Sunday, 26 December 2010

Of Pig Races and Cemetaries~Rememer the Alamo ?

So, I received an email about a group of citizens in Seville, Spain who objected to the building of a mosque. They did not protest or make a fuss. Instead they buried a pig on the property. Is this true? A quick search reveals many posts and comments about the incident which supposedly took place this summer--Although pictures were provided, I have not been able to confirm the truth of it. 

However, I did find this post at Bare Naked Islam, dated 30 June 2010 about a story that was on Fox News,that does seem to be true. Apparently a  muslim group purchased land (next to a pig farm?) to build a mosque. As one who lives in the middle east I have had my days and nights disturbed with the screeching from mosque turrets--I would not want one in my neighborhood if I was living anyplace else (not really a choice here). Babies and pets find it equally disturbing.

Back to the story--the next move of the Islamic group was to ask the Texas farmer to push off--or at least get rid of the pigs near their property line apparently their were also some slurs. Obviously this Muslim group does not know about Texans and the Alamo--you just don't mess with Texans. As the farmer was there first, he resented how he was being treated so, what did the farmer do?  Hint:  He started holding pig races during prayer times! Seriously--watch the clip! (It should be noted that the pigs did not appear to suffer harm during their race to the trough!)

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