Monday, 31 January 2011

The Criminal Truth~But Can Anyone See It?

From Milton to Hedegaard: Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties. The Kafka-esque trial proceedings against Danish journalist and historian Lars Hedegaard included a final statement by the defendant. On Monday, January 31, 2011 the (pre-ordained) verdict will be handed down.

What follows these words are Mr. Hedegaard’s courageous and illuminating, if depressing, remarks.  I urge you to GO HERE and read the rest of the article and think hard on his words--and ask yourself how long it will be until you too are on trial.

In the below video Pat Condell calls foul in this instance. Why is it that it takes a professed atheist to see the truth and dare to point it out? Where in the world are all the "religious" folks who preach  about everyone being created equal--or is it only "everyone selected"? I am not against Muslims, but I am against Islamification of the free world and Sharia law, and the constant chipping away of my rights and freedoms. Anyone with a working brain can see that there is nothing in Islam that can ever exist with freedom and democracy in this world and instead of facing the facts our politically correct judges and politicians are trying to send us all back to the dark ages. Next they'll be burning people at the stake if they speak, or is it beheading...You figure it out.

Egyptian Protesters Promise to Destroy Israel

Protesters against President Mubarak in Egypt--Oh, yes--and while we are at it--we will destroy Israel! This has nothing to do with land. This is the result of hundreds of years of ignorant hatred promoted by Imams to maintain their control. Concentrating the hatred on Israel instead of the real problem will only make things worse, in Egypt, the Middle-East and eventually the rest of the free world.

Toronto Has Some Serious Problems!

This video from Toronto shows how an Egyptian freedom rally is hijacked by Islamists. Posted by Tundra Tabloids, it was put together by Blazing Cat Fur.  There are also many photos available at Lumpy, Grumpy and Frumpy Blog. Do pay a visit to these sites.

It should be noted that there is a trend here and many of the same useful idiots show up at every rally imposing their personal vendettas (mostly against Israel). There are many outrageous signs but what is particularly noticeable is the ongoing hatred of Israel that always manages to rear its ugly head. What I find the most hypocritical are those who are calling Israel an Apartheid state--even though Israeli Arabs have more rights in Israel than any other Arab country, and of course the ever-present Queers against Apartheid in Israel (excuse me while I fall to the floor laughing). Israel is the ONLY country in the middle-east where gays have rights. Anywhere else being gay is a death penalty--ask the gays from Arab countries who are sneaking into Israel. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does...

Will Riots in Egypt Bring War to Israel?

Hat tip to Tundra Tabloids for the video as well as coverage on this most important event.

Many believe that Mohamed Elbaradei is nothing more than a stooge of the Muslim Brotherhood. If he succeeds in grabbing the reins in Egypt this could mean that Israel will face an enemy with one of the largest and strongest military forces around, built on the most advanced American-made platforms. The IDF has not had to worry about defending two fronts at once until now and the impact will be felt immediately.

In 2009 Wikileaks posted a cable saying that Egypt was stopping Iranian money from making its way through the country to Hamas in the Gaza Strip--a strong Islamist government  in Egypt could change all that. Elbaradei has already stated that (when he takes power) he will open the border to Gaza. Add to all the above the open anti-Israel attitude of Obama, and we could be facing a disaster that would sweep accross the middle east. The question now must be asked--If the Islamists sweep the middle-east what will stop their movement from rising up in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, North America? The Muslim Brotherhood has set down roots in all of these places--whether you choose to admit it or not.

In a report for the Jerusalem Post, Barry Rubin states:
Remember the Iranian revolution when all sorts of people poured out into the streets to demand freedom? 
...Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is now president.
Remember the Beirut spring when people poured out into the streets to demand freedom? 
...Hizbullah is now running Lebanon.
Remember the democracy among the Palestinians and free elections?
...Hamas is now running the Gaza Strip.
Remember democracy in Algeria?
...Tens of thousands of people were killed in the ensuing civil war.
It doesn’t have to be that way but the precedents are pretty daunting...

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable...JFK

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Update on ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood

A report from Reuters said that Mohamed ElBaradei is now putting pressure on the United States to support calls for President Hosni Mubarak to step down, saying "life support to the dictator" must end. In a series of interviews with US television networks from Cairo, ElBaradei also said he had a mandate to negotiate a national unity government and would soon reach out to the army. "I hope that I should be in touch soon with the army, and we need to work together. The army is part of Egypt."  Even more telling is his statement: "I have been authorized--mandated--by the people who organized these demonstrations and many other parties to agree on a national unity government."

Meanwhile, on Sunday, a leading member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said Egyptian opposition forces had agreed to support ElBaradei to negotiate with the government. It should be noted that a number of Muslim Brotherhood members have escaped from prison--now they can help ElBaradei with with his "mandate" to takeover.

Yes, of course, lets just put ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood at the head of the Egyptian armed forces. Anyone want to guess what their first course of action will be?

Riots in Egypt~Who Stands to Win?

Egypt and the middle-east is in an uproar, meanwhile shrillary  and company sits back and calls for restraint--seriously, do they really believe anyone in the middle-east gives a flying fig what they say? That's like putting a note in a bottle asking the ocean not to create any more tsunamis. It just ain't gonna happen.

Mohammed ElBaradei Returns
Let's take a look at Egypt. Nobody will argue that the regime of Hosni Mubarak is ideal. But consider who is waiting in the wings to take over. Up front and center is Mohammed ElBaradei, the former head of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (and Egyptian presidential hopeful). He has returned amid great press-coverage to Egypt to participate in "anti-regime" demonstrations--and guess who is backing him? Ahhh, the acrid stench of the Muslim Brotherhood is wafting through the air. 

