Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hu Yivarech~A Song for the IDF

As the Memorial Day for IDF soldiers approaches, a new video has been released by singer Dov Hoschander. The video is filled with clips from the Old City and the Kotel and of course the men and women of the IDF. In one verse he sings,

“A boy looks out at his front yard--a passing jeep filled with guards. And he knows he’s not much younger than these men. Some day soon he will be called to defend his country that he loves. And the world joins him in prayer again for them.”

HaShem, Protect Our Men in Arms. As They Defend Our Land, Shield Them From Harm

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Will Allen West Run for President?

More and more, Congressman Allen West is being asked if he will run for President of the United States in 2012. Here is his response--When was the last time any politician honestly admitted that he had not yet done anything to "prove himself" to the people--Oooh, I really like this man!

HaKol Petuach~Part 5 of Creation of the Earth

To entertain the audience during costume changes, the backdrop of the stage was used as a huge screen, where the audience was treated to beautiful scenes of an artist "painting the days of creation" There are always glitches in live performances, and in this clip we see that these precious girls are no exception. However, it was not the lost steps or the  problem with smoothly removing and clearing away the outer garments that the audience saw--it was the  concentrated determination to complete the task at hand.

...and God saw that it was good--and the evening and the morning were the third day...

Allen West Speaks At WIN (Women Impacting the Nation)

I like to listen to what Allen West has to say. He is a straight shooter, he has strong morals and he stands by everything he says. He loves his country, he loves Freedom and Democracy. He is a real man--I like him...

Allen West at Women Impacting the Nation~Part 1

Allen West at Women Impacting the Nation~Part 2

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Song for Pesach

A group of youngsters from the Beit Shemesh area, near Jerusalem, are singing  for the freedom of Jews, for the Torah and for Israel. Enjoy...

Visiting Hevron

The video below was posted by Arutz 7. Every year Jews travel to Hevron to visit the tomb of the Patriarchs. The world needs to realize that regardless of what the PA spin doctors  say, they can't change history or the Holy Sites of Israel. People must also understand that giving control to any Holy sites would see them turned vandalized then turned to mosques and all but muslims would be banned. The attack and murder committed by "PA Police" at Kever Joseph is a prime example of the kind of "free access" the PA would allow.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lone Female Disrupts Muslim Radicals in Frankfurt

This is one brave lady! My question~Why is only one lone woman willing to speak up?

Update to Attack at Kever Joseph

Not the 1st Time!
Just hours after the attack on worshipers praying at Kever Joseph, Arutz 7 reported that a large number of Arabs descended on the tomb. 

The Arabs were burning tires and holding torches, to  try to burn the building down. Smoke could be seen rising as the desecration took place--not the first time they have done so. 

Meanwhile a witness was in the vehicle shot at said that it was clear that the PA police were shooting to kill. They fired several long rounds at our cars, and yelled 'Allahu Akhbar.' There is no doubt they were shooting to kill us”.

Limor Livnat
The murder victim, who is named as 24-year-old Ben Yosef Chai, is the nephew of Likud Minister Limor Livnat. She said that “Ben Yosef Livnat was a young man who wanted only to pray at the Tomb of Joseph on the Passover holiday, and was murdered in cold blood." 

Ben Yosef Chai is to be buried Sunday afternoon, several hours before the beginning of the last day of the seven-day Passover holiday. He leaves behind four orphans...Baruch Dayan HaEmet

To the shame of our government there has been little comment  from either the PM or Defense Minister other than to label the attack and murder of Jews as an "incident".

Yaakov Katz
MK Yaakov Katz called on Israelis to remember that it was Israel that that first armed the PA rifles as part of the ill-fated Oslo Accords, signed in 1993. Livnat’s name is added to “the long list of 1,500 Jews who have been slaughtered by PA weapons.” MK Katz added.

The Shomron (Samaria) Residents Committee released the following: “The murder this morning at Joseph's Tomb illustrates the danger of relying on the Palestinian police. Every Palestinian policeman is a potential terrorist whose hatred of Jews is always present".

MK Aryeh Eldad
ML Ze'ev Elkin
Likud MK Ze’ev Elkin and National Union MK Aryeh Eldad stated:

“There can be no room for any concession on the need for total control and freedom of the IDF's full cooperation in all regions of Judea and Samaria.”

The Human Rights Organization of Judea and Samaria declared that the murder provides further proof that contradicts all claims that the Palestinian Authority is ready to become an independent country. 

As long as the PA retains the clause in their constitution calling for the demise of Isreal, as long as the PA honour terrorists who kill Jews, as long as the  PA groom children from birth via TV, song and education to hate and murder Jews-, as long as the PA stands by while Jewish Holy Sites are desecrated...The "Palestinians" will never be a peace partner with Israel.

PA Police Murder Israeli~He Was Praying at Joseph's Tomb

Wounded Being Treated
One Israeli (age 30) has been killed and  as many as five more wounded. A 20 year old  was evacuated by helicopter with a serious abdominal wound and is in surgery.

On 24 April 2011,  a group of  approximately fifteen Breslover men in three cars went to pray at Joseph's Tomb. It is well known that  this group traditionally visits the grave for prayers on a regular  basis. 

Reports are not clear, but it appears the PA police waited outside the tomb while they were praying. After the prayers, when the Hassidim were leaving, the Palestinian policemen--who are trained, armed and funded by the US--drove their PA police jeep up to the car with the Hassidim inside and opened fire.

Nablus/Shechem Governor Jibril al-Bakri admits his policemen did the attack, calling it a "security incident" not a"terrorist attack". He also confirms the witness report that they first shot in the air when they saw the Breslev Hassidim who arrive there every week.

