Thursday, 24 February 2011

Allen West~This is a Real Man

I've been a bit under the weather, sorry about that. While browsing I found this great story from Bare Naked Islam's Blog.  All I can say is Wow! Thanks for posting this. 

I like Allen West--he is truly a real man who has principles, stands up for them and is not afraid to speak his mind! The whining minions of CAIR have spread through the country complaining they are being persecuted and are victims, while working against everything the free world stands for. Well, Allen West is having none of that! He begins at 1:09 saying "the truth is out there" then goes on to list the long history of Islamic violence (which I suspect CAIR does not want to mention). At 2:03 he tells Hamze "I've been on the battlefield my friend, don't try to blow sunshine up my butt". Amid the applause and audience feedback Hamze tries to play the shame card at 2:41 when he says "I am ashamed to be here in front of all these people while you attack Islam". To which Allen West responds "You attacked us!" Amid more applause Allen West concludes with "put down that microphone and go home". Hooray for Allen West! Why can't we get a few more good men like him in government! I would follow Allen West any day!

Here is part of the same video with sub-titles of the conversation that took place. There is also an interview at the end with Allen West that is worth watching. I know that he is an American Congressman, But he is addressing problems that are rearing up in every free country. We need a lot more men like Allen West in this world to stand up to the destructive Politically Correct politicians that are threatening us all!

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