In this article from Mesopotamia West he states...Owing to US aid, the Egyptian military today makes the military Israel barely defeated in 1973, look like a gang of cavemen. Egypt has nearly 300 F-16s. Its main battle tank is the M1A1 which it produces in Egypt. Its navy is largest in the region. Its army is twice the size of the IDF. Its air defense force constitutes a massive threat to the IAF. And of course, the ballistic missiles and chemical weapons it has purchased from the likes of North Korea and China give it a significant stand-off mass destruction capability. Now just imagine all that military power in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood--Oh, by the way, their motto is:  Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope... Thank you to the USA for making it possible for radical Islam to have a fully outfitted military force readily available for them to use in fulfilling their goals.

You may remember that Elbaradei, as head of the IAEA shielded Iran's nuclear weapons program from the Security Council. When Iran's goals became too glaring to ignore, he continued to lobby against sanctions, or any actions, against Iran, while having the chutzpah to equate Israel's purported nuclear program to Iran's. This of course has earned him the glowing love of the Iranian regime. Elbaradei's support for the Iranian ayatollahs is matched only by his support for the Muslim Brotherhood. This group is the harbinger of Hamas and al Qaida and openly seeks Egypt's transformation into an Islamic regime. Just like Turkey, they have visions of standing at the forefront of the global jihad. Just like in the US and Europe, this group's attorneys actively represents terrorists arrested in Egypt. In a recent interview to Der Spiegel, Elbaradei stated, I take the Muslim Brotherhood at their word. Egypt is a country shaped by Islam. And in another interview, "We should stop demonizing the Muslim Brotherhood..." 

It should be noted that the Muslim Brotherhood is backing Elbaradei's aspirations to take over the regime in Egypt--Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

For an excellent report of on the implications of these riots  to take over in Egypt--and possible consequenses here is an article by Caroline Glick that touches on the key issues. Do take the time to read it.  You can see pictures of the situation HERE--Warning there are some graphic images.

Islam is Peace~BS

We keep hearing the mantra "Islam is Peace". If you are one of those politically correct multiculturalists who have been singing that tune, than you need to pay attention and watch this clip. Be warned there are very graphic scenes--but this is the reality. Deal with it...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

2029~Europe This is Your Future

Please watch carefully. If you think this is fiction--think again. Go to Bare Naked Islam's Blog--just one of many, many sites trying to get the world to snap out of its stupor. The demographics already show that immigration is overtaking the native populations. There is no integration and freedom of speech is being denied. What will the people of the free western world do? What will you do?  The time for action is almost past. Let the leaders in your area know that they were elected to represent you--then demand that they do it or vote them out.  

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Yad L'Achim~Working to Counter Xtian Missionaries in Israel

I found the video at the end of this post on Shearim (a great site). The organization Yad L'Achim, that the video highlights, does amazing work--not only in the field of counter-acting xtian missionaries. I urge you to  visit their site. Read about the rescue work they undertake to bring imprisoned Jewish women out of brutal arab homes. For all Jews, please pay attention to what  Yad L'Achim are doing and get behind them with your support.

Israel is a free country that welcomes all people who want to see the sites and have an enjoyable experience--to them I say welcome, enjoy and come again. There is no problem with xtians (or anyone) who wants to tour and visit sites they consider holy to their own faith. I have met people from all over the world and enjoyed their company. The problem is with those who decide to create bases of operation with the idea of converting Jews. Their whole doctrine is based on the fact that anyone not believing in their idol god will burn in hell--and I will not even go into the insanity of the replacement theology.
The point is, Israel is the only country in the entire world where Jews can be Jews. Bad enough we are surrounded by muslims who want to wipe us out, now we have the xtians setting up camp inside our borders with the intent of stealing our souls! 

What is particularly evil is that they prey on young kids, the very old and sick, the down-trodden and those who are generally undergoing bad times. They search for weakness on the streets and in places like seniors homes.  How evil to creep to the side of a lonely dying old person and try to convince them they need to accept  the  "j-person"  to avoid everlasting torture of their soul. Are these people not tortured and scared enough already?

They twist the Jewish Holy Books, and buy their way into our country with donations pumped into areas that are long-suffering. They translate their sayings into Hebrew and call them holy scriptures, then hand them out on the streets, sneak them into laundry outlets and hostels or anyplace else where people are unaware. They pretend to be "Jewish" wearing kippahs and using a vocabulary that "sounds Jewish". They have even managed to slime their way into the Knesset via the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. While I concede that there are some xtians who sincerely believe in Israel as a home for the Jewish people, unfortunately there are all too many who use this caucus and other such organizations for the purpose of stealing souls. I find it particularly disgusting that one of our own Knesset Members is married to a "born again" who openly goes on xtian TV, and preaches, even here in Israel--how shameful for our entire country.

Untold dollars are pumped into sending these "missionizers" to the Holy Land. It is a good thing that much of this money does Not go to the intended purpose. Most of the so-called missionaries are just people who are too lazy to get a job in their home countries so they "see the light" and come to Israel (to preach of course) then they sit in hostels--or  depending on donations, houses--in front of a TV--only leaving to eat, many times in Jewish soup kitchens set up for the homeless. The only missionizing they do is in their dreams, or the newsletters they send home asking for more funds. I guess in one way that is a good thing, but in the end we are stuck with all this useless, lazy baggage, who contribute nothing to the country and end up being a burden when they are sick and dying.

Israel needs a hard law to ban these activities and start clearing people like this out of our country. Behind the fake smiles and hot coffee lies an evil, danger to us all. 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Some Things About Islam...

