Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ever Hear of LTC Allen B. West?

With all the recent excitement about the mid-term elections it is hard not to pay a bit of attention even though I am not American. Some time ago I saw a clip that caused me to do some searching to learn more. LTC Allen West is a very impressive man and I have to say I am pleased that he was elected to Congress. I read that he is the first black Republican Congressman from Florida since a former slave served in the 1870s.
He is the first person to stand up and say "you have to know your enemy and be prepared to engage them". I believe he will be someone to watch in the future, hopefully when the next elections roll around in 2012. I have watched many clips of LTC Allen West, he knows his history and how it affects the future, and most importantly he Does Not Use A Teleprompter!
You can find many videos of him, where one can see that he  is proud to be an American and is willing to put himself on the line in the defense of his country, but this is the speech that most impressed me.
I am sure there will be many who will come up with ways to try and discredit him, but he strikes me as a real man, a fighter and someone who will not fold. I hope I am right because the free world needs a lot more like him--time will tell.

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