and chose to denounce them,  which resulted in their torture, death or expulsion. And of course the confiscation of all of their earthly goods which were shared between the church and state. Because Ferdinand and Isabella, did not want to give any power to Rome their personal "Spanish Empire" Inquisition took hold and resulted in a darkness that would grip the land and last for centuries.

Part 2 of 4

Secret Files of the Inquisition: Episode 3~The War of Ideas
Venice was home to many new ideas, including the dawn of medicine. New ideas, however , were considered to be against the church--satanic. In 1522 the decadence of a Medici Pope in Rome caused a devout priest named Martin Luther to take action. In the wake of this Protestant Reformation, a fanatical monk decided to exterminate all heresy. Impressed by the power of the Spanish Inquisition he adopted the same tactics. His path to power resulted in the Roman Inquisition. In 1559 Pope Paul IV created his Index Librorum Prohibitorum (List of Prohibited Books). Powerful leaders of the Catholic Church were soon arrested and imprisoned, accused of reading books banned by the Church. Free-thinking students, including those who had an interest in science and medicine were silenced. Jews were particularly targeted--all of their Holy Books and Commentaries were burned, except the Tanach, which was known as the "Old Testament". Darkness descended on all the centers of learning. The Roman Inquisition left a legacy that lasted into the twentieth century. Indeed, their list of "Prohibited Books" was not formally abolished until 1966!

Part 3 of 4

Secret Files of the Inquisition: Episode 4~The End Of Inquisition
In Bologna, Italian Jews were confined to ghettos, forbidden to associate with Christians, own property, attend University or travel freely--all these laws were enforced by the Inquisition. Napoleon wanted to spread the ideas of the Enlightenment, and tore down the walls of the ghettos giving the Jews freedom. He conquered Italy, abolishing the Inquisition and ordered its files sent to Paris. When a Jewish boy was kidnapped on 24 June 1858, his devoted father would spend the next twelve years fighting to get his son back. The secret files of the Inquisition had been locked away for centuries, but one Spanish priest devotes his life to exposing the brutal records. Spain's greatest painter,  Francisco de Goya, was called before the Inquisition for painting a nude woman. When he made a painting depicting the horror of the Inquisition Trials he had to flee for his life.

In 1908 the name of the Holy Office of the Inquisition was changed to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.
Part 4 of 4

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Traffic Terror~This Time in Tel Aviv

Truck Came to a Stop When it Hit a Bus By a School
This morning an Arab truck driver, 22-year-old Aslam Ibrahim Isa, from Kfar Kassem, ran amok in Tel Aviv. One man was killed and seventeen taken to hospital.

According to YNet: 
The rampage began at the Mesubim junction along two kilometers of the Bar-Lev Road. Vehicles were smashed, traffic lights knocked over and security rails destroyed. Several buses were apparently hit. The truck eventually came to a halt near a school while many students and parents were present. 

A total of fifteen cars and a bus were hit. One witness recalled:
I saw the truck hurling cars like a game of bowling. When he saw the bus he crossed the junction and hit it and they both came under the bridge. Luckily, the bus was empty. A young man came off the truck, came towards me and yelled what sounded like 'Allahu Akbar.' He knocked over my phone. One girl who approached him was hurt, he hit her in the head with a traffic light. There are traffic lights scattered all over the road.

The police are "investigating". Oh, and his mother said this was not a terror attack--he was tired.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Blog for An Amazing Dance Troupe!

I have been posting clips taken during the dance performance by an amazing  group of young people at the Jerusalem Theater. They were invited to do their show "The Six Days of Creation" for the Jerusalem Arts Festival 2011. The Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat attended and introduced this outstanding group of young people stating: this group,  HaKol Petuach, shows that in Jerusalem, Everything is Indeed possible.

Just recently they have started their own Blog called OpenDance1. On this new site they will be posting information and film clips as they become available.

The goal of the group is to have their own "home" where they can hold rehearsals, lessons and of course store their costumes and stage props. Eventually they hope to establish a school, where special needs children and young adults can learn dance and develop a career in the arts.

