Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Israel and the Shark Conspiracy

Following a series of deadly shark attacks, Sharm el-Sheik's beaches were closed indefinitely so as not to endanger the lives of tourists. There are many theories as to what drew these beasts to the shoreline, including the dumping of carsasses to receding waterlines to Environmentalists warnings that the attacks are likely a result of the Red Sea's declining ecosystem

Egypt, however would have none of that, and after serious investigations announced  the amazing discovery that the sharks had been trained, then dumped along Sharm el-Sheik's beaches to destroy the tourism trade. And who would commit such a dastardly deed?? Why, the Israeli Mossad--of course! Remember they have already trained poisonous snakes to attack only arab farm workers, and in Jerusalem they released super rats who bred hundreds of times faster than normal and were trained to search out arabs and attack them. There was also something about trained wild boars--but I digress.

I found this on Elder of Ziyon and just had to share it. Do visit his excellent site.

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Israel Shark Conspiracy
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