Thursday, 31 March 2011

Interview With 12 Year Old Tamar Fogel

I hesitated to publish this. Too often in times of tragedy there are those who jump on the bandwagon to exploit the victims for their own political purposes and I suspect that there are those who are already creeping around. But, when I listened to this young girl speak I found it hard to believe she is only 12 years old and had just lost most of her family in an horrific slaughter! We should all listen to her words of wisdom and learn from them...

She speaks of unity which many adult Jews have yet to learn. After speaking to the Prime Minister at the shiva for her family, she tells the interviewer (at 4:12) of the hypocrasy--when she factually relates, he (Mr. Netanyahu) said "they kill us and we build. We build and we build and we continue to grow." 

So I (Tamar) said to him "And then you evacuate. Fine, at the funeral and when you offer comfort and condolence, you say we are building, always expanding and so on, but in reality they are evacuating all the time." 

 For those who don't know, Tamar Fogel and her family were among those who were forcefully expelled from their homes in Gush Katif (2005), watched as they were demolished and watched as Hamas moved in and to this very day  use the area as a base from which to fire rockets into Israel and call for our destruction.

May Hashem watch over and protect these precious children.

*Links Relating to the Slaughter in Itamar:

You Tube World View Interviews Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu is the 3rd World Leader to be interviewed on "YouTube World View". The interview was held in Mr. Netanyahu’s home in Jerusalem. The interview was conducted by Dana Weiss of Channel Two news and was screened live

The questions were asked and voted upon by the YouTube community around the world. A record number of questions (3,673) from a record number of countries (90) were asked of PM Netanyahu. Hear the questions and listen carefully to his answers...

Tonight I Stand With Israel...

Given the world wide efforts (including some who claim to be Jews) to de-legitimize and in fact destroy us, tt is a breath of fresh air to hear a non-Israeli, non-Jew actually speak up "strongly"  in defence of little Israel. All I can say is...Thanks Glenn!

Call to Jerusalem Police as Bomb Detonates

Last week a package left close to a kiosk at one of Jerusalem's busiest bus stops killed a tourist and injured dozens. I was at home (nearby) and the force of the sound followed by sirens and mayhem left no doubt as to what had happened. 

The owner of the kiosk had spotted the suspicious case and was in the middle of  a phone call to report it to the police when it detonated. You can hear the blast and immediate reactions...

Lordi Jinak~Who??

Sometimes life can be intense. That's when I look for a stress reliever. I don't know where this came from--someone said it may be from Moravia--in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Regardless, these dancers clearly have a sense of humor...Enjoy!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Palestinian Wall of Lies

First Israel Apartheid Week, then BDS and currently in progress an online campaign calling for a third Intifada aimed at destroying Israel. One can see that Palestinian children are raised from the cradle on hate propaganda, but what is the excuse for western countries to partake in these lies?  Israel is like any other western country--we have our faults and we admit it. We are not any of the things that are being said around the world. The "hate Israel-Jews-Zionists" mantra has become a circus of the absurd. For any still interested in truth, please watch this short clip. Educate yourselves and rather than listen to the hate mongers do some research and learn who is really the repressive, aparthied regime.

Just Say NO~to BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)

Today, 30 March 2011 has been chosen by Israel-haters around the world to boycott products from Israel. Bare Naked Islam has the complete story.
In response, a group called Stand With Us is running a counter program called BIG--Buy Israeli Goods. They encourage people to stand up and say NO to BDS and fight back by buying Israeli products.

While the people of BDS claim to have righteous motives I challenge that. Their accusations of apartheid against Israel ring hollow. They never mention that Israeli Arabs have more rights than they would have in any Arab country. They never mention that women's rights are protected here--Arab and Israeli. Nobody talks about the fact that while Arab-Israelis freely live, shop and build where they please, Israelis who take a wrong turn into and "Arab" neighborhood risk being lynched. There is so much more, but those that hate do not wish to hear it. It has become "cool" to hate Israel.

What is telling are the actions of one of the founding committee members of BDS, Omar Barghouti. He was born in Qatar, grew up in Egypt and later moved to Ramallah (West Bank) as an adult. And here is the kicker...Did you know that he is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Philosophy--at Tel Aviv University--that would be in Israel. Is that not hypocritical? What Arab country would allow a student to attend it's university while lobbying for the destruction of that country? He would be dead and gone--but Israel not only allows him freedom of hate speech, we educate him as well.

If you are really interested in Truth watch this clip. At 4:55 hear Omar Barghouti's own words on the goal of BDS--this is what they truly want--it's all about hate...

Norwegian Left Calls for Military Intervention~In Israel!

Solhje & Halvorsen~Candidates for a Padded Cell
I just read this article in Arutz 7 News Briefs. Talk about Chutzpah! You can read the entire story at Tundra Tabloids.

Norway's Socialist Left Party (junior partner in the current government coalition) has filed a measure calling for military intervention in Israel if Israel takes military action against  the Gaza terrorists over rocket fire on southern communities. Members of the party argued that Europe must treat Middle Eastern regimes equally, by intervening elsewhere as they did in Libya. Several European countries agreed to intervene in Libya as dictator Muammar Qaddafi bombed civilians. Last year, Socialist Left Party head Kristin Halvorsen called on the world not to engage in weapons trade with Israel. 

I also found this on the blog Norway, Israel and the Jews:
Here is the less than lucid reasoning behind the motion:
The credibility of the world community in its confrontation with the Gadafi regime is undermined when there is no reaction against other states in the region who commit injustices against civil population. The greater world community must therefore also react against Israeli air attacks on the Gaza strip.