I urge everyone to please visit Their Site and support these amazing children in their goals! If you are interested in being involved please contact them via their site. I cannot think of a more worthy or rewarding cause!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sudanese Islamic Scholar~Jihad is the Way

MEMRI is constantly monitoring the Arabic websites. They give us a true view into what is really being said. No surprise that the Islamic community is mourning the death of their killer-in-chief, bin Laden. But pay attention to what Sheik Atiyya Muhammad Sa'id is saying. The real goal is to establish their Islamic state, and the way to their goal is to wage Jihad (war). And despite all the concessions and posturing they consider obummer to be an apostate, and gee whiz, in Islam they kill apostates. Now there's hope and change for you.

And to all those morons who are screaming that Israel should give a home to the Sudanese who are sneaking into the country illegally, I have two words for you--and they ain't let's dance...

The Volunteers: Answering the Call of History

We are celebrating Independence Day~Hooray! In order to get this far we have had to fight, and in 1948 it was the help of the many volunteers who decided to stand with us that made it possible for tiny Israel to be established and become the thriving country it is today.
This movie is the third episode in the series "Eyewitness 1948", produced by Toldot Yisrael and the History Channel. It is the centerpiece of an educational pilot program developed with The iCenter and made possible through the generous support of the Jim Joseph Foundation and others.

You came to us when we needed you most, during those difficult, uncertain days in our War of Independence. You gave us not only your experience, but your lives as well. The people of Israel and the State of Israel will never forget, and will always cherish, this unique contribution made by you--the volunteers of Machal...Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, 1993

Itamar Yeshiva~They Murder, We Build

Today we celebrate the birth of Israel. Many people have made sacrifices so we could be here, to celebrate with flags, and cook-outs and joy. This is not only a day to celebrate but a day to remember the ones who have made it possible. This past Shabbat I was in Elon Moreh. We walked to the top of the mountain and looked out over the valley of Shechem. It was breathtaking. We could see the mountains of the blessings and the curses and not too far away was Itamar--where many of its residents have made the ultimate sacrifice, yet  the people of this little town are thriving and they continue to build.

Today I want to remember the Fogel Family. Good people, who, after they were ripped from their home in Gush Katif, moved to Itamar and decided to build,  spread love and the words of Torah. These are the people that are on the front lines. These are the people who stand between us and the blood-thirsty savages whose goal is to kill and destroy. Watch this video, and ask yourselves, who is the greater danger. These people of peace or those who murder babies and rape women reporters. Think about it...watch the film again. Who are you are supporting?

Israel is 63~Happy Birthday!!

As we in Israel prepare to celebrate the 63rd birthday of our little country, some of the Foreign Ambassadors have sent along their greetings:

Monday, 9 May 2011

Yom HaZikaron in Israel

Today I was on the bus lost in my thoughts when the driver jerked to a halt, opened the doors, stepped away from his seat and stood at attention. The siren was sounding for the fallen and for all of us in Israel the world stood still. All vehicles stopped and people stood respectfully.

On our bus was a lone Arab woman who steadfastly remained seated--not a surprise--although many Israeli Arabs  do stand and show respect for this country because they know that they receive better treatment here than if they were in any of the surrounding Arab states.

What did surprise me were the others who refused to stand. About eight immigrants from Africa who did not appear to know each other, refused to acknowledge the siren. They may have been Ethiopian--because of where they were headed, and yes, I know that there are Ethiopian immigrants who serve in the IDF and are loyal to this country. Regardless, it struck me as bizarre, that these people who came to Israel looking for a better life, and for the most part live on the dole, refuse to show respect for the country they depend upon. From their behavior and speech, it was obvious they have been here for quite some time, long enough to know the meaning of the siren. One of the women was yammering into her phone in a loud shrill voice and when an older lady nearby asked her to show some respect, she made a derogatory sign and made a remark,that I did not understand but from the shock on the woman's face I took it to be nasty. I could not get this picture out of my mind.
I had wanted to write about the many sacrifices made, just so we could ride a bus on the highways of Israel. I wanted to speak of the people who died in Israel this year alone, just because they were Jews. I wanted to write of my Shabbos in Elon Moreh when we walked to the top of the mountain and surveyed the valley below and Shechem, where Avraham and Sarah entered this land. I wanted to write about the gentle people who live there and to this day want only to live quietly  in their tiny community and develop the land that was given as an inheritance by their Creator. 