Evacuation to Hospital
One has to ask why, if the Breslovers pray there regularly, did the PA forces open fire? And Why--did they wait until the group finished praying and were leaving the area to drive up to the car and open fire? How is that a security incident? Could they not have contacted IDF of infiltrators while they were in the tomb praying? 

I am sure B Hussein Obummer is very proud that US funds have enabled his trained PA forces to kill an unarmed Jew after prayers.

And by the way, where is the outcry from the UN, the Human Rights Groups? Where is the condemnation of the killing of Jews carrying prayer books? The silence is deafening...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

In British Columbia You Can't Tell "UnFunny" Jokes

This is not a joke! Just how far is the system of "Politically Correct" going to be allowed to go? A "Commission" manned by people with No legal training, has just convicted and fined a comedian for "not telling funny jokes" and has placed a life-time ban on what he can and can't say in his performances. The bar where he was doing an "open mic" performance (four years ago) was also fined for not "censoring" him.

Shame on British Columbia, and Shame on Canada for allowing this creeping stupidity to take over the Freedom of Speech that people have fought for over tens of years.

This clip not only gives the names and the details for the decision, but points out what is going on in Canada right now. Please listen very carefully. And, beware, if you get caught telling Ukrainian jokes--or jokes against any nationality or religion (except us Jews maybe) you are in danger of being sued or worse.

Note that this did not take place in the Center for Performing Arts, but in a bar, at the end of  the night. When you go to a bar, where people (including yourself) are drinking and there is a live show--and you heckle the performers--you can pretty much be sure they will heckle back.

In the end, this issue is not about whether or not the jokes were funny--in fact I have never heard of this guy and from the sounds of it he is not  a "household name". This issue is about Freedom of Speech.
Please watch both parts and Listen Carefully! The implications of what is going on here are very alarming.

No Funny Jokes Allowed in BC~Part I

No Funny Jokes Allowed in BC~Part II

Way to go Mississippi !

Staff Sgt Jason Rogers, United States Marine, was killed in Afghanistan on 07 April 2011, while trying to save two Marines who were seriously wounded. "He is a hero in the truest sense of the word," said Capt. John Shubeck, Rogers' company commander. "I can't tell you how proud I am to say that I knew him, and I will tell my children and grandchildren of the Marine who guarded the lives of his fellow Marines with ferocious tenacity." 

Now, there is a group of orcs in Kansas who call themselves a "baptist church"--I refuse to give net-space to their name. They make a point of showing up and holding the most foul, venom filled "protests" at funerals and events that are in any way associated with Freedom, Democracy and Patriotism. Their primary target is fallen soldiers, and they planned to show up at the funeral of Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers.

On Thursday, 14 April 2011, Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers came home. His casket was escorted from the airport by the Patriot Guard Riders, a motorcycle club formed in 2005 to shelter and protect funerals from the twisted, venom spewing trolls with signs claiming that the deaths of patriotic American troops are divine retribution for American tolerance.

It was not the thousands lining the road waving flags as Staff Sgt Rogers made his last trip down US 80 that was unusual--it's what was Not there.

According to several sources, the trolls group had begun gathering in Brandon (in Rankin County near the center of the state) a few days before the funeral. In the first incident, one of the trolls "protesters" was "running off at the mouth" at a Brandon gas station and was promptly handed a thumping. Unfortunately, nobody in the crowd that had gathered, had  seen anything nor could they remember any details--well, fair enough.

The day of the funeral, a large number of pick-up trucks, had no place to park--other than around cars with Kansas plates--essentially preventing them from moving. The drivers disappeared--presumably to run some errands--but promptly returned after the funeral was over.  Of course the police were called and they dutifully responded, however, the towing service was running a few hours behind schedule. Possibly they were at the funeral...

A few of the trolls "protesters" did finally make their way to the funeral. The police, ever alert, ushered the trolls "protesters" aside to question them about a recent crime they may have possibly been involved in. After several hours, it was confirmed that they had not been involved, and they were allowed to continue on with their business.

Now, I have never been to Brandon--or anywhere in Mississippi for that matter--and I have, of course, heard the references to “dumb Mississippi Rednecks". Well, my friends, all I can say is, I think I will add Mississippi to the list of amazing places I should like to visit before I kick the bucket. Way to go guys !

Please Note: The following video of the escort from Airport Road, along US 80 was recorded by MHP Trooper Elmo Townsend's dash cam. Trooper Townsend is Not driving fast! The speed of the video tape has been adjusted to fit the length of the music. The song is Dress Blues by Jason Isbell.

Rest in Peace, Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers~American Hero

Friday, 22 April 2011

Do You Have a Friend?

You need to watch this to the end...

Passover, Never Forget

I first saw this on Pamella Geller's site, Atlas Shrugs. She says about the clip:
it overwhelms me with hope and sorrow, and fiercely reinforces my passion for my work. From Egypt to Andalusia to Auschwitz, so goes the Jews' eternal fight for life and liberty.

Thanks, Pamela...

After 3,000 Years~Where is Our Freedom?

In his article Obama, Let My People Go, one of my favorite writers, Sultan Knish (aka Daniel Greenfield) makes the following observation:

3,000 years after the Jewish people left Egyptian slavery bound for the land of Israel, their freedom remains as elusive as ever. A new Pharaoh adjacent not to the Nile, but the Potomac, looks out from the White House and issues his decrees regarding the Jews.

What follows is Pesach message that is a Must Read! His closing words should be written across the skies over the White House:

    Obama, Let My People Go. Let them go live in Jerusalem and throughout their land. Take away your chains and your pyramids and your Palestinian state. Stop your financing of Islamic terrorists. Keep your press releases and your flacks, and your notes of "deep concern" every time a hammer hits a nail in territory claimed by your Islamic friends. Your way is not that of peace, but of appeasement. Your law is the will of terrorists and their enablers. This is not your land. It is not the land of the Muslim conquerors whose rights you so assiduously defend. You have no physical or moral authority here.