In our times of politically correct behavior, Pat Condell speaks his mind--and he doesn't care what anybody thinks. He does have a way with words...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Canada Explained To Americans

As a former Canuck I am always surprised that Americans seem to know less about Canada than people here in the Middle-East! Last year, when Canada hosted the Winter Olympics in Whistler (that's in British Columbia) Tom Brokaw did an information piece to enlighten our American neighbors to the south on life "up north". It's a nice clip and  to me, it points out  how living side by side, while respecting each others rights, is a real good thing.  Citizens on both sides of the border should be proud of the long, lasting, friendship~may it never end. 

I hope my Canadian friends will watch with pride--especially at 3:15~the Highway of Heroes which will get a post of its own. To all of my American friends, this is for you...Enjoy!

Let's Clear the Air About Islamophobia

On a daily basis I hear the press screaming Islamophobia and I am sick of it! A muslim with a gun kills eight people while yelling allahu akbar and the press immediately worries about Islamophobia. What kind of reporting is that?

If having a fear of being blown up or beheaded or having to lift my butt to the sky five times a day  while wearing a tent is Islamophobia, then yes, I am Islamophobic.

Islamic Graduation for 12 Year Old
Here are two links. The first is an article about this very topic at Bare Naked Islam. Warning--the photos are extremely graphic. If you want truth read the whole article--look at the pictures and read the statistics.

The second is Religion of Peace They daily list the attacks presented to the world in the name of "peace". If you don't want to view the truth nobody can force you, but I don't want to hear about freakin' Islamophobia any more!

Canada Taking on Dhimmi Status

I read this on Mesopotamia West and Blazing Cat Fur, then followed the links to...Vlad Tapes, who has promised to post more details as the story unfolds. I will update you from here as well.

As the story goes, there was to be a screening of the film Iranium shown at the National Archives Theatre. According to sources and this story in the Ottawa Citizen the screening was canceled after a call from the Iranian Embassy--wait, What? The Iranian Embassy is telling a Canadian Theatre what films they can screen?

This was followed by threats and the theatre being closed down while police and fire crews arrived. The film shows the truth about what is happening--in the past and now! This is not libel or slander or lies. One had hoped that Canada would be the last country to fall for the threats of rabid islamists. Apparently not. Wake up and Speak up Now Canada--soon it will be too late. In the meantime here is the trailer...

Iranium Trailer

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Stranger in My Own Land

I just read this in a Danish blog Snaphranen--just below the video from Rosengaard--and found it interesting because it seems to be written, not by a Jew, but by the wife of a priest. The link to the full article at the end of the quote--Do Read it All!

I have just returned to London, where I have lived since I was 11. I have been away for four years, living as an ethnic minority in a mono-cultural part of the world, amassing a host of stories to tell to disbelieving friends. On the whole, I am glad to return. I shan’t miss some locals’ assumptions that, being a white woman, if I was outside after dark, as I occasionally was, usually to walk the few metres between my house and the church, I must be a prostitute eager to give them a blow job. I shan’t miss the abuse my priest husband received: the daubing of “Dirty white dogs” in red paint on the church door, the barrage of stones thrown at him by children shouting “Satan”. He was called a “f***ing white bastard” more than once, though, notably, never when in a cassock. I will also not miss the way our garden acted as the local rubbish dump, with items ranging from duvets and TV sets, to rats (dead or twitching) glued to cardboard strips, a popular local method of vermin control to stem the large numbers of them which scuttled between the rubbish piled in gardens and on pavements. Yes, I am very glad to have left Britain’s second city. For four years, we lived in inner-city Birmingham, in what has been a police no-go area for 20 years[...] 

Bishop of Rochester
To a London reader, born and bred with multiculturalism, I know that my stories may come across as outlandish and exaggerated, and that I must surely be a BNP voter--I have observed people’s expressions as they have listened to my tales of life in Brum. When I recently told a friend how a large Taliban flag fluttered gaily on a house near St Andrew’s football stadium for some months, her cry of “Can’t you tell the police?” made me reflect how far many of our inner cities have been abandoned by our key workers: our doctors and nurses drive in from afar, the police, as mentioned before, have shut down their stations and never venture in unless in extremis--they and ambulance crews have been known to be attacked---even the local Imam lives in a leafier area...Standpoint Magazine, Mole Special: A Stranger in My Own Land, January / February 2011.

Also of interest, (although I don't usually read the Daily Mail) is a story quoting Dr Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester (a senior Anglican) who is a respected personality of course the muslim clerics were in an uproar...Islamic extremism creating ‘no-go’ areas for non-Muslims in Britain, says Bishop of Rochester.

A Preview...Follow Up Coming Soon

I have posted this clip from the Third Jihad for a reason. The next post will elaborate, but for now, please watch and listen carefully...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Under Cover Mosque~England's Terror (Deutsche Untertitel)

In front of the camera proponents of Islam are soft-spoken, peaceful people. This report from Dispatches goes under cover and exposes the lies, the hatred, the calls to jihad. Sadly, the British are like the proverbial frog in the pot--they don't know the fire is on until it is too late...

Great Sounds from The Maccabeats

There is an article on Arutz 7 about an all-male a-capella group from Yeshiva University who are in Israel for the annual World Bnei Akiva conference.  A few months ago I posted a Channukah song by these young men because it was fun to listen to. 

Now,  I see they have released a CD with many of the traditional songs we all know so well. My favorite is their version of Lecha Dodi, which we sing every Friday to welcome in the Shabbat. Their website is Do go there and listen to excerpts from the CD (I suggest you buy a copy). Meanwhile, here is a selection of their music...Take time out and Enjoy!

L'cha Dodi Live~The Maccabeats

The Maccabeats~One Day (Matisyahu)

Aleinu~The Maccabeats

Unmasking the Propaganda

I read about this on Israel Matzav and I urge you to go to his site for the whole story.  I had heard of the movie called Miral, and that it was actually based on a true (propagandized) story, directed (of course) by a Jew. The movie tells the story of Hind Husseini's effort to establish an orphanage in Jerusalem after the 1948 partition of Palestine which created the state of Israel.

