Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Garbage Island~Not a Holiday Getaway

The blogosphere is full of amazing things--this is but one of them. Every time America or China (or anybody else) dumps plastic in water and it ends up in the ocean there are currents that grab the stuff sending it all to the same place.

It all ends up in the northwest part of the Pacific Ocean, approximately a thousand miles off the coast of California--a mass of floating plastic and other debris sometimes called Garbage Island or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it is estimated to be the size of Texas--some even say the size of the USA.
Not all of the garbage stays on the surface. Plastic does not biodegrade, but it does break into minuscule pieces that float just below the surface. These tantalizing bits are mistaken for food by fish and other sea animals when in fact they contain all kinds of toxins. Research has shown that this plastic marine debris affects at least 267 species worldwide--and, consider this, while the fish eat the plastic--we eat the fish.

By the way, although it may be called an island, if you try to stand on it you will sink right through--and immediately be covered over in plastic. In my opinion, instead of spending billions of dollars on costly global warming "conferences" maybe our governments should think about finding a solution to all the tons of plastic just "gathering" in the ocean--and growing...

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