Let my people go.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Birkat Ha'Kohanim at the Kotel~17 Nissan 5771

This morning, during the Shacharit prayer at the Kotel (Western Wall), Kohanim from all over the world join together for Birkat Ha'Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) or Nesi'at Kapayim, (the lifting of the hands), because of the Priests' uplifted hands, through which the divine blessings flow. 

Each year on major holidays, there seems to be more and more people gathering to witness and participate in the special blessing. It is always an amazing experience.

On normal days In Jerusalem, the Birkat Ha'Kohanim rite is performed in synagogues every morning. On days when the Musaf service is recited, the Birkat Kohanim is performed both during Shacharit and Musaf.

 When the Kohanim recite the blessing, their hands are outstretched and their fingers are held so that there are three air spaces between the fingers of their two hands. I always wondered why. I found this response:

R' Pinchas Zelig Hakohen Schwartz z"l (a pre-WWII Hungarian rabbi) explained: The Midrash says that Bnei Yisrael complained to Hashem, "We do not want the blessing of the Kohanim--We want Your blessing."

Hashem responded: "When they bless you, I am looking over their shoulders." In the words of Shir Hashirim (2:9), "He is standing behind our wall, observing through the windows, peering through the lattices." (Ateret Paz).

Birkat Ha'Kohanim at the Kotel~17 Nissan 5771

My Sharia? Opinions Welcome...

Currently I am struggling with a project so posting will be slow in the next days. I am taking a page from something I often see on Blogs--putting up a picture or clip for people to comment on. 

I found this on Blazing Cat Fur, and to be honest, I just can't think of a single thing to say~it will be interesting to see if anyone else can...

Phyllis Chesler~Dvar Torah on The Exodus

 This post is taken from an email I received from the Phyllis Chesler Organization and can also be found on Arutz 7.

Author of  fifteen  books, Prof. Phyllis Chesler writes interesting, hard-hitting and thought provoking articles. She is the co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology and the National Women's Health Network.

The Exodus' Prof. Phyllis Chesler
Time is short and the Jews are, as usual, in trouble. What does the Exodus teach us about what to do? Yes, the Jews are in trouble both today and long ago, when we were slaves in Egypt. Apparently, Jews can be in trouble both as slaves and as citizens of our own Jewish state and as citizens of the world in an era in which a Jewish state exists. It's like a bad Jewish joke.

In Egypt, we are literally enslaved and we cannot save ourselves. We need God to save us --and God chooses a redeemer for us. This is how we, the "Hebrews" are pulled out of "Mitzrayim." We have many midwives who free us from the narrow place of affliction so that we can be born as God's people.