Yes, Norway's quislings are comparing the only democracy in the Middle East to Libya and Hamas. According to their reasoning, it is OK for Hamas to bomb Israel, but Israel must not defend itself--Congratulations to all you Norwegians who voted for these Nutbags.

I  will keep an eye open for more on this story...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Palestinian Cancer Patients Frolic in Snow with IDF

Why Is This Not Covered in the Media? It is so typical that there is no widespread coverage when something good takes place in Israel. I admit that I am unashamedly proud of my country and the IDF and this is only one of a zillion reasons why. The full story and a slide show of the day can be found on the IDF Blog. Do have a look!

Families of Palestinian cancer patients spent a day at Mount Hermon in the north of Israel. The IDF reservists from the Alpine Unit treated the families and children to a fun day on the slopes.

   The group began the day with a bus ride to the Sea of Galilee in the morning, where they stopped at the Ein Gev Beach for a breakfast paid for the Alpine Unit’s logistics officer. From there they continued on to Mt. Hermon, where they were met with a host of IDF reservists ready to show them the slopes and join them in riding Sno-Cats and sledding.

The day was part of a decade-long project in which soldiers bring up groups of mentally or physically disabled children, as well as children with terminal illnesses, to Mt. Hermon for a day of fun and relaxation. The number of visits varies according to the snowfall each year, but on average amounts to 40-45 annual visits. The project is funded by the Erez Organization, a non-profit organization which consists of reserve soldiers of the Alpine Unit, and the Civil Administration, an Israeli body responsible for administering and coordinating civilian and humanitarian needs in the West Bank.

"It's a day of fun which helps these children deal with their illness," said Dalia Bassa, Health and Welfare Coordinator in the Civil Administration. She said that groups of Palestinian kids go to Mt. Hermon every year and that "the families call annually to remind me of the coming snowfall."

Although some of the children need to wear hospital masks or walk with a crutch, the day trip gives the families a much needed respite from their regular medical routine. And the IDF reservists provide them with VIP treatment.

"You see kids in green uniform playing with kids in civilian clothes," said the commander of the Alpine Unit, who also invited a number of soldiers from the Nachal Brigade to join the fun. "I don't presume to be a peacemaker or anything, but regardless of anyone's personal politics it was simply a sight that did the heart good."

Rare Footage from the Carmel Tragedy

I posted several articles (see links below) about the tragic Carmel fire that devastated Israel. Now, a rare video  has been shown on the Knesset television channel Tuesday (29 March 2011) taken from within  the bus caught in the Carmel inferno that killed 44 people, including almost all of the passengers and the driver. Commander Ahuva Tomer, who raced into the blaze in an effort to save the cadets perished from her injuries. 

According to this report from Arutz 7, one voice from inside the bus said, “Don’t tell me to relax. I am afraid.”  Another voice reassured, “Everything will be okay.” Other voices heard before the flames engulfed the bus: “Sit down, you are bothering the driver,” and  then, “The windows are starting to explode.” 

What struck me was the comment “Sit down, you are bothering the driver”--so typical in Israel. How many times in bad weather have passengers been admonished to "quiet down" because it was snowing or torrential rain was coming down--generally followed by a respectful silence. We owe our respectful silence to the many families who suffered the loss of these brave young souls...

Articles about the Carmel Fire at these links:

Israelis Have Bad Days~But We Cope...

The horrific slaughter of three young children and their parents, a bombing that killed a tourist and injured dozens, constant rockets landing in the south and of course the boycotts and calls to wipe us from the face of the earth. So just how do Israelis cope with it all? Well, one can come up with many things ranging from family, to faith, to anything else you can think of--including music! 

Chassidic rock group (yes there is such a thing) 8th day, whose CD's carry the label: "Please do not play on Shabbat or Jewish festivals" tells us how to have a great day...

Ya'alili~by 8th Day

A Korean Talmud?

For years there have been stories about the Talmud being a national classic in South Korea. Now, this story in Arutz 7 makes it official. South Korean Ambassador to Israel, Ma Young-Sam, told the “Culture Today” TV show that Talmud study is now a mandatory part of the country’s school curriculum. It is said, almost every home in South Korea boasts a Korean version of the Talmud, and mothers commonly teach it to their children, who call it the "Light of Knowledge".

A question must be asked--Why? The Ambassador explained:
"We were very curious about the high academic achievements of the Jews. Jews have a high percentage of Nobel laureates in all fields--literature, science and economics. This is a remarkable achievement. We tried to understand: What is the secret of the Jewish people? How are they, more than other people, able to reach those impressive accomplishments? Why are Jews so intelligent? The conclusion we arrived at is that one of your secrets is that you study the Talmud. We believe that if we teach our children Talmud, they will also become geniuses. This is what stands behind the rationale of introducing Talmud study to our school curriculum."

I certainly hope that all Jewish parents hear of this and take note! You don't have to be a religious Jew to study Talmud--and you just may increase your "little grey matter". Kudos to South Korea!

More Persecution of Melanie Phillips

Has anyone read the blog post in the Spectator written by Melanie Phillips titled Armchair Barbarism? Well, now it seems that British Muslim Groups have filed complaints with the police. Seriously! An article in Arutz 7 reports:

The Guardian and the Independent claimed that police had opened an investigation against the Spectator over the column--but the Spectator's Fraser Nelson denied this. Two Muslim advocacy groups have filed complaints with the Press Complaints Commission and the Bedfordshire Police, Nelson claimed, but the case has not gone any further. 

