Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Muslim Day on Madison Avenue

Why is there a need for a Muslim Day in New York City--the very place where 3,000 souls were murdered by Muslims? Has the world truly gone mad?? Has America lost its collective mind?
Foot baths, burqas, and bodies were sprawled out all over Madison Avenue in NYC. Read the entire article and see the photos and video clips at Bare Naked Islam's site. While you are there, take time to browse their entire site. You will be shocked at how far our society has traveled down the road to submission.
There is just so much wrong with this situation I don't know where to begin. This has been going on in Paris for some time now and has grown to the point that residents and shop owners cannot go near their premises while the "muslim community" conducts their prayers. The problem is, they are not residents of those areas. Rather, they bus people in from all over to have a show of force. Why do they do this? Easy--this is how they make their claim. Once they force locals out it becomes a No-Go area for all but muslims. They are having great success in Europe, now they are coming to America.
I have no problem with any religion or nationality immigrating to my country--what I object to is when they impose their prehistoric ideas and try to rob me of the freedoms and rights that our ancestors fought and died for. We must stop this ridiculous "politically correct" mindset because our entire way of life is at stake! 

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