Moshe is not raised like all the other Hebrew slaves. In a memorable act of civil disobedience, Pharaoh's own daughter saves the infant who cried out. For this act of chesed, or merciful kindness, she is midrashically and rabbinically re-named "Bat'ya", because by this act she becomes God's daughter too. Pharaoh's daughter adopts Moshe and raises him as if he is an Egyptian prince.
Moshe is a more evolved version of Yosef: someone who is both a Jew and an Egyptian. He is a Jew who knows his way around the larger, non-Jewish world--but he is also a Jew who breaks with that world with wrenching and utter finality. Ultimately, even though he has grown up away from his Jewish family, Moshe, rather paradoxically, remains close to, even dependent upon, his Jewish brother and sister, Aaraon and Miriam.
In a sense, Moshe is also the anti-Yosef. Yosef is born and reared as a Jew and remains a Jew--but he also becomes a powerful and assimilated Egyptian. Moshe is born as a Jew but is reared mainly as an Egyptian. Yosef helps Egypt store up food against a coming famine and Moshe is part of God's plan to "spoil" Egypt and to render her bare of food, food sources, first-borns, gold, silver, and clothing which are all given or lent to the Hebrews--or are really, all back pay for the 210 years of slavery.
Still, it is Moshe-the-Egyptian who becomes miraculously Jewish and who becomes God's greatest intimate.
How do we know that Moshe is Egyptian royalty? Moshe has unlimited access to Pharaoh's palace. No one stops him when he enters. One wonders if his adoptive mother Bat'ya is still there; does she accompany him to his meetings with Pharaoh? If so, how poignant, even wrenching, because the break with Egypt , when it comes, will be dramatic and final. (Here, I am reminded of the children's film, "Prince of Egypt" in which Pharaoh is conceived of as Moshe's adoptive brother and who suffers the loss of Moshe's company and loyalty. The film constitutes an interesting midrash).
How else do we know that Moshe is an Egyptian? Moshe is recognized as an an "eesh Mitzri" in Midian where he meets and weds Yitro's daughter Zipporah. After so many years of first wandering around, (some say sixty years), can Moshe still possibly have Egyptian royal attire? Or is it how he wears his hair? Or speaks? Does he wear Egyptian jewelry?
Therefore, this much is clear: Moshe has not been enslaved. He has, in fact, been reared as a Prince. This is very important. He has not been broken by slavery. He is not afflicted with "kotzer ruach," a shortness of spirit , a lack of generosity, indeed an absence of humanity which slavery and oppression causes. He is fully entitled. (We find the phrase in Vaera 6:9 and I will return to it shortly).
Perhaps Moshe was even more arrogant than Yosef--although his alleged speech impediment speaks to us of his having also been marked by trauma, loss, "differentness." In fact, Moshe never exactly fits in anywhere except in his relationship to God and in God's plan.
In Shmot 2:11-2:12, Moshe sees, he really sees, a fellow Eyptian (an "eesh Mitzri") beating a Hebrew slave to death. Moshe first looks around. He turns "coh v'coh," this way and that way. Some say that he is looking to see whether any other Egyptians are there watching him before he kills the Egyptian taskmaster and buries him in the sand. Others suggest that he is looking within himself as well. Who am I? Am I an Egyptian or a Hebrew? What must I do?
I do not think that Moshe is afraid of another Egyptian. He is a Prince and can possibly get away with murder. I think that Moshe does not yet understand what slavery is and can do. Moshe waits--but he sees that there is "no man" there among the Hebrews, no one who will come to his brother's aid.
On the question of Moshe's turning "coh v'coh," Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi of Mecklenburg, in his Ha-ketav Veha-kabalah, notes that "Moses thought that one of the other Hebrew slaves who were standing there would rise up against the Egyptian taskmaster and would save their brother whom he was beating to death." But he saw that there was no man." (Ain Eeesh). Moses saw that there was no "real man," no mensch ("gever b'govreen") amongst them, and no one was paying attention to the distress of his brethren to try and save him."
Moshe returns the next day and in Shmot 2:13 and 2:14 sees "shnai anashim ivrim neetzeem vayomer l'rashah lamah takeh raecha?" He sees two Hebrew slaves fighting and asks the wrong-doer why do you hit your friend/neighbor/fellow Hebrew? The evil Hebrew famously responds: "Mee samha l'eesh sar v'shofet alenu?" (Who appointed you our overseer and judge?)
This is almost a reverberation or a variation of Cain's "Hashomer ani anochi?" (Bereshit 4:9). Am I my brother's keeper? Only this time, the question is more like "Are YOU your brother's keeper? Or "Who appointed you as your brother's keeper?" "Halharganee atah omayr ca'asher hagarta et ha-mitzri?" ("Are you going to kill me the way you killed the Egyptian?")
Moshe has already decided. Yes, he IS his "brother's keeper," and with this single act, adopts the entire Jewish people as his own--just as his Egyptian adoptive mother once claimed him! Being raised Egyptian has somehow empowered him to embrace his Judaism.
Nothing here is simple. Moshe may also have learned his bravery and his knowledge of civil disobedience from his adoptive, Egyptian mother when she defied her Pharaoh-father's ruling and, rather than killing Moshe--saves him instead.
The concept of "kotzer ruach," or shortness of spirit, (heavy breathing brought about by hard labor), explains why slaves can be divided against each other and why they are loyal to their oppressors. The phrase is contained in Vaera, (6:9). There, it is given as the reason the slaves won't listen to or can't hear Moshe. This concept also explains the psychological phenomenon of internalized self-hatred or identification with the aggressor. Slaves cannot bear it when one of their own rises above the common fate. "Who does he or she think they are?"
A slave is someone who will turn on his or her own liberator. It is a working definition of a slave. They do not see a way out. If someone tells them about one--maybe it's a trick? No slave can be this powerful. No Egyptian would really risk his life to save a slave.
Pharaoh might not try to kill Moshe if he had simply killed another lower-caste Egyptian in a fit of temper. But that Moshe killed an Egyptian in order to save a Hebrew slave--that was unforgivable, even dangerous to Pharaoh. It means that despite all his privileges, that Moshe has a Jewish heart and has sided with his people. Moshe is disloyal to Pharaoh.
Now, even Moshe, the royal Prince "vayirah," he becomes frightened because "achayn nodar ha'davar" (Ah, so the matter is known).
Indeed, when Pharaoh finds out, he tries to kill Moshe. So much for Moshe's royal privilege. Who has informed Pharaoh? It could be that an Egyptian has--but when one of the Hebrew slaves addresses Moshe in a bitter, threatening voice, when the Hebrew slave takes the Egyptian side against Moshe-the-Jew--this shakes Moshe to his core and he flees.
This is why Moshe must flee Egypt, not because Pharaoh is after him but because the Hebrew slaves have challenged, mocked, and turned on him; perhaps they have also turned him in.
Now, let me turn to a few important things that are specific to the end of the story. Bo is the parasha in which God unleashes the last three plagues: locusts, darkness, and the killing of the first-born and it is the parasha in which we gain our freedom.
However, as important, we also receive our first mitzvot, or holy deeds, (12:2) not as an individual, not as a family, not even as a tribe, but as a "nation." We are given Rosh Chodesh to observe. We begin to count, and therefore control our own time, something that slaves cannot do. We are also told to observe the first Pesach, to teach it to our children, and to remember it as a festival forever after.
Here is where we are told to do so even before we leave Egypt and certainly before we receive the Torah. In this sense, Bo is an early precursor to "Na'aseh v' Nishma" which we say in Dvarim and partly say while standing at Sinai. "We will do, and we will then listen or hear or learn."
Finally, most interestingly: When Moshe asks Pharaoh for permission to leave for three days to worship our God, Moshe says that everyone must come: the old people, the young people, both the sons and the daughters. Moshe understood that both daughters and sons, women and men, are crucial in God's worship.
As we continue to wrestle with Moshe's duality in terms of his being both a quintessential Egyptian and a quintessential Jew, let us ask: Did Moshe learn that women were crucial for worship from the fact that women were priestesses in Egypt and that many of Egypt's multiple Gods were also Goddesses--or was Moshe prescient, did he understand that one day, Judaism would have women Torah and Talmud scholars, women rabbinic pleaders and kashrut supervisors, women-only davening groups and a Jewish society in which both women and men are viewed as important in a Shabbos service? I will leave you with this question...

* It should be noted that women in rabbinic roles as quoted by Ms. Chesler has come about with the establishment of "modern"  streams of Judaism. Orthodox Judaism has retained separate rolls for men and women.

Remember the Fallen~Pray the Missing Return

The Attack on 25 June, 2006
During this week of Pesach we all want to be with family. Sadly, too many families will have empty chairs at their seder table.

Please take a moment to remember, and say a prayer for all who who were taken from this world too soon, and for the speedy, safe return of the missing to their waiting families.