What Israel Matzav pointed out and what caught my attention is the name Hind Husseini. Yes, it is the same last name of Haj al-Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem and a collaborator with Hitler--she is his sister--the movie does not go into that little matter. The original children in the orphanage were survivors of what Wikipedia calls the Deir Yassin massacre. (There never was a massacre). At a later date I will write some more on this.

The orphanage ended up in Sheikh Jarrah, directly across from what was until 2002 the Palestinian headquarters in Jerusalem known as Orient House--not far from the Shepherd's Hotel. As Israel Matsav points out "This entire movie is one massive slander against Israel..."

You can be sure it will be a big success--because, after all, who needs truth?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Day~I Have A Dream

Monday, 17 January 2011 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the USA. At the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King, Jr., was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. During the eleven-year period between 1957 and 1968, Dr. King traveled over six million miles and spoke over twenty-five hundred times, appearing wherever there was injustice, protest, and action--he also wrote five books as well as numerous articles. In those years, he led a massive protest in Birmingham, Alabama, that caught the attention of the entire world, providing what he called a coalition of conscience. He directed the peaceful march on Washington, DC, of 250,000 people to whom he delivered the famous speech, "l Have a Dream"

On the evening of April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of his motel room in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was to lead a protest march in sympathy with striking garbage workers of that city, he was assassinated. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was declared a federal holiday in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan. It was first observed on the 20th of January, 1986.  In 1992, President George HW Bush declared that the holiday would be observed every year on the third Monday of January.

Auzie Mural Causing Riots

Redegalli and His Mural
Four months ago, artist Sergio Redegalli painted a mural on the wall of his studio saying "No" to Burkas and it is causing riots (literally). The mural was intended as a point for debate, but it immediately caused an uproar and a complaint was lodged with the Anti-Discrimination Board, saying: ''It's Islamophobic; it's feeding the racist and sexist attitudes we have in our society.''  (Sexist??)

It is just this type of mindset  that casts a shadow over the long history of free speech in Australia (and every democratic country). The complainant needs to be reminded that if she is going to make her home in a free country, and benefit from all the freedoms  given in an open and democratic society, she can't dictate how those freedoms are to be applied. The right to begin debates and even to be disrespectful and insulting, is among those freedoms that people in democratic countries have fought for over the years.

Redegalli said: "This mural has come from frustration...You can't say anything about Muslims without getting in trouble. There's a problem about the right to free expression, the loss of the ability to say something without instantly being branded a racist...'

Christians, Jews, Buddhists or any other religion basically do not object to anybody practicing their own faith. But the Burka is not about religion--it is about security in a free country and it is a political statement by those who would oppress us.  Consider that--there is no way to identify who is under it--or even if it is a male or female! Suicide bombings, robbery and other crimes have been carried out under the cover of the Burka. I posted a commentary by Pat Condell HERE on the call to ban the Burka and I have to agree with his opinion that it is indeed an "ugly mobile tarpaulin" and that it is "the manifestation of a primitive culture and a primitive mindset". The debate over whether this covering is oppressive to women or not, is as irrelevant  as a discussion on the requirement for a nudist to wear clothing to a grocery store.

Sadly, as the video below shows, the "religion of peace" will never allow freedom of opinion unless it agrees with their world view.

Friday, 14 January 2011

We Are (Dictator) Family~We Can Dance

Life, especially in the Middle-East can be heavy and intense. I am of the opinion that people like these guys need to turn up the music,  do a little dance and bring laughter into their  miserable lives--it would be a much better world...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Shepherd Hotel~Lies vs Facts

Once again the world media is in an uproar because the old Shepherd Hotel in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood in Jerusalem was demolished--Oh, Wait--it was not the entire building--only the wing that had been added during the Jordanian occupation was taken down. However, according to the mainstream media the entire hotel was demolished "as part of "Israel's policy of ethnic cleansing". Once again the hysterics and lies take the front page.

The First Lie:
As Councilman Elisha Peleg (Likud) told reporters:
"As we were forced to preserve the building, we will turn it into the neighborhood synagogue and dedicate it to the memory of the Holocaust victims.

The synagogue will be doubly symbolic: It will replace the house of the mufti and it will mark the point where 78 physicians, nurses and patients were murdered on their way to Mount Scopus in 1948".

The "currently abandoned" Shepherd Hotel was legally purchased by Dr. Irving Moskowitz of the US back in 1985--years before Oslo reared its destructive head. His plans to build Jewish homes there met up with various bureaucratic and political obstacles, but now--25 years later--they have begun taking on physical shape and form. Moskowitz and his wife Cherna also purchased the land on which the Ma'aleh HaZeitim complex continues to be built, opposite the Mount of Olives. Although there are those claiming this is another Israeli "land grab" it is nothing of the sort. Let's look at facts...
Abandoned~The Shepherd Hotel
 The Hotel:
A bit of reading tells us that the building did not start out as a hotel. It was built in the 1930s as a home for Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who was the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem--the same one who led the murderous riots against the Jews in British Mandate Palestine.

 When the British Mandate government deported Al-Husseini, the building was confiscated and turned into a military outpost for the British Army. At the end of the British Mandate, the building was transferred to the ownership of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which expanded the original structure, only then did it become the Shepherd Hotel. Following the Six Day War, the hotel became the property of the Government of Israel. It was used by the Ministry of Justice, and as a district courthouse. On 05 November 1985, C & M properties legally purchased the building and surrounding land from the Government of Israel. With the beginning of the first Intifada in 1987, the Border Police leased the building and stayed there for about 15 years before moving to their new building alongside Highway One. Since then, and up to the present, the property has been abandoned.

