Thursday, 7 April 2011

Gaza Fires Anti-Tank Missile~Hits a School Bus

A few minutes ago I was outside with the dogs enjoying the warm rays of sunshine. I heard  a rumbling sound, that in Israel means the IDF  was most likely bombing in Gaza area.

Anti-tank missiles were fired from Gaza and hit a school bus outside Kibbutz Sa'ad in the Sha'ar Hanegev region. A 13 year old boy was critically wounded and evacuated by helicopter.  The bus drive was also injured. Thankfully they were the only ones on the bus at the time. 

After the attack, an Israeli attack helicopter machine gunned a target in Gaza City for the first time since Operation Cast Lead.

Paramedic Hanania Reich, told  Ynet about the attack:
We were first to arrive together with soldiers. On the road lay a young victim, unconscious and bleeding. We began to resuscitate him and eventually MDA came and evacuated him by helicopter. The driver was hysterical. He had shrapnel in his leg, he was lightly injured--the front of the bus had also been hit.

At least 16 missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip at the western Negev  today, Thursday, 07 April 2011. Roads in the area have been sealed off  and civilians were asked to remain in their homes.

Minister of Science and Technology Daniel Hershkowitz, who was on a visit to the south was rushed to a bomb shelter and later said:
It's intolerable that, in a sovereign state, children are murdered and hurt every day. Israel must put an end to this and I will make sure the government of which I am a part makes the proper decision.

I think all Israelis have been waiting for something to be done for years and years. 

To all the people who are vilifying Israel and praising the terrorist of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Please Note the Following:

The IDF fires on smuggling tunnels that are bringing in weapons and missiles. They also target terrorists trying to attack Israel, and yes, sometimes civilians are affected because these barbarians hide amongst their families and schools.

The terror factions of the PA deliberately target civilians, in particular children coming home from school as in this case and the bombing in Jerusalem, or sleeping babies as in Itamar. Go to this link for Kibbutz Sa'ad and click on the pictures. Have a good look. This is what they target.

Anyone who believes there is any comparison needs to move to Gaza--I'm sure you will be very happy there.

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