Pray that we will see peace in our time, and that our young people will be spared the need to stand on the front lines defending us.

Pray that parents, siblings and friends will no longer have to mourn the loss of those who were not given a chance to grow old, who did not even begin to live.

At 5:40 am, on the morning of 25 June 2006, terrorists from the Hamas and Popular Resistance Committees terror organizations infiltrated Israel through a tunnel originating from the Rafah area, passing under the security fence to the area between the Kerem Shalom and Sufa crossings.
Lt. Hanan Barak
Staff-Sgt. Pavel Slutzke
The terrorists,operating under cover of mortar and anti-tank fire from within the Gaza Strip, attacked an armored personnel carrier, an IDF tank and a watchtower. IDF forces returned fire, killing at least two terrorists. Even so, the attack resulted in the murder of two Israeli soldiers,  Lt. Hanan Barak, age 20, from Arad, who had planned  be a career officer after his three years of service ended, and Staff-Sgt. Pavel Slutzker, age 20, from Dimona, who had been awarded a full scholarship from Bar Ilan University, where he planned to study medicine. Four other soldiers were wounded, one severely, two moderately and one lightly

Greatly loved and missed by their friends and families, we must never forget that these two young men gave their lives in the service of our country. We must never forget the suffering of their families, and the emptiness they must deal with each day, and more so during the holidays. Their grief is unimaginable.

This same attack resulted in the kidnap of one soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit, and to this day his whereabouts and condition remain unknown--not even the Red Cross has been allowed to see him or confirm his status. When I see the posters, or pass the tent of the Shalit family in Jerusalem, I always remember there were two other young men on that dreadful morning--and they will never return. 

The entire country has hoped, prayed, petitioned, and waited, for the safe return of Gilad Shalit. Organizations, clubs and individuals have held every kind of  event to raise awareness. Endless efforts have been made, and will continue to be made to "bring Gilad back." Most importantly, people work tirelessly to insure that the world is not allowed to forget that a son of Israel is out there, waiting to come home.

To that end, on 19 March 2011, about 230 AMHSI students from all over the United States, as well as Israeli high school students from the Mosenson School, held a Flash Mob Dance to raise awareness of Gilad Shalit's plight and to remind the world that we want his safe return--now! This was filmed at the Port in Tel Aviv (that's in Israel)--and no matter what the PA spin doctors try to tell you, Tel Aviv is and always will be Israeli!

The song "One Day" is by AMHSI alumnus, Matisyahu, and was remixed by Israeli trance band Infected MushroomStudents have the opportunity of a premier Israel academic experience at Alexander Muss High School in Israel. AMHSI is dedicated to engaging teens to discover and embrace their connection to Israel's history, culture and land through education, experiences, and understanding.  

One Day~All Our Children Will Play~Freely, Safely...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pre-Pesach Interview With Mayor of Itamar

Just prior to Pesach the murderers of the Fogel Family were captured--even so the trauma is strongly felt in the community. Arutz 7 traveled to Itamar to speak with the Mayor,  Moshe Goldshmidt.  The mayor stated he was not surprised the murderers were caught as the IDF is  a very strong and special army that does its job (in finding the terrorists). He also said, "Look at the way our children our educated--our children are taught to love and to build and do positive things." 

Sadly, the PA still educates their children to hate from the day they are born. They grow up with one thought on their minds, to kill Jews. Imagine children whose minds are so poisoned that they prefer death over life? What kind of people--parents--raise their children to want to die, as opposed to growing up, living, loving, learning? Why is the world still supporting them?

Monday, 18 April 2011

Amazing Dance Troupe~Hakol Petuach~Part 4

Maim~The Waters. And God saw that it was good. And the evening and the the morning were the second day.

Just Because~I Want to Smile...

Everyone around me is either anxiously waiting for the Seder tonight, or fretting over a possible attack during the night. The "intensity" found me browsing for something--anything--to lighten my mood. This may not be the funniest story ever, but it made me laugh. Hat Tip to JamuBlog

Chag Kasher V'Sameach to one and all (especially the men and women all over the world laying it on the line for us)--yes, I still have a fondness for men in uniform--go figure:

A former Sergeant in the Marine Corps took a new job as a high school teacher. Just before the school year started he injured his back and was required to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. Fortunately, the cast fit under his shirt and wasn't noticeable. On the first day of class, he found himself assigned to the toughest students in the school.

The smart alec punks, having already heard the new teacher was a former Marine, were leery of him and he knew they would be testing his discipline in the classroom. Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom, the new teacher opened the window wide and sat down at his desk. When a strong breeze made his tie flap, he picked up a stapler and stapled the tie to his chest.

Dead silence. He had no trouble with discipline the rest of the year.

Amazing Dance Troupe~HaKol Petuach~Part 3

Laila~The Night. Following the darkness of night, God speaks Light into the world...and the evening and the morning are the first day...

Amazing Dance Troupe~HaKol Petuach Part 2

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth...this short clip shows the interpretation of the "nothing" that was until God spoke the world into being...

Sunday, 17 April 2011

But, But~They're Only Children!

I sometimes don't know whether to laugh or cry when I see these types of reports. An article on YNet News has advised that the two young men who viciously slaughtered the Fogel Family (See Links Below) as they slept on a Shabbat night, have been caught and have confessed.

The Awarta village council chief Kais Awad said: "I have major doubts over the Israeli findings and demand an international inquiry. They're children, it isn't possible that they committed this awful act". Awad refused to address the fact that the two received assistance in hiding the evidence from one of the families in the village.
Amjad Muhammed Awad

A few things caught my attention. One of them being that  18 and  19 year old boys with beards are considered children by these people, yet a 9 year old girl is considered a wife. The other is that the names of the assassins happen to be the same as that of the village council chief--could there be any relationship there? I can only guess. 