Husseni with Hitler~21 November 1941
Haj Amin Al-Husseini: Born in 1893 in Jerusalem (then under Ottoman rule), Husseini had his first taste of Jihad in 1914 when he swore allegiance to the Ottoman Empire  during the Armenian genocide--where  1.5 million Christians were slaughtered. During World War II, Al-Husseini met with Hitler and mobilized Muslim support for the Nazis among Muslims. On his own, he established a unit that murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews in Yugoslavia.

The Muslim community had rejected Al-Husseini (he placed 4th in the vote) for the position of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, because he had no credible  Islamic education--he was neither a Sheikh (religiously accredited leader) nor an Alim (Islamic scholar). The British in their great wisdom appointed him anyway, making him the pre-eminent Arab power in Palestine at the time. 

In 1922 Al-Husseini restored the of Dome of the Rock (he also had it gold-plated for the 1st time) and Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  Is only from this point in time that Jerusalem began to take on importance as  a Holy Muslim site to the Arab World. Muslims around the world pray while facing towards Mecca--which means that in Jerusalem, to this very day, their butts are turned towards their "Holy Golden Dome".

In 1928 he became a central figure in the Muslim Brotherhood, which preaches Wahhabi Islam, calling for violent means to rid the Muslim world of all non-Islamic elements.  Their vision was for a Pan-Islamic Empire--where strict Islamic law rules over all. Nothing much has changed. By 1929 he was organizing more riots, spreading rumors--anything to turn the Muslims against the Jews. It is during this time that the murder of Jews in Hebron (this Jewish community was over 2,000 years old) took place. In 1931 he created the World Islamic Congress. By 1933 Arab-Nazi groups were springing up all over the middle-east. Egypt's political slogan was a direct translation from  German Nazis: “One Folk, One Party, One Leader".  Al-Husseini would become the main leader of the 1936 riots, using the Nazi methodology of “systematic extermination” to eliminate opponents, including Muslims. His weapon of choice was suicide squads.

By 1937 he was on Hitler's payroll. He met with Benito Mussolini, the genocidal butcher of Ethiopians in Africa. Mussolini vowed to help with the Palestine cause against the Jews.  Al-Husseini also declared a Fatwa-Jihad against Britain. 

In 1941  Al-Husseini sent volunteers to the Iraqi Army for a Pro-Nazi Coup in Baghdad. He also met with Adolph Hitler and was actively involved in the decision to exterminate all Jews through the Final Solution. It is said that Hitler had been content to deport the Jews to Palestine, which would be a threat to Al-Husseini's stronghold, so he pushed (successfully) for the extermination of all European Jews.The legacy of this pillar of evil who, by the way, was Yasser Arafat’s teacher and Uncle was carried right to his death in 1974--and remains alive and well to this very day. His famous words, Murder the Jews, Murder them all are still in use!

Now--Some facts about the Neighborhood of Shimon HaTzadik:
Inscription: ben Hakohen Hagadol

Shimon HaTzadik (Simon the Pious) lived during the beginning of the Second Temple period. Shimon HaTzadik served as the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) for a period of forty years. He was said to be an incredibly righteous man --a Tzadik, and during his lifetime  is said to have accomplished extraordinary things.

Inside Shimon HaTzadik's Tomb

Tradition holds, that when Alexander of Macedon (332 BCE), stood at the Gates of Jerusalem, Shimon HaTzadik donned the Bigdei Lavan (White Garments) that he wore on Yom Kippur when he entered the Holy of Holies, and went out to meet Alexander. When the  Emperor saw Shimon HaTzaddik, he dismounted and prostrated himself on the ground before Shimon. His generals were very puzzled and asked him why he was bowing to the Jew, he replied that every night before a victory, he would see in a dream a figure that looked exactly like the Jewish High Priest, who would advise him on tactics to use the following day. And that advice had never failed him.

Shimon HaTzaddik took Alexander the Great on a tour of the Temple and Alexander requested that a marble image of himself be placed in the Temple. Shimon demurred, saying that it was forbidden for the Jews to have images, and certainly not in the Temple. He suggested that to memorialize the occasion of the Emperor's visit to the Holy City of the Jews that all male babies born that year would receive the name "Alexander". The Emperor liked the idea, and that is how the name Alexander became part of names given to Jewish male babies.

Shimon HaTzadik's Tomb 1900
Shimon’s Tomb is traditionally located in a cave just meters from the cave tomb complexes that are unquestionably of Second Temple times. This location as Shimon’s tomb was attested in 1235. It is depicted on illustrated charts of Jewish holy sites published by the Israel Museum.

After the UN General Assembly recommended partition, the area of Shimon HaTzadik witnessed the beginning of violence as well as the first flight of refugees who could not return after the War of Independence. What is not popularly know is that those first refugees were Jews--yet this is well documented.

Shimon HaTzadik's Tomb Today
So, the pictures of Arabs in tears over the "destruction" of their neighborhood is at best a good photo-op for the anti-Israel media. It is not ethnic cleansing for Jews to legally purchase land to build homes. It is ethnic cleansing for the Arab world to demand a Judenrein state for the "Palestinians". If the PA wanted peace they would have had it in 1948--the fact is they do not want peace, they want the Jews gone--nothing has changed.

Danile Lurie, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim Association:  
"It is very symbolic, that the home of this former Nazi sympathizer is being razed--even so many years later--to make way for Jews to return to Jerusalem. This building is a symbol of genocide...

The Jews are now returning to our natural home; no one can claim that Jerusalem is not Jewish, and this particular spot is in the heart of Jerusalem. Some Arabs live here, but it is a Jewish area. Shimon HaTzadik  is buried here, Jews live right below, the Police Headquarters are located nearby. The natural process of the Jews returning home is continuing, and with G-d's help it will pick up even more steam."

