Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Yad L'Achim~Working to Counter Xtian Missionaries in Israel

I found the video at the end of this post on Shearim (a great site). The organization Yad L'Achim, that the video highlights, does amazing work--not only in the field of counter-acting xtian missionaries. I urge you to  visit their site. Read about the rescue work they undertake to bring imprisoned Jewish women out of brutal arab homes. For all Jews, please pay attention to what  Yad L'Achim are doing and get behind them with your support.

Israel is a free country that welcomes all people who want to see the sites and have an enjoyable experience--to them I say welcome, enjoy and come again. There is no problem with xtians (or anyone) who wants to tour and visit sites they consider holy to their own faith. I have met people from all over the world and enjoyed their company. The problem is with those who decide to create bases of operation with the idea of converting Jews. Their whole doctrine is based on the fact that anyone not believing in their idol god will burn in hell--and I will not even go into the insanity of the replacement theology.
The point is, Israel is the only country in the entire world where Jews can be Jews. Bad enough we are surrounded by muslims who want to wipe us out, now we have the xtians setting up camp inside our borders with the intent of stealing our souls! 

What is particularly evil is that they prey on young kids, the very old and sick, the down-trodden and those who are generally undergoing bad times. They search for weakness on the streets and in places like seniors homes.  How evil to creep to the side of a lonely dying old person and try to convince them they need to accept  the  "j-person"  to avoid everlasting torture of their soul. Are these people not tortured and scared enough already?

They twist the Jewish Holy Books, and buy their way into our country with donations pumped into areas that are long-suffering. They translate their sayings into Hebrew and call them holy scriptures, then hand them out on the streets, sneak them into laundry outlets and hostels or anyplace else where people are unaware. They pretend to be "Jewish" wearing kippahs and using a vocabulary that "sounds Jewish". They have even managed to slime their way into the Knesset via the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. While I concede that there are some xtians who sincerely believe in Israel as a home for the Jewish people, unfortunately there are all too many who use this caucus and other such organizations for the purpose of stealing souls. I find it particularly disgusting that one of our own Knesset Members is married to a "born again" who openly goes on xtian TV, and preaches, even here in Israel--how shameful for our entire country.

Untold dollars are pumped into sending these "missionizers" to the Holy Land. It is a good thing that much of this money does Not go to the intended purpose. Most of the so-called missionaries are just people who are too lazy to get a job in their home countries so they "see the light" and come to Israel (to preach of course) then they sit in hostels--or  depending on donations, houses--in front of a TV--only leaving to eat, many times in Jewish soup kitchens set up for the homeless. The only missionizing they do is in their dreams, or the newsletters they send home asking for more funds. I guess in one way that is a good thing, but in the end we are stuck with all this useless, lazy baggage, who contribute nothing to the country and end up being a burden when they are sick and dying.

Israel needs a hard law to ban these activities and start clearing people like this out of our country. Behind the fake smiles and hot coffee lies an evil, danger to us all. 

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