Hakim Mazen Awad
According to reports one of the villagers said "Anyone you meet here in Awarta would condemn this murder and it's sad to know that the murderers were from this village".  That may be so, but I wonder why it is that the village of Awarta was celebrating the murders with fireworks that night? I will go so far as to say that the only thing they are sad about is the fact that these barbarians have been caught.

There will of course be howling and screaming and the usual condemnation of Israel, the IDF and of course trying to put the blame on the innocents who were slaughtered because they were Jews who dared to live in Israel.

Israel has no death penalty so it is likely this scum will languish in prison, getting fat, an education and maybe like child murderer Samir Kuntar, they will marry and end up being traded for dead bodies, to be hailed as heroes with streets  and buildings named after them. It is a sick world we live in and those who continue to swallow the lies are no better than these two.

One final word. Look at these two--THEY ARE NOT CHILDREN! 

The three Fogel children aged 3 months, 4 years and 11 years of age~they qualify to be called children~try to keep that in mind during the coming weeks. 

Links to the Massacre in Itamar:

Even Cows Eat "Kosher for Pesach"

As we are all busy preparing for Pesach, even the cows get special treatment. Arutz 7 visited a farm to show how seriously "everyone" takes this special holiday.

Tragedy! Teen Hit by Anti-Tank Missile Dies

The Pesach Seder is tomorrow night, and at least one family will struggle to get through the night because they had to bury their beloved son.

Daniel Viflic, aged sixteen years struggled for ten days but could not overcome his wounds. An anti-tank missile was fired at the school bus he was riding in while on the way home from school. Please pray for his family. 

The missile fired was accurate to a fault~the time was exactly when children were returning from school and the bright yellow of the school bus is hard to miss. Hamas claims they do not target children~like this was an accident? I am gobsmacked that they have the chutzpah to say it out loud and cry to the media! I am physically ill at the useful idiots who believe their garbage.

Those who choose to support Hamas terrorists, liars and murders of children, need to take a long hard look at their personal sense of right and wrong. It is time to open your eyes and see the truth and the evil that the world of political correctness has brought upon us all. Baruch Dayan Ha Emet

Expose: The PA Does Not Recognize Israel

Arutz 7 posted this film from Palestine Media Watch (PMW), beginning with the words:
"Palestine--one day we will return to our home and bask in the warmth of our hopes" [the line is from a song by Lebanese singer Fairouz, about longing for Palestine]

What follows are scenes of various places, and their names: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv [labeled Tel Al-Rabi'a], Haifa, the Dead Sea, the Negev, the Galilee, Caesarea, Masada [labeled Jericho mountains], and Acre. It is common for the PA to give Arabic names to Israeli cities.

At the end the following appears:
"For your sake, Palestine, the youth have been demonstrating for 25 days to end the [Fatah-Hamas] rift"...[PA TV~Fatah, 11 April 2011]

PMW noted that at a recent Fatah event in the presence of Mahmoud Abbas and many other senior PA officials, an Arab performer sang "I am returning to ["Palestine"]," which was described in the song as including all of Israel. The words of the song at the Fatah event, as translated by PMW, include, "We commit and promise to stand behind you, oh Mahmoud Abbas, until Judgment Day. I am returning to you…from Rafiah [in Gaza] to Rosh HaNikra (on the northeastern tip of Israel), north and south, are the picture's borders. From Haifa…to the [Jordan] valley (all of Israel). I am returning to you, the purest land, oh land of the free."

The Palestinian Authority is Not a Peace Partner. In English they cry Peace, Peace, but in Arabic they stir the pot insuring that the goal to eliminate Israel is always at the forefront. Now they want over 5 billion dollars and the UN to hand over a large chunk of Israel to them.

Shame on anyone who supports this genocidal bunch of thieves~Supporting the PA is support for terror, ethnic cleansing and the takeover by Islam of the only democracy in the middle east. They are expert liars. If you fall for the lies and support them, you will find them in your neighborhood, putting Arabic names on your historic sites, and bringing terror to your doorstep.

An Arab Pesach Song

A couple of Pesach songs for you by Latma...Enjoy!

Chad Gadya in the Middle East

Amazing Dance Troupe Video~HaKol Petuach~Introduction

Earlier I posted about an amazing group of dancers (HaKol Petuach) who performed for the Jerusalem Arts Festival. These amazing young people have worked very hard--harder than most because they have severe mental and learning disabilities. Yet, they have shown that everything is indeed open to all who try to overcome. For all who are interested in helping these girls the complete video will be available for purchase in the next days.

I will be posting the entire performance by dance sections. Today is the Introduction Dance and the Greeting by the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat.

This medley of songs was chosen by the girls. Their instructor, Momi Gil asked them what they loved in live. He chose the songs accordingly...Enjoy!

Jewish Militia 1938

This is directly from Sultan Knish. Do go to his site. Regarding the clip below, he writes:

And good news. Fayad wants another 5 billion dollars to create a Palestinian state. In 2007 he was asking for a billion euros and it's done 'wonders'.

By way of comparison, look at this 1938 footage of Jewish militia training under General Wingate. In less than a decade, they became an army and defeated the armies of most of the regional powers combined. In a generation they were considered a match for many European militaries. And that was before a cent of US aid ever came their way. Compare that to the pathetic site of terrorist leaders like Abbas and Fayad carrying on a holy war for popularity and then demanding money for a state. 

If you wonder where the money is going (in my opinion), just look at the suits, watches, cars,  homes and lifestyle that the PA "heads" give themselves. They cry that their people starve, and live in shacks--but they seem to do very well indeed for themselves...