Quoted from PM Netanyahu: 
“…united Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people and of the State of Israel.  Our sovereignty over it cannot be challenged; this means that residents of Jerusalem may purchase apartments in all parts of the city…hundreds of apartments in Jewish neighborhoods and in the western part of the city have been purchased by--or rented to--Arab residents, and we did not interfere.  This says that there is no ban on Arabs buying apartments in the western part of the city and there is no ban on Jews buying or building apartments in the eastern part of the city.”

Quoted from FM Lieberman: 
“Thousands of Arab families buy homes in Jerusalem in the Neve Yaakov and French Hill neighborhoods…It would be very strange--and I am trying to be subtle--if the State of Israel decides to discriminate against Jews, especially in Jerusalem, and does not allow them to buy and to build throughout Jerusalem.”

Mossad Debriefs Agent R65

Earlier I posted the story of a Mossad Spy captured by Saudi Arabia. As a follow up, here is the smile for the day--courtesy of Arutz 7...

Idolatry Warning !

Idolatry is coming to the Holy Land in new forms according to an article in Arutz 7. Local residents from Arava approached Yad L’Achim and  asked the organization to take action to prevent a "spiritual university" center from opening. After investigating an organization that calls itself Wisdom and Intelligence, Yad L'Achim has found that its members are Buddhists, headed by an Israeli living in the United States. The plans are to build a spiritual center in the Arava--which would include several hundred acres for the establishment of a Buddhist center. Yad L'Achim has consequently issued a warning.

An investigation by Yad L'Achim found that during the contacts between the organization "Wisdom and Intelligence" and the Interior Ministry in order to obtain the necessary permits, not a word was spoken about Buddhism and all the paperwork on the project simply mentioned the words "spiritual university" with no further details

An important part of Buddhism is devotion to the Buddha, and includes worshiping and bowing to images of the Buddha as well as to religious superiors, something which is idol worship, and clearly prohibited in the Ten Commandments.

Israel is a Jewish country--The Only Jewish Country in the World--a place where Jews will always be free--to be Jews. While people of every religion and belief have always been welcome to visit Israel,  building centers to worship idols is not! There must not be an idolatrous Buddhist center built in Israel! * Consider what would happen If they tried to open such a thing in any Arab country--they would be hanging from a scaffold by now. 

Our government officials must realize the the danger in embracing idolatry in the Holy Land, and put a halt to this travesty.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Islamophobia~Give Me a Break!

Pay Condell once again says it all in his own straight forward style...Enjoy!

A Warning~Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon!

This clip shows the progression of hate from 2006 to the present. Listen to the increased hatred being spewed by the demented leaders, and how they include USA and the World. The muslim population is growing Ten Times Faster than the rest of society.

You Must go to the 3:20 mark and listen to the woman speaking--among her threats:
* there are still muslims coming into the west and they are gong to run your f***ing country.
* you guys can talk all you want on the internet because thats the only source of talking  out
* you try to do anything to muslims you will get arrested

They hate our society but they know how to use it against us~Wake Up World!! 

Monday, 10 January 2011

Arizona Horror~How Could Anyone Be So Evil?

According to a 2007 story in the Arizona Daily Star, Gabrielle Giffords was the first Jewish woman from Arizona to serve in Congress. The JTA reports that Giffords made her Jewish background part of her House campaign:

“If you want something done, your best bet is to ask a Jewish woman to do it,” said Giffords, a former state senator, said at the time. “Jewish women--by our tradition and by the way we were raised--have an ability to cut through all the reasons why something should, shouldn’t or can’t be done and pull people together to be successful.”

She was raised in a mixed-religion home, with a Jewish father and a Christian Scientist mother, which according to strict Jewish law would not make her Jewish. Anti-semites would not  know the difference and would not care. But seriously is it even possible that this would prompt an attack on a crowd of innocent people?? Has our world reached such a degree of sickness? Regardless of her religion or political beliefs, what possible reason could there be for such a murderous attack on innocents?

The only thing that can top this in total evil ugliness is the baptist church that plans to picket the funerals of the six innocents who died. I will not print their foul, disgusting  name or rhetoric. That there is no law to protect the grieving families from these disgusting lowlifes is unbelievable. If you really want to read their crap the Huffington Post has the article. I refuse to give one iota of recognition to these sick excuses for living beings--the same reprobates who dare picket the funerals of soldiers that died for their country. What I wish on them in truly not fit for print.

I pray Gd will spread his mercy over the family and friends of those who have suffered this unwarranted attack. Baruch Dayan Emet.

Wake Up Israel~A Must Watch Interview

Melanie Phillips, author of Londonistan is well known, and in many corners well hated. She really hit the mark in this interview! All I can say is that the interviewer is the prime example of why Israel is losing the PR war. Some of the key points she makes:

1:26 Israel is defenseless in the PR war
2:30 Israel's Hasbara is a joke
5:03 ...She goes on to explain the ignorance of history prevalent in the world at large and  in particular the luminaries in Israeli universities who know nothing of Jewish history, Israel history or middle east history who have themselves been taught a load of rubbish and are teaching the young...
5:55 She points out that the "freedom" of press is fine but the government has not understood that the only story being told is that of left wing press and the truth is not being put out there
7:55 She points out that the PA not only does not want peace it never has--it wants Israel gone

I can't figure out if it is a language thing or the interviewer really is as dumb as he sounds--you decide, but one thing for sure, unless we get some people out there with the ability to speak out (like Melanie Phillips) we are surely going to end up in the garbage bin of public relations.  I urge you to take the time to listen to the entire interview--now all I need to do is to figure out how to get our politicians to watch it!!

