Monday, 17 January 2011

Auzie Mural Causing Riots

Redegalli and His Mural
Four months ago, artist Sergio Redegalli painted a mural on the wall of his studio saying "No" to Burkas and it is causing riots (literally). The mural was intended as a point for debate, but it immediately caused an uproar and a complaint was lodged with the Anti-Discrimination Board, saying: ''It's Islamophobic; it's feeding the racist and sexist attitudes we have in our society.''  (Sexist??)

It is just this type of mindset  that casts a shadow over the long history of free speech in Australia (and every democratic country). The complainant needs to be reminded that if she is going to make her home in a free country, and benefit from all the freedoms  given in an open and democratic society, she can't dictate how those freedoms are to be applied. The right to begin debates and even to be disrespectful and insulting, is among those freedoms that people in democratic countries have fought for over the years.

Redegalli said: "This mural has come from frustration...You can't say anything about Muslims without getting in trouble. There's a problem about the right to free expression, the loss of the ability to say something without instantly being branded a racist...'

Christians, Jews, Buddhists or any other religion basically do not object to anybody practicing their own faith. But the Burka is not about religion--it is about security in a free country and it is a political statement by those who would oppress us.  Consider that--there is no way to identify who is under it--or even if it is a male or female! Suicide bombings, robbery and other crimes have been carried out under the cover of the Burka. I posted a commentary by Pat Condell HERE on the call to ban the Burka and I have to agree with his opinion that it is indeed an "ugly mobile tarpaulin" and that it is "the manifestation of a primitive culture and a primitive mindset". The debate over whether this covering is oppressive to women or not, is as irrelevant  as a discussion on the requirement for a nudist to wear clothing to a grocery store.

Sadly, as the video below shows, the "religion of peace" will never allow freedom of opinion unless it agrees with their world view.

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