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Last Seder In The Warsaw Ghetto~שלמה קארליבאך

Most Jews know the name of Reb Shlomo Carlebach (14 January 1925, Berlin--20 October 1994, Canada). His ability to reaching out to people with his stories-in-song is legendary. I remember the first time I davened in a "Carlebach" shul--it was amazing! The simple tunes used in traditional prayer seemed to lift us right out of this world. In Jerusalem stories of the "Reb" are as numerous as the stones in the buildings. One of my favorite as told by my rabbi, took place on a street in Jerusalem--maybe Jaffo Road or Ben Yehuda (not that it matters). The Reb saw a young guy sitting and looking very downcast. He walked over and said, "you look like you need a song", then took his guitar from his back and proceeded to sing. 

I can't vouch for the authenticity of the story, but I can say that I have listened to tapes and CD's of Reb Shlomo speaking the old legends through song, and I can vouch for his ability to touch people deeply. You might have to turn up the sound on this clip, but do watch, read the words and listen.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Song for Pesach

Jews love eating and singing. An Orthodox Jewish acapella group  calling themselves Six13 have just released this tune for Pesach--its called P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R (of course). So, take a break from your Pesach cleaning, put your feet up and put a smile on your face...Enjoy!


Can the Shops on Jaffo Road be Saved?

The controversy over the light rail in Jerusalem is still with us. Arutz 7 posted the story and interviews with business owners. I have lived off Jaffa for some years now. When the building was going on it was so horrible people stopped coming. Now, all that is left is high-priced stores and a stores that sell useless trinkets. Agrippas is now so packed with the bus traffic one can't even cross the street on Friday. I don't know many people who are happy about it.

Mayor Barkat wants Jerusalem to be a modern high tech city attracting tourists--or something to that effect. What he is doing is destroying the personality of Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is a natural high-tech city--a light rail would fit in that environment. Trying to change the character of Jerusalem has, sadly, put us on the road to crime, drugs and illegal thugs intimidating people. It is very sad to see. And I won't even start on that ridiculous bridge that for all the millions looks like we are giving the finger to Ramallah--well, I'll give it has that...

There are No Words...

I saw this at Blazing Cat Fur and I am posting it because people in every country need to watch this and think hard about what is happening. How many areas are no a no-go zone for locals? How many women are afraid to leave the house after the sun goes down? How is it that the people who fought for freedom and the advancement of their countries are now being dragged into the dark ages? This is not just Salt--this is beginning to happen all over the western word. 

I am all for "legal" immigration. Anyone who wishes to come to a new country to make a new life should be welcomed, but there is a caveat--they must honestly want to integrate and become a contributing citizen of their new home country! They must join the population and  work with them  towards the growth and advancement of the place they choose as their new home, they must want to preserve the freedoms and safety of the people they have asked to become a part of. Any who come to impose what they claim to be running from, any who do not want to follow the laws of their new country, any who commit crimes--must go back to where they came from. Politicians who allow evil, like in Salt and too many other places, need to be replaced--Now! Citizens must take the responsibility when casting their votes--and they must cast their vote! The time has run out for "thinking". Just watch this clip...

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You Just Gotta Love the Brilliance of Hamas

While Hamas and their counterparts in the "Palestine Authority" are busy whining in English about how horrid Israel is, they are posting videos of their thugs firing rockets into Israel from--golly gee--civilian areas of Gaza... You can read about it on YNet HERE.

Rockets to Israel

Israelis Always Send Aid~Even to Those Who Hate Us

The UN and EU is screaming for Israel to force 300,000 Israelis from their homes and livelihoods so the the "PA" can have our land. Being as how their Charters still call for our total destruction I can't quite wrap my mind around where people are getting information from. Anyone who thinks this will create peace probably thinks there are little green men on Mars. The hatred that I see and hear on a daily basis is shocking. I would like to know exactly what country they are talking about--because it sure isn't Israel! 

You can call us pushy, or lacking in finesse and sometimes even downright rude--but the sick lies and accusations of apartheid and child killing being spewed by the pro-muslim groups (including some who call themselves Jews) are just that--sick lies.

So, in the spirit of public relations here are a couple of clips from "My Israel". The first clip is about a group called Israel Flying Aid whose site description is: 
Israeli Flying Aid (IFA) is a non profit, volunteer-based, non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to provide humanitarian life saving aid and relief to communities in areas stricken by natural disaster or territorial conflicts operating in places where local regimes prevent entry from formal international humanitarian organizations.Focusing on countries that lack diplomatic relations with Israel transcending differences, prejudices, race, nationally, religion and creed.

Israel Flying Aid (IFA)

The next clip is of course the IDF Field Hopital sent to Japan. It should be noted that they were also the first to set up a field hospital in Haiti as well. The team has recently returned to Israel, but before they did, they turned over the keys to the hospital complete with up to date equipment and medicines to the Japanese people to use as they work to overcome this horrific disaster--as they also did in Haiti. I admit I've always been partial to a man in uniform,  but in the case of our IDF my chest-bursting pride is for the men and women who work side by side--and it is totally justified--over and over again.

Israel Field Hospital in Japan

France Bans the Niqab~Hooray!

France has imposed a ban on the Niquab and two women have already been arrested. As I understand it, the ban is on the "full face" covering. What is most interesting is that there are various imams that have said the full covering is not mandatory. But of course, there will be those who are going to protest and make a fuss, once again corrupting free choice.

To begin with, I object (as should anyone living in a free democratic country) to full face covering of any kind. Here in Israel, we know that they serve as the perfect disguise for terrorists. Indeed in recent attacks the full covering has aided terrorists in their goals of mass murder. This in itself is reason enough for a ban (actually, there is no other reason needed) in all public places. While women in Muslim countries claim to feel "safer", I feel very strongly that for any woman raised in a free, democratic environment this is oppression and degradation of the worst kind.