A piece on the Commentary Magazine website quoted Nelson but noted cynically that even though police do not seem to have opened an investigation, the complainants have gotten what they wanted. "The advocacy groups have already succeeded at portraying a fairly unobjectionable Spectator column as Islamophobic, thanks to the compliance of the British media." 

 As I write this a disgusting Facebook group is trying to gather millions of Arabs from the countries surrounding to a 3rd Intifada--a march to Israel for the purpose of turning it into a Palestinian state. That sounds rather like Genocide to me! That sounds a whole lot more hateful than calling a savage barbarian--a savage barbarian. Good manners prevent me from writing what these sub-human low life animals really are (apologies to all Gds' animals).

On a daily basis Muslim groups are calling for "more ovens for the Jews" and screaming they want to wipe Israel off the map and finish what Hitler (may his name be erased) started.

So when is the world going to wake up! Do you all hate the Jews so much that you will stand by silently while these dark-age pedophiles call for the destruction of a people who devote themselves to making the world a better place?

And what have they contributed lately? Have you bothered to check if any Muslim countries make any kind of contribution to world disasters (even in their own countries)? Why is it that North America, Europe, Australia and yes, little Israel are always the ones to rush to help and to provide huge sums of money and aid? How many Muslim countries are in Japan helping with the disaster right now? According to Israel Matzav the Israeli delegation is currently in Japan with tons of supplies including;

* X-ray
* Pediatrics Ward
* Surgical Ward
* Maternity~Gynecology Ward
* Otolaryngology      
* Optometry Department~
* Laboratory
* Intensive Care Unit

Not even radiation will stop Israel and the IDF from sending aid to those in need--and they continue to do so every time a disaster happens--no matter where in the world it takes place or what the politics are.

And yet, the world will allow those who slaughter tiny babies and children in their sleep to scream "Islamophobia" just because we declare their actions to be exactly what their are--Savage and Barbaric. It is not a "phobia" when we know, and these groups have demonstrated time and again, that their goal in life is to wipe us off the face of the earth.

That my friends is fact--you can read it in all or their racist Islamic constitutions and see it in all  of their "protests" and most telling, in their Savage, Barbaric, murderous actions. Make no mistake, it is not only the Jews they are after. Read their propaganda--every non-Muslim is included in their hatred. Those who willingly pander  and try to appease are like the man who throws his friends to the crocodile--hoping he will be eaten last.

There are just no words at all...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Just How Does Facebook Define "Incitement"

One of the online dictionaries gives this definition for "Incitement"--to stir up or provoke to action. Seems clear enough to me, however, a News Brief today from Arutz 7 has this little bit of information: (Emphasis Mine)

Facebook announced it is monitoring an Arabic social networking page calling for a "Third Intifada" against Israel, but  the site's decision makers say they don't believe it has crossed into incitement and will not remove it. 

The site has 330,000 members and advocates a mass march into Israeli territory by residents of neighboring countries.  

The page's administrators posted a quotation of a Hadith (Islamic tradition) that is popular with radical groups, which reads, 

"The hour [of redemption] does not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and even the stones and trees say, 'O Muslim, a Jew is behind me, so kill him.'"

Nope--No Incitement Here--moving right along...

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Melanie Phillips: Itamar Massacre Perpetrated by Savages

When Melanie Phillips wrote an article at the Spectator entitled “Armchair Barbarism", discussing the brutal jihad massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar, she made reference to the "Moral Depravity" of the Arab "Savages" and now she is being investigated!

Calling these murderers of babies Savages (or Barbarians, or worse) is being kind--way too kind. Do you disagree? Then pick up a sleeping 3 month old baby--any 3 month old baby--and look closely at the innocence of this tiny life. Could you slash the throat to the point of decapitation? Would you? Three month old baby Hadas was only one of five family members brutally slaughtered--on Shabbat no less. And don't forget that the "Palestinians" celebrated this massacre by handing out sweets in the streets...

Now, calling the perpetrators "Savages" is a crime that Melanie Phillips could be put on trial for?? What about the murderous swine that committed this atrocious act? Should it not be they who are on trial? What would you call them? And don't waste your breath whining about the "occupation" crap. This murderous hatred has been around for six decades, from the time Israel was declared a state--before settlements, before the diseased Egyptian, Arafat, created his fake "Palestinian People" and came up with his "three step plan" to eliminate Israel, and before we had to build fences to protect ourselves from suicide bombers. It is bald-faced racist hatred that is fomented to this day by a primitive, medieval, bunch of clerics who hide behind a pagan "religion" started by a mentally deficient, war-mongering pedophile--but we are not allowed to say that. Think about what the world of Political Correctness has brought us to--then consider--what will you do when the "PC Police" come for you? 

Now, Please listen to Melanie Phillips as she talks about her article and the extreme bias represented in the media, and their ongoing complicity and support, resulting in the encouragement of the murderous behaviour of the so-called "Palestinians".

Haters of Israel: It's OK According to Facebook!

I have been off for the past week and my first day back I see this  article in Arutz 7.  I am used to hate speech, but this is beyond words. Apparently nobody at Facebook is concerned with the potential danger to Israeli citizens that will result from the page, which clearly promotes violence against Jews in Israel. 