I wanted to write a touching article that would make the world sit up and take notice--but the words would not come. So I looked for inspiration and found it in a post by my favorite writer, Sultan Knish (aka Daniel Greenfield), called Who Can Count the Dust of Jacob. In this article are the truths and emotions that only a true writer can express.

Here is a small portion:
The siren cries out and on the busy highways that wend among the hills, the traffic stops, the people stop, and a moment of silence comes to a noisy country. Flags fly at half mast, the torch of remembrance is lit, memorial candles are held in shaking arms and the country's own version of the Flanders Field poppy, the Red Everlasting Daisy, dubbed Blood of the Maccabees, adorns lapels. And so begins the Yom Hazikaron, Heroes Remembrance Day, the day of remembrance for fallen soldiers and victims of terror--Israel's Memorial Day.

What is a memorial day in a country that has always known war. Where remembrance means adding the toll of one year's dead and wounded to the scales of history. A country where war never ends, where the sirens may pause but never stop, where each generation grows up knowing that they will have to fight or flee. To stand watch or run away. It is not so much the past that is remembered on this day, but the present and the future.

Please take the time to read the entire post HERE.

Never Forget the Sacrifices Made

Justice for Osama

Now that bin Laden is sleeping with the fishes the controversy is gathering steam. Everything from the fact that while Obummer will not release pictures of the dead bin Laden (might cause an uproar) yet he is willing to release two thousand pictures showing US soldiers making bad with terrorists (and that won't cause an uproar?)

With all this going on Pat Condell has his own opinion. And, yes, I know he is an agnostic, and has some rather far-out views--still, he has a way of getting to the point...enjoy!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Yom Ha'atzmaut Song from Aish

All over Israel the beautiful blue on white flag is flying in preparation for Yom Ha'atzmaut. A joyous celebration for us all...Happy Birthday Israel !!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bin Laden Dead: Video Animation from Asia

As you all know animation from Asia is very different from what is produced in the west. Here is their take on the demise of bin Laden. Be warned, some scenes may be offensive to some of you.

Anonymous~To the Palestinians~رسالة للفلسطينيين

Sadly I do not hold out hope for those who have been brainwashed from birth to hate, and  strive for death while murdering innocents--they are not interested in truth. I do have hope for those thinking people who want to see a true and lasting peace in our world. To all the good people, Please Watch. Please Listen. Please Think...

Islamic Reality TV

This was translated by MEMRI TV from Democracy TV (UK/Iraq) on 13 April 2011. MEMRI TV does a wonderful job of monitoring and translating Arabic TV channels round the clock. Usually they post controversial and disturbing clips, but I must say, this is, well...funny.

Islamic Exploitation of Children

I call it exploitation. While it is true that other religions make a big business of promoting child "prophets" and "preachers", this takes us to an entirely different arena.

Around 0:56 this six year old girl preaches the following (as she sits on a stage wrapped up like a bag of garbage):

 - In Greece they believed that women were the children of the devil
 - In India they were called the guardians of hell
 - Same as in France, where they thought that women were like snakes sent by the devil
 - In Australia women were treated like animals, killed and then eaten
 - It was Islam which then came and liberated the women

OK, I could go with her statements about India--but come on! Australia? France? Greece? This child is repeating how Islam treats its women--the fact that she is perma-sealed in a black sack  at the tender age of six years should be your first clue. Sadly, she and all who listen to her believe this bunk.

This child has no idea what childhood is and is doomed to spend her life encased in a black shroud. She risks vitamin deficiency as she will never bare her skin to the sun. She will have no rights, no free will of her own and will most likely be given to some rich old fart  ten times her age as a child-bride when she hits her ninth birthday. 

When is the world going to wake up! This is not a game. This is what this insidious, medieval doctrine is trying for force on us all. We need to stop this evil from permeating the free world before it is too late!

