Thursday, 13 January 2011

Idolatry Warning !

Idolatry is coming to the Holy Land in new forms according to an article in Arutz 7. Local residents from Arava approached Yad L’Achim and  asked the organization to take action to prevent a "spiritual university" center from opening. After investigating an organization that calls itself Wisdom and Intelligence, Yad L'Achim has found that its members are Buddhists, headed by an Israeli living in the United States. The plans are to build a spiritual center in the Arava--which would include several hundred acres for the establishment of a Buddhist center. Yad L'Achim has consequently issued a warning.

An investigation by Yad L'Achim found that during the contacts between the organization "Wisdom and Intelligence" and the Interior Ministry in order to obtain the necessary permits, not a word was spoken about Buddhism and all the paperwork on the project simply mentioned the words "spiritual university" with no further details

An important part of Buddhism is devotion to the Buddha, and includes worshiping and bowing to images of the Buddha as well as to religious superiors, something which is idol worship, and clearly prohibited in the Ten Commandments.

Israel is a Jewish country--The Only Jewish Country in the World--a place where Jews will always be free--to be Jews. While people of every religion and belief have always been welcome to visit Israel,  building centers to worship idols is not! There must not be an idolatrous Buddhist center built in Israel! * Consider what would happen If they tried to open such a thing in any Arab country--they would be hanging from a scaffold by now. 

Our government officials must realize the the danger in embracing idolatry in the Holy Land, and put a halt to this travesty.

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