Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chutzpah and Lies!

As Israel prays for mercy for Daniel Vilfic, the barbaric lying cowards at Hamas spin their evil. From an Arutz 7 News Brief:
Hamas is rejecting Israel’s claims that the school bus that was hit by a rocket last Thursday was carrying school children. In a report that appeared on Monday in Hamas’ daily newspaper, Falastin, group member Imad Al-Hadidi said that Israel’s claims are false, saying that it is unlikely that a bus would be driving children so far away from a populated area.  

Al-Hadidi added that there were no photographs of injured children and ambulances evacuating them, ignoring the fact that the children got off the bus a short time before the attack.

“Israel is distorting history and is making up tear jerker stories to get sympathy, just as it exaggerated on the subject of the Holocaust,” said Al-Hadidi. 

I am trying to decide which is worse, the continuous crap that oozes from the mouths of these savages or the useful idiots at the UN who gave special recognition to an organization which supports the Hamas terrorist groups.  

Y'all just keep that money flowing to the UN and groups that support the Hamas liars and baby murderers. They'll be coming soon--too a neighborhood near you.

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