Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Just for Fun~Flash Mob Israel

For all the people out there who say Israelis are violent, war-mongers, racists or what ever--this video clip is for you. In September 2010, the folks at  Rishon Le Zion (First to Zion) beach in Israel were surprised with a mass "Flash Mob" dance put on as part of the new Lottery campaign. Rishon Le Zion is the fourth largest city in Israel (and very nice place to visit). The huge bug-eyed yellow, orange and blue "balls" in the background are everywhere the tickets are sold--no offense to the Lottery guys but they are a really ugly looking mascot or whatever you want to call them. This is just one of many flash mob videos, taken in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, etc--because Israelis just love to have fun.

Even though we are surrounded by enemies, peppered with kassams (rockets meant to kill and maim) and plagued with jihadists trying to kill (any way they can), the majority of Israelis simply want to enjoy life, and do so with great gusto. For those who continually criticize Israel I dare you to try this in Gaza--or any Muslim country for that matter! 

For those of you who are pro-Gaza/Hamas I thought I would enclose a few pictures from the beautiful Gaza beaches now that Hamas is running things. This is not a joke--this is what you get when you allow Sharia in. Wake up folks--they are already trying to bringing this garbage to the west and unless somebody gets the guts to say "enough" we will all be dragged back to the dark ages.

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