Another good video from Vladtepes--although I first saw this on the Jawa Report.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Peace Activists at Work

Take a good look. This is what the IDF faces every week. These are the people who claim to be Peace Activists.

Bil'in Riot, January 7, 2011

Friday, 7 January 2011

Apologists for Evil

As I have said before, I disagree with his views on religion, however, Pat Condell  has some opinions that really hit home and deserve notice. He does have a way with words...Enjoy !

Jerusalem's Western Wall~Indisputably Jewish

Once again, thanks to Bare Naked Islam's blog. The below video from El Jazzie is an example of everything that is wrong with reporters in the Middle East. With good filming and a smooth voice-over this clip promotes the subtle ways in which the PA thugs are trying to remake history. Just a few points to look for as you watch the clip at the end of this post:

* Jerusalem was sacred to Jews long before Christianity was formed--Islam didn't appear on the scene until around 610 years after Christianity when Muhammed started having siezures. All the Google answers saying Islam has been around since Abraham and the moon are the  "new" lies. They now say Mary was a Muslim and Jesus the first Martyr--sorry Christians, apparently you've been wrong all these years.

* Jerusalem is mentioned hundreds of times in the Torah--But Not One Time in the Koran! Professor Mordechai Kedar appeared live on Al Jazeera  and reminded them of this--in Arabic

* Jews all over the world pray three times a day facing in the direction of the Kotel (Western Wall). When Jews leave the Kotel they walk "backwards" until they are out of the courtyard in front of the wall "out of respect".

* Muslims pray facing Mecca, which means that when they pray in Jerusalem their butts are pointed toward their precious mosque--respect?

* The development project is for safety so people from around the world can visit Jerusalem's Holy Site--it is reinforcing the area.

* Scientific Studies?? The Kotel wall is older than Islam and its yellow pimple. Despite the fact that the Waqf has spent years trying to dig up and destroy anything "Jewish" they cannot erase the fact that the Jerusalem has always been the Jewish Holy City. Muslims were not even interested in it until the Jews started making aliyah. The only reason muslims claim anything is if the Jews settle there.

* The constant rant about "settlements" is getting tiresome. There was fighting and jihad long before any "settlements" were built. There could have been a "Palestinian" state many times but the Arabs keep refusing because it is not about land at all. It is about the Arab hatred for the Jews.

The truth is these are legal towns and cities that Israel built  out of the dust of Judea and Samaria--neither of which were ever part of a "Palestinian Land". The land was barren until the Israelis cleared, planted, built and brought life to it.

If you want to talk about illegal building, drive from Jerusalem to Tiberius (or almost anywhere in Israel) you will see thousands of Illegal Arab Buildings going up on Israeli land yet if one were to be taken down the world would go crazy!

Not a single human rights group made a peep when 10,000 Jews were ripped from their homes in Gush Katif in 2005! Now, in 2011 many of these families are still suffering. They lost their homes, synagogues, communities and employment. Many were in their 50's and older--no replacement employment is available. Where is the outcry! When the millions of dollars worth of greenhouses were trashed--not a sound! Not even when Hamas stormed in and began firing thousands of rockets into Israel did anyone speak out--but when Israel fought back to stop the bombings--the entire world was screaming in condemnation--how dare Israel protect its children!

The Arab world is rife with lies and falsehood. They put up illegal structures that remain empty but they claim them as "their ancestral homes". Even their grave gravestones are fakes planted around Jerusalem in an effort to claim their "ancient cemetary".

* Netanyahu froze building for ten months. At the ninth hour Abbas pretended he would engage in talks--but only only if the freeze was continued--just another excuse. Read Their Charter! Their goal is to annihilate the Jews and have all of Israel.

Just look at the "official" photos of Abbas taken within the past year with his version of "Palestine"--Oops! What happened to Israel?? Why does the world remain silent?

* As for Obama (vomit) he only demands that Israel give more and more. Think about it--exactly how many concessions has Abbas made (HINT:  Not a single one!) He builds memorials to terrorists who have killed Jews, he pays terrorists (in jail) and their families for attacks on Jews, and not to forget, he wants seven million arabs to be assimilated into Israel, but declared that not a single Jew will step foot on "Palestinian" land. Ah, my mistake--was that his concession? 

Watch As the Masters of Lies Try to Change History

Americans Against Hate~Pro-Israel Conference 2010

Newly elected Congressman Allen West was honored with the annual “Protector of Zion” award on 12 December 2010. The conference, sponsored by Americans Against  Hate, is part of the C-Span video library. You can watch the entire conference (2 hours 48 min) at this link

After years of listening to self-serving, milk-toast politicians whose main priority it is to get re-elected and pad their own bank accounts, it is a real pleasure to see Allen West speak. It is not just that he speaks with conviction (and without a teleprompter) it is the whole package. Pay attention folks, this is a "real man" speaking. We sure could use a few more like him in the western world. And I am not American...

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Trends in Arab Anti-Semitism~Part 2

You can read the transcript of the below video on the MEMRI site--following are some excerpts from a TV program on the Holocaust and antisemitism and a studio debate with Sa'id Okasha of the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. The footage and debate aired on Al-Faraeen TV on January 29, 2010.
Sa'id Okasha

 The video opens with a skewed narration about the holocaust which at one point is referred to as...Hitlers famous measures against the Jews.

At 2:36 Egyptian Researcher Sa'id Okasha is "interviewed" on the intro by Al-Faraeen TV.  He tries to challenge the totally false reports and antisemitic myths the female interviewer has just presented. 

You must listen to the hateful tone in her voice as she constantly cuts him off and refuses to let him finish a sentence. You can see the frustration on his face and here it in his voice. Actually, one wonders why they called him to the interview at all.

