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Jerusalem's Western Wall~Indisputably Jewish

Once again, thanks to Bare Naked Islam's blog. The below video from El Jazzie is an example of everything that is wrong with reporters in the Middle East. With good filming and a smooth voice-over this clip promotes the subtle ways in which the PA thugs are trying to remake history. Just a few points to look for as you watch the clip at the end of this post:

* Jerusalem was sacred to Jews long before Christianity was formed--Islam didn't appear on the scene until around 610 years after Christianity when Muhammed started having siezures. All the Google answers saying Islam has been around since Abraham and the moon are the  "new" lies. They now say Mary was a Muslim and Jesus the first Martyr--sorry Christians, apparently you've been wrong all these years.

* Jerusalem is mentioned hundreds of times in the Torah--But Not One Time in the Koran! Professor Mordechai Kedar appeared live on Al Jazeera  and reminded them of this--in Arabic

* Jews all over the world pray three times a day facing in the direction of the Kotel (Western Wall). When Jews leave the Kotel they walk "backwards" until they are out of the courtyard in front of the wall "out of respect".

* Muslims pray facing Mecca, which means that when they pray in Jerusalem their butts are pointed toward their precious mosque--respect?

* The development project is for safety so people from around the world can visit Jerusalem's Holy Site--it is reinforcing the area.

* Scientific Studies?? The Kotel wall is older than Islam and its yellow pimple. Despite the fact that the Waqf has spent years trying to dig up and destroy anything "Jewish" they cannot erase the fact that the Jerusalem has always been the Jewish Holy City. Muslims were not even interested in it until the Jews started making aliyah. The only reason muslims claim anything is if the Jews settle there.

* The constant rant about "settlements" is getting tiresome. There was fighting and jihad long before any "settlements" were built. There could have been a "Palestinian" state many times but the Arabs keep refusing because it is not about land at all. It is about the Arab hatred for the Jews.

The truth is these are legal towns and cities that Israel built  out of the dust of Judea and Samaria--neither of which were ever part of a "Palestinian Land". The land was barren until the Israelis cleared, planted, built and brought life to it.

If you want to talk about illegal building, drive from Jerusalem to Tiberius (or almost anywhere in Israel) you will see thousands of Illegal Arab Buildings going up on Israeli land yet if one were to be taken down the world would go crazy!

Not a single human rights group made a peep when 10,000 Jews were ripped from their homes in Gush Katif in 2005! Now, in 2011 many of these families are still suffering. They lost their homes, synagogues, communities and employment. Many were in their 50's and older--no replacement employment is available. Where is the outcry! When the millions of dollars worth of greenhouses were trashed--not a sound! Not even when Hamas stormed in and began firing thousands of rockets into Israel did anyone speak out--but when Israel fought back to stop the bombings--the entire world was screaming in condemnation--how dare Israel protect its children!

The Arab world is rife with lies and falsehood. They put up illegal structures that remain empty but they claim them as "their ancestral homes". Even their grave gravestones are fakes planted around Jerusalem in an effort to claim their "ancient cemetary".

* Netanyahu froze building for ten months. At the ninth hour Abbas pretended he would engage in talks--but only only if the freeze was continued--just another excuse. Read Their Charter! Their goal is to annihilate the Jews and have all of Israel.

Just look at the "official" photos of Abbas taken within the past year with his version of "Palestine"--Oops! What happened to Israel?? Why does the world remain silent?

* As for Obama (vomit) he only demands that Israel give more and more. Think about it--exactly how many concessions has Abbas made (HINT:  Not a single one!) He builds memorials to terrorists who have killed Jews, he pays terrorists (in jail) and their families for attacks on Jews, and not to forget, he wants seven million arabs to be assimilated into Israel, but declared that not a single Jew will step foot on "Palestinian" land. Ah, my mistake--was that his concession? 

Watch As the Masters of Lies Try to Change History

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