The page, Third Palestinian Intifada, urges its readers to copy the link, place it in their profiles and publish it on all pictures, videos and pages--everywhere they can. An alert announces that a march to “Palestine” will begin from neighboring countries on May 15 and soon after, “Palestine will be liberated and we will be freed. Our goal now is to reach millions of subscribers on this page before May.”

If that isn't calling for war then what is? And Facebook absolutely refuses to take the page down! So here we have it--how to incite to murder via Facebook.

Jerusalem based Aish HaTorah Yeshiva has a petition started. The Petition calls on Facebook to "remove any pages that promote hate against Israel and the Jewish people." While I think that this is too mild I do encourage all to follow this Link to the Petition and sign it. Please!

There is already unrest all through the Middle East. If these angry people are turned on little Israel there will be a slaughter like never before. Do Sign the petition and Do Contact Facebook about their policy against incitement. Here is a clip with a sampling of the hatred being spewed:

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Israel's Spy Organization

While Israel is often blamed for all of the world's ills, I think someone needs to question some of the accusations. Jews in shark suits, Vulture Mossad agents, attack rats that only bite Arabs...and now...well, watch for yourself. One has to question what these people are smoking to come up with such ideas--not to mention those who actually believe them...

Saturday, 19 March 2011

UCLA Muslim Students Association Pledge of Allegiance

Listen closely to the words. If they sound familiar it is because it echos the credo of the Muslim Brotherhood. Umm, sure doesn't sound like an American pledge of allegiance--I thought UCLA was and American University...

Friday, 18 March 2011

Israeli Apartheid Exposed

Just found this interesting clip. It is made up of a series of posters created by Elder of Ziyon. Do go to his site~you will be educated. This is dedicated to all the moonbats out there who are parading around screaming against the terrible apartheid state of Israel. May I suggest you go to a school that teaches the basics, like reading and history (that would be the real history not the spin doctors version).

Muslim Cousin Marriages

This program called "When Cousins Marry" was produced by Dispatches. While many of their programs have a biased slant, the reporter here has taken a very honest and straight forward look at the dangers of intermarriage--and the refusal of immigrant cultures to acknowledge the harm it does to their children.

The reporter  takes a fair look at both sides of the issue, and interviews those families who feel intermarriage is the best way. She also shows that there are  many inter married couples do not have children with genetic problems.

Meanwhile, for those who are affected, the government, and ordinary taxpayers are left to pick up the huge bills for care and treatment of these poor children who, because of a primitive cultural custom are born to a life of suffering. Do watch all four parts.
Muslim Cousin Marriages~Part I

Muslim Cousin Marriages~Part II

Muslim Cousin Marriages~Part III

Muslim Cousin Marriages~Part IV

This is Why I Love My Country

IDF Cpl. Levin & Palestinian "Baby Jude"
There is a story on YNet that will not make big news. At the same time IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz arrived in Neve Tzuf to offer his condolences to the surviving family and relatives of the Fogels, soldiers saw a Palestinian cab racing towards the  entrance to the community. Inside the cab, soldiers and paramedics found a  young (Palestinian) woman in advanced stages of labor and  in an obvious life-threatening situation: The umbilical cord was wrapped around the young baby girl's neck~mother and child were at risk of dying...

Stop and think for a moment. A short distance away the Fogels were sitting shiva for five  members of their family (including 3-month old baby Hadas) who were massacred just days earlier. The day of the Fogel massacre, settlers saw the fireworks and celebrations in nearby Palestinian communities. So what was the reaction to this Palestinain woman who shows up at the gates to the community in a life threatening situation? The same as it always is. They responded immediately and saved both baby and mother. Corporal Haim Levin, 19, an IDF paramedic, was the first medical team member at the scene to take action.  He remarked afterwards:
"They thanked us and told us they named the girl Jude," Corporal Levin said. "I volunteered for Magen David Adom since age 15 and it's the first time I witnessed childbirth. It was an amazing feeling, to hold the girl that was just born in my arms, and to know that in this complex place we did something good." 

This is the Israel I love! This is how our country is--every day. Yes, we defend ourselves when necessary, but at the same time we have compassion--even for those who want us dead. Remember this story next time somebody asks you to join a boycott or tries to tell you that we are an apartheid state...

The Fogel Family~Massacred by Palestinian Terrorists

Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet
On Thursday (17 March) the Yeshurun synagogue in Jerusalem was filled by thousands of people who attended the memorial for the Fogel Family who were massacred by barbarians last week. That horrific day was celebrated by "Palestinians" who handed out sweets, as Israel laid five of its loved ones to rest in Har HaMenuchot cemetery. As is the custom in Judaism, the family were wrapped in simple shrouds and carried to their final resting place, and all of Israel mourned.

That reaction from around the world was to imply that this family in some way "deserved it" because they were "settlers". How horrifying! Do these people even know or care that Under the terms of the Oslo Accords of 1993 between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, Itamar was designated Area "C" under full Israeli civil and security control. When the media spin doctors throw out their lies over and over again, in time, as in this case, the lie is accepted and innocents are held to blame for their owne murders.  For days I have tried without success to put into words the thoughts that keep thrashing around in my mind. Finally while reading an article written by Sultan Knish (Daniel Greenfield) my thoughts and emotions broke through. In an open letter to a man (whose terrorist propaganda film will be shown at the UN of all places), he describes in minute detail the steps that the terrorists took that night in Itamar--the thoughts and movements of the family and the barbarians that entered Itamar to slaughhter them. I urge you to go to THIS LINK and read the post carefully.

