Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Time Out for a Kvetch

Have you ever been confronted by "missionizers"? I thought that in Jerusalem I would be free from this irritant, but apparently not and I am getting weary of their blether. I really don't care what people choose to bow down to, but I do care when they try to make me do the same! I came to Israel so I could live an observant, Jewish lifestyle, yet every time I walk down the street I am confronted by someone trying to "save" me.
But that is not the worst of it. Now, they are showing up on Shabbos, at the tables of good people who open their homes so others can share in the meals and celebration of the Holy Shabbat. I cannot fathom how a they can eat like pigs (even filling plastic bags to take away) then proceed to insult the entire company by spouting their idolatrous garbage. It is not possible to suggest that they "not" ruin the Holiness of the day because these people long for confrontation. So instead, I will say my peace in here...To all the missionizers in the world:
You are free to follow your religion (illogical as it is), but you have no right to impose it on my life and beliefs. If you really need to "save" someone, why don't you do something about the priests who have been (and still are) abusing children for decades, or your preachers who pilfer the coffers, debase their followers and cheat on taxes. Do something about the creeps who finance their new cars, swimming pools, etc. by wringing "donations" from sad, lonely people living way below the poverty line...Stop telling people that they need to "support Israel" when the truth is that all they are supporting is you! If you really love Israel and really want to "help" why don't you go back where you came from and get a job, then adopt an orphan, or help the families that lost their homes in Gush Katif, or the people from Sderot who are being blown out of their homes. The only thing we need to be save from is people like you!

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