At 6:25 she says...Mr. Sa'id we didn't invite you here to cause trouble for us, live on TV. But of course this is only the beginning. Do read the full transcript of the interview, it is one of the best examples of how the Arab media twists and turns the facts and are able to outright deny the truth when it is presented to them--even when the presenter is one of their own researchers!

At 9:27 begins a series of hate-spewing programs from arabic tv...the last punishment was carried out by Hitler... followed by ...allah willing the next time will be at the hands of the believers.

At 10:02 another smarmy imam begins showing WWII pictures ...lets watch the holocausts that the Jews underwent which were allahs way of wreaking vengeance on them...this is of course a part of the corruption of Germany by the Jews...

At 10:59 he is becoming excited at the scenes...Note the humiliation on his face, allah be praised...The muslim mind only wants to see others (non-muslims) humiliated--and of course dead.

At 12:36 we again see the segment of a Jewish women kissing a soldiers hand. The speaker declares...notice what humiliation, fear and terror have struck her. But he is dead wrong. The scene in question is actually a British soldier and she was kissing his hand because he was one of the liberation forces that ended her horror.

This segment and in fact most of the pieces of film are taken from a 59 minute film made up of "original reels of film" that were taken by the liberation forces when they reached the death camps. The woman kissing the soldiers hand was taken from Reel #6 at Belsen camp (54:01)The American and British soldiers carefully recorded the horrors they found in the camps for all time. I strongly suggest you follow this link to Atlas Shrugs where you can watch the entire set of reels. 

At 12:46 under a picture of dead bodies the arab narrator states...this is what we hope will happen, but, allah willing at the hand of muslims. 

This is not a New Trend in arab antisemitism, it is merely the continuation of hundreds of years of hatred. While the rest of humanity moved forward, and developed the muslim world has wallowed in their swamp of ignorance and violence. They have kept their generations uneducated, primitive and seething with hatred. They do not even get along with each other. Yet, the world cries for Israel to "make peace"...

NeoNazis in Jamel~Muslims in Essen?

This post has appeared in several sites since  03 January. At least one site, the London Telegraph appears to have removed the article from their online paper.

A google search produced others, like this one on UPI and on Fox News, where I found quotes such as:

Local leaders say the authorities have given in to Sven Kruger, a leader of the far right National Democratic Party. He and his allies have bought up practically the entire village and driven others out. 

The police, the authorities, no one dares to intervene, according to Uwe Wandel, mayor of the district that includes the hamlet of Jamel.

German as Foreign Language
The longest article is on the San Francisco Sentinel--they manage to give the history since the war and of course concentrate on the rise of the "racist" party again. They mention the country’s best-selling book, entitled Germany Writes Itself Off, as a xenophobic diatribe. It was written by a former German central bank member, Thilo Sarrazin, who is quoted as having said: 
Integration requires effort from those that are to be integrated. I will not show respect for anyone that is not making that effort. I do not have to acknowledge anyone who lives by welfare, denies the legitimacy of the very state that provides that welfare, refuses to care for the education of his children and constantly produces new little headscarf-girls.

* Personally I think he should have added terrorists and suicide bombers to the list. From what I have heard about the book I think he has got a lot if things right--But then, I am not in the camp of the "Politically Correct"

Well, this is certainly interesting. On the one hand we seem to have the rise of the Neo Nazis and on the other the Muslims takeover--I would not want to live next door to either.  I lived in Germany some years ago and have fond memories of lovely people. It is sad that politically correct and corrupt governments are allowing the "good" people to be over run by these extremist groups.

This is certainly the case in Essen, where 70% of the students are Muslim and the German students are discriminated against. I note that any mention of Muslims or Islam is omitted from information on the city--that is what was. This video shows just how hard it is to suddenly be treated as an outsider in the town you were born in. It is intolerable and in the case of this town it may even be too late. Please Watch--I would welcome your comments. Here is the video...

German Students Bullied by Muslims in Essen

This is What Islam is Bringing to Your Neighborhood

* A tip of the kippah to Bare Naked Islam for this report. Just one of many reminders that all of the political correctness and reaching out in the world will not appease muslims in any western country. This violent outburst happened at a Halal-Friendly Kentucky Fried Chicken in Punchbowl, Australia, when a customer asked for bacon on his burger. I don't care what religion you are--nobody has the right to behave in this barbaric manner--but wait--this is the religion of peace, right?. As a Jew, I do not eat pork. If I accept employment where it involves dealing with pork products then it is my responsibility to do the job I am paid for--end of story. 

I don't care what KFC says in response, they chose the halal  route in a country that is not islamic--they accepted dhimmi status for themselves--not the rest of the world. And yes, there are some KFC outlets in Israel that are Kosher--but we are a Jewish country so I would expect to find Kosher fast food here. I would never expect or demand that any other country meet my religious expectations.  

***Warning--Very Strong, Abusive Language...

Dr. Mordechai Kedar on Al-Jazeera~Jerusalem & Islam

Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Mordechai Kedar is an Israeli lecturer in Arabic at Bar-Ilan University, and served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence, specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena. 

Here, in an interview with Al-Jazeera, he tells the real truth--in Arabic., and it was not what Al-Jazeera was expecting. The  response of the interviewer is, need to watch and see. Here are a few excerpts...Enjoy!

Dr. Kedar:
We were here when your forefathers were drinking wine, burying their daughters alive and worshiping idols.

If you want to talk about history we'll talk about the Koran. You cannot erase Jerusalem from the Koran.

Dr. Kedar:
Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran (well, I am sure they are doing a re-write to correct this) Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran--not even once! And you cannot re write the Koran here on Al Jazeera.

Israel, Jerusalem, Judaism, Zionism, Middle East, Aliyah, Conversion, and everything else that pops up