Sadistic killings by terrorists are nothing new to Israel. Her citizens have learned to recover and rely on their faith, and their unity as one people. There is a story about an Israeli, Rami Levi, who had a single stall in the Mahane Yehuda Shuk and built it into the largest chain of discount grocery stores in Israel. Indeed it would be safe to say that most Israelis have been to one of his stores. But this is not about  success or groceries--it is about the real man, Rami Levy and the Fogel family. 

Rami Levy (the man) May Hashem Bless Him
During the week of Shiva, family and friends had noticed a man (Rami Levy) in the kitchen stocking the shelves with food. He told them that they should get used to seeing his face--because he would be there each week stocking the shelves until the youngest child reached the age of 18. Regardless of his politics or the depth of his faith, Rami Levy is an prime example of who Israelis really are on the inside.

In an interview with Voice of Israel radio, host Estie Perez, a secular Jew, asked Rabbi Yehuda Ben Yishai, (Ruth Fogel's Father), “Where do you have the strength and restraint that you can talk now and strengthen us, without anger and without calling for vengeance--that is not in your voice? Where is the strength from?” 
Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai

Rabbi Ben-Yishai answered, “I have worked in education many years, and as an educator, I try to strengthen and teach people faith. I understand that I cannot be satisfied with words and that I also must implement the same principles on which I have educated others. This is a test of my faith, and therefore I agreed to be interviewed.” 

You see, herein lies the difference between Israelis and "Palestinians"--the "Palestinians" strap bombs on their children and send them out to kill Jews, They hand out sweets when one of their own slashes the throat of a 3-month old baby. They spout condemnation of the murder of innocents--not because they are against it--but because it does nothing to further their cause (which is to wipe Israel off the map). They pay handsome stipends to the families of those who murder Jews, and they name streets, pavilions and tournaments after suicide bombers. They will not negotiate peace until "after" they are given everything they ask for.

Israelis stand strong in times of crises. We mourn together as one family when we lose a soul, and like Mr. Levy, we do Chesed--acts of kindness. Israelis continue to sacrifice pieces of our tiny country  and release murderers (who do murder again) in the hopes of living in peace. Even after barbaric terror attacks Israelis remain willing to negotiate although there is nobody to negotiate with. It is these differences that make me think peace may never come in my time. Never-the-less, Israel and the Jewish people will survive--like they have done for thousands of years--before the murderous doctrine of the pedophile Mohammad was even thought of.

All of Israel mourns for these precious ones who were taken from us. There were so many in attendance at the cemetery that the entrance to Jerusalem was blocked and traffic had to be redirected. The clip below was posted by Muqata--who attended the Fogel Family funeral:

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fogel Family: What the World Does Not Know

This article in Arutz 7 is heartbreaking. 
For the past week people around the world have reacted in a hateful way regarding the massacre of the Fogel Family, without even knowing who they were,  just assuming that they were "radical settlers", and "deserved it".

Here is just one example of the kind of people they were. When the "first responders" entered the bedroom of  11-year old Yoav, they noticed a plaque above his bed with a simple prayer--written in Hebrew. 
The Hebrew prayer above Yoav's bed translates as follows (to English):

May it be Your will, L-rd G-d and G-d of our forefathers,
That I love every one of Israel as myself, and
To graciously perform the positive commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself.
 And may it also be Your will, Lord G-d and G-d of my forefathers,
That you cause the hearts of my friends and neighbors to love me fervently, and
That I be accepted and desirable to everyone, and
That I be loving and pleasant, and
That I be gracious and merciful in the eyes of all who see me.
As water reflects face to face, so the heart of man is to man.
And all for the sake of Heaven, to do Your will...Amen

...Baruch Dayan Ha'emet

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Prime Minister~Without Rose Coloured Glasses

Once again Latma weighs in on Israel and politics. It would be funny except for one thing--our PM is very much as depicted in this clip.

I've read Netanyahus' books and I have seen him in person. He knows hot to address an audience. And therein lies the problem. He is a true politician and can say whatever his audience wants to hear. When it comes to having the "courage of his convictions" he is nowhere to be seen. Last time he was PM the debacle that became Hevron was his doing. Now, the word is that he is slowly carving Israel and Jerusalem into tiny pieces. Read the sub-titles--there is truth in comedy.

* Follow these links to view more from Latma:

Israeli Navy Stops Another "Cargo" Ship

Arutz 7 was first to release this short clip and I found a follow up report and pictures on Tundra Tabloids. The IDF announced that the Victoria, a  German owned, French operated and Liberian flagged  vessel, was apprehended 200 miles off the Israeli coast by the IDF Navy. It was carrying arms from the port of Latakia in Syria to Alexandria in Egypt via Turkey. The IDF Navy fighters, met with no resistance. The containers (with packing slips) were found to be carrying weapons and weaponry directives (written in Pharsi--thats Persian, as used in Iran) which, according to assessments, would be used to arm terror organizations operating in the Gaza Strip. Investigations are ongoing, but PM Netanyahu said
"the one certainty is that the weapons are from Iran by way of Syria".

* Below the clip are pictures of some of the "cargo" carried by the Victoria.

Following are photos from the cargo ship Victoria:

As you can see the Victorias' "cargo" came in all sizes for convenience. Also, there were operation instructions  for the weapons written in Pharsi/Persian...that would be the Persian language of Iran. Now that's Interesting ~Iranian warships passed through the Suez to Syria recently....

There were many crates of "cargo" on the Victoria

So, just what kind of aid was this supposed to be?

