Monday, 8 November 2010

Before Your Next Vacation

I don't usually promote sites, but this is unique. When you follow the link  to:
Jerusalem Old City~Cardo
You will land on  the "tours" page. In the left column are cities names from around the world  in alphabetical order. Click any name for a beautiful tour of the city highlights, accompanied by music. Let me know if your city is there and if it is accurate!
I viewed Jerusalem and it is well done, though a few years old as it features our former mayor, Uri Lupolianski, but it is good. I will be doing some posting on Jerusalem  sites and places to see in Israel in the future.

If the tours aren't enough, scroll to the bottom of the city names and there is the word "Sortie". This takes you to the main index. Each selection is a different topic (ie) top models, music, etc. The music section for instance names artists and groups in the left column. Click on one and you are taken to a page of videos.

The site is in French, but part of what I found interesting was clicking around to see what is there. This is a fun site, but be warned--you may end up spending a lot of time roaming around!

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