Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hassan Nasrallah is Squealing Again

While passing a bunker the sound of squealing was heard...Okay, I just couldn't resist. 

A while back I wrote about Hassain Nasrallah HERE  about his rantings and his hatred of the Jewish people, and wanting them all  wiped out, and on and on. Nothing new here...moving along. 

But, as we all know some people just don't know when to stop and now he is telling his thugs followers that  "he would capture the Galilee".  

A report from Arutz 7, noted the response from PM Binyamin Netanyahu as he addressed a conference in Jerusalem:

"I have news for you--you won't.”  

One has to doubt the sanity of Nasrallah at the best of times--but if you really consider it, he only promotes hate and death and killing and dying...and the guy lives in a bunker! 

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