J-Street Evil: "Maybe Israel Ain't a Good Idea"

I picked up this clip from Elder of Ziyon. Do visit his site for the this and many other good articles. I will only say that J-Street is a front for hatred. They claim they are "pro-Israel". On their website they wrote that they were "surprised and disappointed "  to hear the announcement that the Israeli Knesset would table a debate on J-Street. Listen to this statement by Daniel Levy, one of J Street's founders--made in front of 2,000 people. 

Maybe, if this collective Jewish presence--that is, the Jewish State in the Middle East--can only survive by the sword, then Israel really ain't a good idea.

So Israel is finally investigating your motives? As the kids say, Well Duuuhhhhh!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

An Aerial View of Jerusalem 2011 Marathon Route

There is an article in Arutz 7 about the  route  for the Jerusalem Marathon to be held on 25 March 2011. To date close to 5,000 people have registered for the event, this includes over 1,000 participants from around the world. The route listed on the Marathon site winds through the capital city past many of the most renowned sites. Follow THIS LINK to an interactive map of the route. I have taken the names of the sites from the route and provided some links for your information.

The marathon will start at the Knesset, then to the Israel Museum, then The Supreme Court building, the Gerard Bechar Center, Mamilla, the Old City’s Historic Walls, the Jaffa Gate, the Zion Gate, Sultan’s Pool, The Israeli Cinemateque, The Menachem Begin Heritage Center,  The Jerusalem Khan Theater, The Residence of the President of Israel (primarily for ceremonial use), The Jerusalem TheaterMount Zion, Emek Refaim~German Colony, the Jerusalem Armon Hanatziv Promenade, the Mount of Olives, The Jerusalem MunicipalityAmmunition Hill, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mount Scopus Campus ending up near the Supreme Court building.

Mayor Nir Barkat took a group of journalist for a "ride" using platform specially produced by the Dinner in the Sky company. The clip is a nice aerial view of Jerusalem...enjoy!
* There is a 15 second commercial before the clip starts--sorry not my clip!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Islamic "Boy Scout" Camps

The title is a bit of a misnomer because girls also attend these "camps". It is perhaps the only area in which Muslim countries allow women equal rights. It should be noted, however, that a woman apparently is not given 72 virgins for being a martyr as they are considered inferior--but  they choose death (my irony meter just exploded)

Remember a few things when you watch this clip. These children are raised to hate and kill instead of learning to read, write and explore life. They are given no chance to know anything else. There are no refugee camps in Israel--only in Arab countries--Israel dismantled all its camps, giving the people full citizenship and rights. Arab countries deny even the  very basic rights to their brother and sisters--and the camps just keep on growing.

Now tell me again why is the world holding "Israel" Apartheid Week??

One is a Lie~One is Not

Elder of Zion has produced an excellent report on the history of the "land" situation between Israel and it's "peace partners". It is in-depth and must be read by all thinking, honest people~The haters will not be interested. Please go to this link and read carefully. Examine the maps. Then think! 

Why is the world is screaming for Israel to hand over more land? Look at the maps. Think about what will result if the world powers force Israel to sacrifice more land. Remember that ALL land outside of Israel is "Judenrein". Mahmoud Abbas has stated in no uncertain terms that not one Jew will step foot on "Palestinian" land. Remember that Hamas has already displaced the PA in Gaza and refuses to renounce the vow that they will wipe Israel from the face of the earth. Remember that Jordan was originally given as a Palestinian state and to this day is occupied by a majority of Palestinians~who are denied basic civil rights by Jordan. The list is endless!

Elder closed the report closes with this:
This map shows that Israel gave up control of the Sinai, Gaza, Southern Lebanon and much of the West Bank over the years. Rather than falsely accusing Israel as a land-grabbing rogue state, it accurately shows Israel as perhaps the only state in history that has voluntarily given up more than two-thirds of the areas it controls in exchange for nothing more than a paper agreement - or sometimes not even that. All at the risk of serious security concerns for her people, no less.

This is all because Israel wants, desperately, to live in real peace with her neighbors. This desire is not reciprocated by those neighbors, unfortunately.

The real map shows the truth of Israel's incredible concessions in the often vain hope for peace.
Be honest with yourself and ask some hard questions:

   1) Why is Israel the only one being pressured?
   2) Why does the world refuse to honestly look at the history?
   3) Do I hate Israel so much that I want to see it wiped from the face of the earth?

Muslims Call for Demolition of the Statue of Liberty?

While browsing I came accross this article. It is just too good to pass over. You can read the entire post and see the "full sized proposed renovations" at  Moonbattery. I should note that the site calling for this latest "removal" features that "Madcap Muslim Andy Choudry". While it is hard to take Andy seriously, you need to remember that he is only voicing openly what the others are secretly working to bring about. So, in the end, is this post comical or a real threat?? You decide...

If flying jets full of innocent civilians into the World Trade Center wasn't perfectly symbolic of Islam's relationship to America, how about this--Muslims are calling for the demolition of the Statue of Liberty. From Shariah 4 America:

of liberty burka
Suggested Renovations Prior to Demolition
The Statue of Liberty, designed by Frederic Bartholdi, stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor; representing Libertas, the Roman (false) goddess of Freedom, it is symbolic of the rebellious nature of the US constitution that elevates the command of man over the command of God.

In Islam, the public veneration of idols and statues is strictly prohibited. This has forced sincere Muslims to develop realistic plans that will aid in the removal of the Statue of Liberty.

