Thursday, 20 January 2011

Let's Clear the Air About Islamophobia

On a daily basis I hear the press screaming Islamophobia and I am sick of it! A muslim with a gun kills eight people while yelling allahu akbar and the press immediately worries about Islamophobia. What kind of reporting is that?

If having a fear of being blown up or beheaded or having to lift my butt to the sky five times a day  while wearing a tent is Islamophobia, then yes, I am Islamophobic.

Islamic Graduation for 12 Year Old
Here are two links. The first is an article about this very topic at Bare Naked Islam. Warning--the photos are extremely graphic. If you want truth read the whole article--look at the pictures and read the statistics.

The second is Religion of Peace They daily list the attacks presented to the world in the name of "peace". If you don't want to view the truth nobody can force you, but I don't want to hear about freakin' Islamophobia any more!

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