Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Gaza Feminists~Allahu Akbar Baby

Hamas has embraced equal rights for their woman and is training them to be suicide bombers. According to a report by Arutz 7, a crew from CNN traveled blindfolded to a secret location to film the women in action.

While female terrorists are not a new phenomenon in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, it is rare that a foreign news agency is allowed to interview them and watch them training. Reporter Paula Hancocks interviewed the veiled and armed women (all from the Salah ad-Din Brigades) to the background sounds of Allahu Akbar.

The women saw nothing unusual in fighting alongside men because women also serve in the “Zionist” army. ***The women (and men) in the IDF are a defensive force--they do not go out with explosives strapped to their chests in the hope of killing as many civilians as possible. I am sure they think the publicity will "strike terror into the hearts of their enemies, but truthfully I am not sure if this is hilariously funny or just plain pathetic. Have a look at the video below.

The interviewed took place at a table loaded with rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and explosives. According to the reporter the scene was “carefully choreographed for our camera and the message was clear.”
The reporter described the women as aged from 20s to 50s. She then went on to describe the 64-year-old grandmother who blew herself up four years ago--She was the oldest Palestinian female suicide bomber.

Thanks to the primitive fundamentalist Islamic mindset more than one of the women interviewed wants to follow in granny's footsteps.

Western media has started to refer to these jihadists as militants--but anyone strapping on explosives to blow themselves into ground ground beef is a terrorist--also insane--but still a terrorist.

What strikes me as particularly brainless is the fact that there is apparently no "virgins" and unlimited pleasures available for female jihadis--now that is just out right sexist...Here's the Video.

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