Due to the scale of the task at hand, it is highly likely that rigorous safety checks will need to be employed before the demolition of the Statue of Liberty can commence; thus as a temporary measure, it is proposed that a large burkha is used to cover the statue, thereby shielding this horrendous eye sore from public view as well as sending a strong message to its French creators.

Post demolition, it is recommended that a minaret be built as a fitting replacement, allowing the glorification of God to be proclaimed daily as well as act as a powerful reminder of the superiority of Islam over all other ways of life.

It reads like a joke at the expense of Islamic arrogance, but the site actually seems to be on the level. Not that this will dissuade any liberals from reflexively siding with Muslims against the Americans they want to kill or enslave.

Now Watch This...It Is Not Funny

PM Netanyahu Response to Massacre of the Fogel Family

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The One Family Fund~Helping Victims of Terror
Today I received an email from One Family Fund. If you would like to help victims of terror, including the three surviving Fogel children, you can do so through this organization

I have printed part of the email here, but you can read the entire letter and learn more about this organization on their website at THIS LINK.

OneFamily has already been to the grandparents’ home, where the surviving children were taken following the murders.  Today, we attended the funeral to show the Fogels that we are here for them, and that we will be here for them every step of the way; offering guidance, understanding and support.
As the initial shock is replaced with realization that their lives will never be the same, OneFamily professionals and volunteers will be on call and available to help the Fogel children cope. The surviving children will join our specialized support group for orphans of terror--currently including 51 orphans from 14 families just like theirs. They will also receive the care and support of  OneFamily’s Youth Division, whose ongoing programs, activities and personal attention are given to nearly 2000 young Israelis bereaved by senseless acts of terror.  The bereaved grandparents will be invited to join OneFamily’s support groups for bereaved adults.

OneFamily is the only non-profit organization dedicated to providing Israel’s victims of terror and their families with the personalized, comprehensive and long-term support they need to rehabilitate and reintegrate back into society--from the moment of trauma and for as long as assistance is needed.

In this case, that will be a long time. Beyond their psychological needs, funds will be needed far into the future to help the three surviving Fogel children grow into adulthood, to complete their education, and to achieve independence. In short, to do for them what their parents would have, had they survived the terrorists’ knives.

It is always very difficult to find the words to ask for your help, especially when we are still caught in the horror ourselves. But with a deep sense of mission, OneFamily must ask you to help us help these latest victims of terror in Israel.  Our programs and dedicated care and rehabilitation for victims cannot exist without your support.

Donations can be made online at 
or by phone 1-866-9-1FAMILY.

With your help, OneFamily will continue to help the bereaved, maimed, psychologically traumatized and financially devastated victims to rebuild their shattered lives.

Barbaric! Palestinians Murder Family of Five on Shabbat

Baby Hadas
All around the world people are gearing up for Israel Apartheid week, meanwhile on Sunday, 12 March 2011 in Jerusalem, Rabbi Udi Fogel (36), his wife Ruth (34), 11-year-old Yoav, 4-year-old Elad and three-month-old baby Hadas are being laid to rest in Har HaMenuchot cemetery. As I look out the window the sun has given way to dark gloomy clouds and it makes me think that even the heavens are mourning for this barbaric attack on innocents.

Baby Hadas & Father Udi~Throats Slashed

The Facts:  Between 22:20 and 22:30 the terrorists entered the house through the living room picture window (not seeing the 6-year-old boy sleeping on the couch) they  continued to the first bedroom where they slashed the throats of the father and newborn baby who were sleeping there. 

Mrs. Fogel Fought

Ruth Fogel came out of the bathroom when she was attacked and stabbed. The evidence shows she tried to fight with the terrorists.

11-Year Old Yoav~Throat Slashed
They then slashed the throat of the 11-year old-son who was reading in his bed.

They did not notice the 2-year old who was asleep in his bed, but murdered the 4-year old with stabs to his heart. After that, they locked the door, and exited  the way they entered--through the window.

Exactly two hours after the initial infiltration, there was another warning signal from the same spot on the fence, as the terrorists left the same way they had come. The security patrol did not identify the source of the signal as infiltration either time "because the fence was not cut".

4-Year Old Elad~Stabbed in Heart

When their 12-year-old daughter Tamar returned home at 00:30 and found the door locked,she asked her neighbor, Rabbi Yaakov Cohen, of the Itamar Yeshiva, to help her. He brought a weapon with him once he noticed tracks and mud near the house. The two woke up the 6-year old sleeping in the living room by calling through the window and when he opened the door, the Rabbi returned to his home.

When she entered the bedrooms, she saw the horrific blood soaked scene  (with her 2-year old brother crying and trying to wake his parents up) and ran out of the house screaming. The neighbor ran back and fired several shots in the air to alert security personnel.

Gaza Celebrates Murder with Sweets
The primary reaction of news outlets was to state that they  were "very concerned that radical settlers might retaliate". The always biased BBC made a point of announcing the building of houses and managed to tie the murders to that while parroting their line that the settlements are illegal--they are not! (I will address this in another post) These victims were not radical settlers! They were Israelis, a husband and wife, and their three young children!

As a point of interest, Rabbi Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their six children were expelled from Gush Katif in 2005 as part of "then Prime Minister" Ariel Sharon's plan to end the same terror that cruelly ended their lives. They were forced out of Netzarim in central Gaza, re-located to Ariel in Samaria along with other expellees. Two years ago, they moved to Itamar, where Rabbi Fogel, a former IDF tank unit officer, taught in the post-high school yeshiva there. Yes, giving up land really leads to peace...