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam Blog
 * Video is in German with English Sub-Titles

The Holocaust~Remembering

Today as the sirens screamed all of Israel stood still. Holocaust Remembrance Day is felt here more than many places because Israel, the only Jewish homeland and the home of so many survivors, is under attack. Like in the days of the Nazis, we feel the rising hatred amid constant calls for our elimination. I read the articles from Europe and North America, see news clips and sit back in amazement. The same propaganda of "Jew Hatred" used by Hitler is being recycled by the "Palestinian Cause". Indeed one of the most popular books translated to Arabic is "Mein Kampf".  Has the world learned nothing from the past? Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes?

How can it be that countries who so brutally oppress their own citizens  can sit on a UN Human Rights Council? How is it that countries who have sworn, (and have written in their constitutions) their goal is to eliminate Israel (Genocide), yet they can sit on the UN Security Council? How can it be that while people are dying by the thousands under brutal regimes all over the Middle East the UN sees fit to issue more constant sanctions against Israel--more than any other country--Israel, the only country that eliminated its refugee camps and gave the Arabs full citizenship. Israel, the only country in the Middle East that protects the rights of women, gays, the disabled and disenfranchised? Israel, who sends out field hospitals and staff to every disaster--even to countries that hate us. How is it that the head of the Boycott and Divestment group is earning his Masters Degree in Tel Aviv University (in Israel)? Why do Prisoners in Israeli jails get fat while being fed special diets, are free to worship and gather, get married, have family visits, give interviews to news agencies that campaign against Israel and earn Masters Degrees?

Today we remember the Holocaust, but as the survivors age and their numbers diminish their stories and memories fade--and the voices that scream "their was no Holocaust" grow stronger. Hatred and lies are taking over, fueled by the lust for black gold--oil.

Those members of the EU, UN and Quartet--why is it that so many of them earn millions of  dollars from the countries that call for the demise of Israel? How can anyone be impartial when one side is paying them in excess of twenty million dollars per year? Why is it that "Arab Dollars" buy libraries, and build wings on Universities campuses in the west then "Anti-Israel" protests take over the campuses. Why is it that when an incontrovertible truth exposes a great lie it is not broadcast at least as loud and long as the lie? Why is it that the media has stopped doing "Honest Reporting"? Why do those who try to tell the real truth get blacklisted, threatened and forced into obscurity? Why?

What has happened to the freedoms that the founders of the free world fought and died for?  In  the lands of hope, our ancestors worked hard for what they had--can we say the same of people in our time when there are almost more on the welfare rolls then there are paying into the fund? What has happened to our freedom of speech? Why is it that the most insidious, evil cartoons and pictures can be drawn and posted freely about Jews, yet a simple caricature of Mohammed warrants a beheading?

As the siren falls silent for another year, and we move about our daily tasks, let us not silence the survivors. Let us listen to their stories. Let us record them and tell them again and again and examine the reasons for the atrocities and look for the danger signs--already gaining momentum. Let us remember that while Arab refugee camps have grown to untold numbers  (receiving more money from UN Agencies than any other country)  that a million Jewish refugees were forced out of Arab countries with only the shirt on their backs--yet the world and the UN remain silent. The Jews of the Middle East also suffered a holocaust--but the world is silent.

Let us not forget! Let us remember the words Never Again and give them life!

Lara Logan Speaks on 60 Minutes

The brutal attack and abuse of reporter Lara Logan in Tahir Square shocked people everywhere. Sadly, this type of attack is all too common in Muslim countries. 

Please take the time to listen to the description of the horror she went through. After you listen to the clip, please scroll down and read the article that was written by Dr.Phylis Chesler. What she points out are hard facts. But will the world every wake up and realize this? Have we become so politically correct that a woman is publicly attacked and brutalized while doing her job, yet the mainstream media, or the world in general will not "name and shame" the real reason behind the attack. It was not Lara Logan's fault, she was attacked, it was the fault of a medieval doctrine that treats women worse than cattle--and feel no shame in doing so. Until the west wakes up and starts facing facts, this brutal, primitive , evil mindset will continue to infringe on our hard earned freedoms.

I just watched Lara Logan on CBS’s Sixty Minutes. She was blond, beautiful, brave, tearful, soft-spoken, strong, clear, eloquent, still obviously traumatized (who wouldn’t be?)--and yet, although she has been praised for “breaking the silence” about the sexual violence that afflicts female or foreign journalists in the field, Logan was still careful not to use the words “Muslim” or “Islam.” She still refused to characterize what happened to her as “barbaric.”

