Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Do You Support "Peace Activists" in Israel? For Shame!

When you see "Anti-Israel" and "Israel Apartheid Week" protests I want you to remember this clip. This is what Jews living in Israel have to deal with every day. While they struggle to cultivate the land and bring life to it, the Arabs backed by "peace activists" funded with money from the EU, USA, UN and other places spend their days stealing, destroying, attacking and trying to force Jews off their land.

This video was shot on 11 February 2011, at the Har-Sinai farm near Susiya in the southern Hevron Hills. A gang of "activists" who are a regular source of harassment to Jews in the area, showed up with an Arab to steal the water from the well of a Jewish-owned farm. The manager, Avidan Ofir does his best to stop them and is continuously harassed until the police arrive. The fat one in black with the sunglasses is actually a woman (a disgrace to the female gender) and she is the most aggressive of all--pulling the man's hair and trousers and ripping his shirt.

The Har-Sinai farm where this is taking place, was named after 51 year old Yair Har-Sinai, a Jewish father of nine who was shot in the back and the head (at close range) by Arab terrorists nearly ten years ago while tending his sheep. He had carried no weapon.

The man pictured at the end of the clip is Ezra Nawi who describes himself as a gay Arab Jew. He is the leader of an extremist group called Tayush. He is a convicted pedophile and has  been jailed in the past. To be fair there are few details of the pedophile charges and hundreds of leftist articles that idolize the man as much as they hate Israelis. 

A few days ago he and other members of his group were arrested for provocation activity in the area. This is the man that people are soiling their pants, praising and collecting donations for. These are his "peaceful actions"--harassing and stealing from hard-working legal land owners. He is a disgrace as are all who funnel money to him and his minions.

Next time you hear condemnation of the Jews in Israel--think twice about who the real criminals are and remember that information on the internet is transient. Over the last few years there is a determined effort to erase any evidence of the historic Jewish presence in Israel and the sudden  rise in the magnificence of Islam--apparently they now claim their origins from the beginning of time. Go figure...

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