Celebrate Murder~Sweets for Hamas Police
Hamas websites are jubilant for their heroic "Mujahid" and true to form in Gaza, there were celebrations and sweets for all!

In the picture to the left a Palestinian man offers sweets to Hamas policemen in the streets of the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on March 12, 2011 to celebrate the barbaric attack in Itamar.

The Arabs have been attacking Israelis since 1948--Israel accepted the division of their tiny country but the Arabs were not satisfied to get half. Then, there were no "settlements". Then, as now, the Arabs (most of whom were migrants who came looking for jobs when the Jews started building the country) decided they wanted the whole pie. Then, as now, it had nothing to do with building and everything to do with hundreds of years of hatred of Jews. Almost every day "PA Arabs" are throwing rocks and attacking Jews. While "Israeli Arabs" go freely anyplace they choose in all of Israel, if a Jew makes a wrong turn and ends up in an Arab neighborhood he risks a lynching. PA areas are Judenrein and Mahboud Abbas had remained adamant that not one Israeli wiill step foot on "Palestinian" land--and they say Israelis are racist? Wake Up!! Stop falling for the lies and media spin doctors!

"Official" PA Photo Shows ALL of Israel as Palestine
The Palestinian terrorists, emboldened by  the leftist, anti-Israel groups, partnering with the EU, UN, USA and others around the world now feel it is their "right" to kill Jews.

The Al Quassams website, in referring to the murders, makes their claims that "according to International Law" (which I cannot find) the Palestinian resistance factions have full right to resist any kind of occupation on the land of use all tools and means of resistance against the Israeli occupation forces and the armed Israeli settlers...Yes, you stupid boobs, that 4-month old baby girl was very heavily armed and I bet it took at least two of you to overpower her and cut her throat.

This is part of a post I read on Israel Jewish News Blog. I could not have said it better:
What sickness does it take for armed men to come into a family's home in the middle of the night and murder a rabbi, his wife, and three innocent children?  I will tell you what sickness it takes. It takes the sickness of a society that raises their children to hate Jews.  It takes the sickness of a society that gives school children books that poisons them to think that murdering a Jew will send them to heaven. It takes the sickness of a society where the Prime Minister would suggest his own people were living illegally in their own homes, and a Secretary of Defense that would collaborate with the enemy to destroy Jewish homes. It takes the sickness of a society that will listen to anti-Semites dressed in the robes of "Peace Now" rather than supporting their own people who are trying to make a life in the land that Gd has given us. (Ed. emphasis mine)

Over the next weeks I will be posting links and information detailing some "facts" regarding this ongoing hatred of Israel. You can read for yourself that our "peace partners" maintain the clause in their constitutions calling for the elimination of Israel. You will see the facts that in the middle east there is no tolerance for any non-muslims. And if you are honest with yourself you will ask why the world is posturing to a gang of medieval murderers, pedophiles and rapists. The easy answer is OIL. But is that enough to make good, decent people with stand by while babies have their throats cut?

The video below is being posted on many sites  with permission by the surviving family members with the plea:  "Do Not Let This Happen Again!" Please share with everyone you know.  It is especially important that all the useful idiots parading  their banners for Israel Apartheid week see this. It is their uninformed, anti-Israel hatred that has made these terrorists feel bold enough to carry out this barbaric slaughter. The blood of these five innocents is on the hands of everyone who ignores the truth.

A Reflection on "Bad TV"

I am posting this short clip done by a friend and colleague. The film is a reflection on the effects of TV, created and produced for an Israeli film contest by an up and coming young producer, editor and film-maker, Ilya Marcus. He is creative and hard working and I think he will go far in the film industry. You can see more of his work on his Vimeo Site.

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Forgotten Refugees~1 Million Expelled

There seems to be a world impression that all Jews are from eastern Europe--Not So! If somebody wants to understand what is going on in the Middle East they have to understand the Jewish refugees from Arab countries and learn about the mass exodus of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa in the 20th century.

This film is not a "Hollywood Blockbuster" rather, it documents the history, culture, and forced exodus of Middle Eastern and North African Jewish communities in the second half of the 20th century. This is an extensive testimony of refugees from Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco and Yemen~the joy and suffering~that nearly one million individuals have carried with them for so long. These are the personal stories and dramatic archival footage of rescue missions, historic images of exodus and resettlement, and analysis by contemporary scholars to tell the story of how and why the Jewish population in the Middle East and North Africa declined from one million in 1945 to barely several thousand today.

Whether you hate Israel and the Jews or love us, it is important for you to watch this film. Watch and listen closely. Think about where the truth lies as the haters scream blood-libels to this very day.

The Forgotten Refugees

Israel Apartheid Week~Part I

I have decided to do a few posts about the world-wide Israel Apartheid Week. I have spent a great deal of time reading the manifestos of those who join the hate-fest (yes, it is a hate-fest). I went from surprise, shock, disbelief to realization. The realization that these people who are screaming the loudest have no idea what they are talking about. 

Yes, I could spend endless time pointing out the daily things in Israel that are not right--but I think there are more than enough critics out there. On the flip side, I wonder if those screeching for the destruction of Israel would be that critical of their own country? Those marching with the PA, Hamas, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey--why do they not criticize what is happening in those countries? Those countries along with all of our other muslim neighbors are almost completely Judenrein. Why does nobody protest that?

Instead, what I choose to address is outright lies that are being flaunted (and sadly) believed. What I choose to do is show why I love my country.

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