In her own words: She said that two to three hundred pairs of hands, one after the other, grabbed at her breasts, crotch and behind, and kept raping her non-stop from the back and the front. The mob had torn off all her clothing and the more she screamed the more excited they became. When someone yelled that she was an “Israeli, a Jew,” the frenzied mob turned murderous. They continued to beat her with flagpoles and sticks. They tried to tear her apart, limb from limb. They were tearing her muscles in every direction. They tried to tear her scalp off her skull. They were inside her everywhere. She believed that not only was she going to die but that she would die a long, slow, torturous death.

This went on for 25 minutes.

I would call this “barbaric,” “monstrous,” a lynching-in-the-making.

Logan did not. She reminded me of so many Western mainstream media talking heads who kept showing the bloody and barbaric footage of the lynching of two Israeli reservists in the police station(!) of Ramallah--but who failed to draw back in horror, refused to call what they were showing by its rightful name: Abhorrent. A lynching. A human rights atrocity. A war crime.

Logan at least wept a little.

Then, like so many female rape victims, she tried to blame herself or imagine that she had the power to save herself. Logan said “I can’t believe I (would) just let them kill me. How could (she) do this?” She had to fight--not for her own sake, women are still not trained to do that--but for the sake of her two young children. She said: “I came so close to actually abandoning them.” Logan’s “fight” consisted of understanding that all she had to do was “survive.”

On camera, Logan still does not really blame the mob of men, the mob of Egyptian Muslim men to be specific.

But, as in so many female war-zone encounters, luck saved her. The Muslim male mob stumbled past a camp of completely veiled Egyptian women (only their eyes showed). One woman put her arms around Logan and the other women closed ranks around her. Now, the shameless, cowardly male mob would have had to physically or sexually assault “one of their own.” It was no longer just about Logan. Meanwhile, Logan’s all-male television team had persuaded the Egyptian police to try to rescue her and they did so at the last moment. The police had to beat the mob back, get her into a tank, fly her back to the United States where her sore muscles, cuts, and internal wounds and bruises required four days of hospitalization.

With all due respect both for Logan’s terrible ordeal and for her choice to “break the silence,” how naive can she have been? How frightened is she still now? Does Logan fear she will lose her mainstream media credentials if she analyzes what happened to her in feminist and political terms?

I think she does. While she has told the truth about what happened to her, her careful, cautious, exceedingly politically correct presentation suggests that many hands were, once again, behind what she said and how she said it.

Logan was born in South Africa where the sexual violence against girls and women is extreme. She was born in Africa where gang-rape and rape have been employed not as a spoil of war but as a systematic weapon of war (think Rwanda, Darfur, Congo, Liberia). She is a reporter at a time in history when both infidel and Muslim women are routinely raped--then arrested for it, raped again by their jailers, then flogged, hung, or stoned for the crime of having been raped. Think Iran. Think Pakistan.

And finally, it is a well known fact that the male sexual harassment of women on the streets of Egypt is pandemic. One survey documented that 98% of infidel or foreign women and 88% of Egyptian women have been harassed on these mean streets. Thus, should women reporters not cover Muslim countries?

Guess what? Muslim men also rape Muslim and infidel boys as well as foreign male journalists whom they also torture and behead. (Think Daniel Pearl.) There is a long history of Muslim men kidnapping, enslaving, selling, branding, and castrating infidel men as well as selling infidel women as sex slaves.

This is the history of Islamic imperialism and racism and the contemporary face and nature of jihad.

What are they teaching journalists in our universities? Does the mainstream media only view rape as a Western, American, and white male crime?

The answer is:  It sure does.

I once lived and traveled in the Muslim world and have long loved many things about the people, architecture, landscapes, food, and conversation, but I would hesitate long and hard before crossing their borders today without a full military escort replete with overhead bomber pilots, drones, tanks, and infantry. What will it take to convince Westerners that war has really, truly, honestly been declared both against infidels and against Muslims by Muslims and that we cannot pretend otherwise?

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