Thursday, 6 January 2011

This is What Islam is Bringing to Your Neighborhood

* A tip of the kippah to Bare Naked Islam for this report. Just one of many reminders that all of the political correctness and reaching out in the world will not appease muslims in any western country. This violent outburst happened at a Halal-Friendly Kentucky Fried Chicken in Punchbowl, Australia, when a customer asked for bacon on his burger. I don't care what religion you are--nobody has the right to behave in this barbaric manner--but wait--this is the religion of peace, right?. As a Jew, I do not eat pork. If I accept employment where it involves dealing with pork products then it is my responsibility to do the job I am paid for--end of story. 

I don't care what KFC says in response, they chose the halal  route in a country that is not islamic--they accepted dhimmi status for themselves--not the rest of the world. And yes, there are some KFC outlets in Israel that are Kosher--but we are a Jewish country so I would expect to find Kosher fast food here. I would never expect or demand that any other country meet my religious expectations.  

***Warning--Very Strong, Abusive Language...

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