Thursday, 20 January 2011

Canada Taking on Dhimmi Status

I read this on Mesopotamia West and Blazing Cat Fur, then followed the links to...Vlad Tapes, who has promised to post more details as the story unfolds. I will update you from here as well.

As the story goes, there was to be a screening of the film Iranium shown at the National Archives Theatre. According to sources and this story in the Ottawa Citizen the screening was canceled after a call from the Iranian Embassy--wait, What? The Iranian Embassy is telling a Canadian Theatre what films they can screen?

This was followed by threats and the theatre being closed down while police and fire crews arrived. The film shows the truth about what is happening--in the past and now! This is not libel or slander or lies. One had hoped that Canada would be the last country to fall for the threats of rabid islamists. Apparently not. Wake up and Speak up Now Canada--soon it will be too late. In the meantime here is the trailer...

Iranium Trailer

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