Male or Female~Seriously!
If, however, you listen to the feedback from the protesters (as in the clip below) you will hear a subtle hint as to their reasoning. What they are saying is that they are not going to be following any law but that of their allah. In other words, they will not obey the laws of the land. Should that not be a major concern?

I hope France stands strong, and I sincerely hope that the rest of the free world will join them in the demand for "everyone"--regardless of who they are or what they believe in--to show their faces when in public, for the safety of us all. One final thought, if you drive a vehicle--put one of these bags (with only a slit for your eyes) over your head and then tell me--how safe is to be driving on the streets and highways?

And in Case You Missed it~Here's a Few Points from Pat Condell...

Chutzpah and Lies!

As Israel prays for mercy for Daniel Vilfic, the barbaric lying cowards at Hamas spin their evil. From an Arutz 7 News Brief:
Hamas is rejecting Israel’s claims that the school bus that was hit by a rocket last Thursday was carrying school children. In a report that appeared on Monday in Hamas’ daily newspaper, Falastin, group member Imad Al-Hadidi said that Israel’s claims are false, saying that it is unlikely that a bus would be driving children so far away from a populated area.  

Al-Hadidi added that there were no photographs of injured children and ambulances evacuating them, ignoring the fact that the children got off the bus a short time before the attack.

“Israel is distorting history and is making up tear jerker stories to get sympathy, just as it exaggerated on the subject of the Holocaust,” said Al-Hadidi. 

I am trying to decide which is worse, the continuous crap that oozes from the mouths of these savages or the useful idiots at the UN who gave special recognition to an organization which supports the Hamas terrorist groups.  

Y'all just keep that money flowing to the UN and groups that support the Hamas liars and baby murderers. They'll be coming soon--too a neighborhood near you.

Please Pray !

The condition of Daniel Viflic, who was critically wounded when Gaza terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at his school bus, has taken a turn for the worse. He has been in critical condition since the barbaric attack, this past Thursday.

His family asks the public to pray for his health. His full name is Raphael Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar.

A Reminder of "The Power of Words"

Every so often I come across something that just needs to be shared. It reminded me that "words" can indeed be a most dangerous weapon, but on the other hand they can bring true beauty to the world. I found this on a great blog called Woman Honor Thyself--Thanks Angel! 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Yad Vashem Uploads the Eichmann Trial to YouTube

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial project has marked the passage of 50 years since the trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the major planners of the Holocaust genocide, by uploading footage of the entire trial to You Tube. The story is available on Arutz 7 HERE. Eichmann was put on trial in Israel in 1961, after having been captured by Israeli agents in Argentina. He was found guilty, and was put to death in 1962. 

There are still many survivors left but the numbers decrease each year. When they are gone--who will remember? The Museum Complex at Yad Vashem--the result of years of meticulous work--has gathered the pieces of people's lives to establish a permanent record of those who lived and died during the Holocaust, so that the world will never forget. One cannot come away from Yad Vashem the same as they were before.

I have had the privilege of studying  with and developing wonderful friendships with several survivors. One woman who I love dearly has on occasion told of incidents during those times.  I remember a story she told of the transportation  of her entire village to Auschwitz-Berkinau death camp. On arrival she remembered  being driven out of the cars and separated into groups. As she stood with her mother and sisters on the platform she saw her  neighbor, carrying her belongings, walking along the tracks with her children. My friend said she remembered it as being such a  "peaceful scene"--they walked slowly, calmly. Only now, these many years later did she realize that it was the last walk they would take, because at the end of the track was the gas chamber from which they would not return. She recalled that at the time, nobody had realized--nobody had guessed...

Eichmann Trial~Session #113~The Attorney General's Closing Statement

The Iranian Bomb

This is an oldie-but-goody from Latma...

Iron Dome Defends Israelis

Thanks to Miriam at Shearim for these clips on Israel's Iron Dome Defense System.  

Israel's Intercepters

It Works...Rocket Fired by PA in Gaza Goes Down

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A No Fly Zone for Gaza??

I'm not sure whether to classify this as funny or just insane. This was in Arutz 7 News Briefs:

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said Sunday that a meeting of the league's representatives has decided to demand that the United Nations Security Council hold a meeting to stop what it called aggression against Gaza and to declare a no-fly zone over the Hamas-controlled area. The Arab League meeting was requested by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who made the reference to aggression against Gaza and sought condemnation of what he called "Israel's criminal actions" and the danger of escalation of violence in the area.

And of course, Al-Reuters released this (Sunday 10 April 2011):  Arab League calls for no-fly zone over Gaza.  Included in the article is this goody: Condemning what it called Israel's "brutal" aggression in Gaza, a gathering of the Arab League's permanent delegates chaired by Oman called on the UN to convene its Security Council. The meeting would "consider the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip on an urgent basis to stop its siege and impose a no-fly rule on the Israeli military to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip," the Arab League said in a statement.

Is it not time somebody told the Mahmoud Abbas and the United Nations Security Council that butchering an entire family in their sleep is a Criminal Action? Shouldn't they know that firing a laser-guided anti-tank missile at a school bus is a Criminal Action? What about the continuous barrage of rockets, the sniper attacks, the rocks crashed into moving vehicles, and on and on? Or are there separate rules making killing Jews OK?

They want to block Israel from defending it's children.  They want to open the borders so Hamas can import weapons to attack Israel with. And of course, the world wants Israel to make peace with Mahboud Abbas and Hamas in Gaza--both of whom refuse to remove the clause from their charters calling for the destruction of Israel. Hello??--You can't make peace with people whose sole reason for living is to kill you.

If good people keep turning away while evil is on the rise, there will soon be no good people. Remember, they don't just want  all of Israel--they will come for you, too eventually. Think about it. Then think about it again, and again...Seriously, you could not make this garbage up!

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